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12/31/12 7:59 A

This teenager will get the correct information regarding carbohydrate intake and insulin resistance from a trained professional--Registered Dietitian or Certified Diabetes Educator.

An Important note to all SP members following this thead:
Please remember that this is a teenager; whose nutritional and food needs may be greatly different than yours as an adult. It will be dependent on her growth development (tanner stage), her activity level, her lab work, her weight, etc. What you are familiar with as standards for an adult, may be greatly different for this teenage person.

The ONLY appropriate and safe suggestion is to encourage that she work with a trained professional.

SP Registered Dietitian Becky

LLIRIEL Posts: 2,354
12/31/12 1:09 A

The best thing she can do is severely limit starchy carbs - bread, pasta, rice, sugar, and potatoes. She probably won't get that information from a dietitican. If she limits the starch, she should be able to control the diabetes without medication.

12/30/12 3:51 P

I second the person who suggested asking her physician to suggest a dietician. I think this will be the best course of action. A dietician will be able to giver her options based on her dietary needs. Best of luck.

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12/30/12 3:43 P

I would seek out a healthcare provider who is well versed in the low-carbohydrate way of eating.

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12/30/12 2:21 P

the best thing to do is ask her doctor for a referral to an RD (registered dietitian )

SUKALE Posts: 275
12/30/12 2:13 P

Walking for just 10 minutes after a meal may help her body process the carbs more effectively.

12/30/12 1:37 P

Because we do not know the medical condition of the daughter--I "once again" refer the original poster back to the experts for guidance.

Suggesting that a teen give up all breads/grains, and higher carb fruits--is not a standard medical nutrition therapy technique for insulin resistance.
Dietitian Becky

ALLIE_ME Posts: 248
12/30/12 12:13 P

A low carb (far lower than what the ADA recommends), high fat, moderate protein diet will help her out. I eat this way because there's diabetes on both sides of my family. I'm very genetically carb intolerant. Sounds like your daughter has this as well (although not genetic). If she gives up bread/grains and the higher carb fruits (berries are fine), she won't go on to develop diabetes. I wish her much luck! xx

12/29/12 2:14 P

Good for you for getting her tested and into classes for help. I am slightly insulin-resistant and my doctor told me to lose weight, exercise an hour a day, eat a high-fiber diet, and avoid processed flour and refined sugar. But your daughter may have different issues going on; I'm glad she's getting into some classes. Good luck to you.

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12/29/12 12:04 P

Check out the American Diabetes Association site

Bravo for going to classes. emoticon

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12/29/12 10:54 A

The middle of January is only about 2 weeks away---the class will be your best and most accurate resource.

Don't know if your daughter is overweight---but achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is the number 1 approach. Using an eating plan with the corrrect amount and types of carbohydrate foods will also be used as part of an overall healthy eating plan. Of course the class will go into greater detail on these topics, and help your daughter set up a plan for her individual needs.

Good Luck.
Dietitian Becky

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12/28/12 5:23 P

Does anyone have advice for a teenager that is insulin resistance? My daughter was just diagnosed the day after Thanksgiving. The problem is it is not sweets, soda, lack of exercise.
She is starting classes in the middle of January to help us learn more but looking for anything sooner so we can help correct this issue or control.
She is taking medicine 2 times a day to control. This is very new to us no one in our family has diabetes or any issues with sugars.

My daughter takes her lunch everyday and has for years....
usually a tuna/chicken/turkey sandwich
applesauce (sugar free) /fruit/

She exercises everyday by running 1 to 2 miles/ cheer leading/ basketball and track

Thanks in advance....

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