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6/4/14 2:56 P

Hey, there! I joined several years ago, too, and am back to stay. Don't let the recent health changes deter you from being successful. I know you can overcome ANY odds! Best of health to you and congrats on your future success!!!!

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6/4/14 11:30 A

SBLANCHARD03, Welcome back! I don't know if you are aware but there are many Spark Teams that deal with diabetes, there are recipes for diabetes in Articles and Videos! Sounds like you could use some encouragement! That is what SP is all about! But you have special needs, you need a life time of healthy living. Please check out the info on diabetes, teams that have diabetes, I belong to Hopeful Hearts a religious but very supportive group. You can belong to as many teams as you like or need. I encourage people to track everything, your food, drink and fitness, even housework or a short walk. I would hope you would email me back if you have any questions or just need a friend! My husband has diabetes. Not to your extent, but since I joined SP and got rid of the junk food he is doing so much better! God Bless, my heart goes out to you and this huge challenge. Deb

6/4/14 10:32 A

Hey everyone,

I have been on Spark People for several years now, but never kept up with it for over a week. I had gestational diabetes with my first child in December 2012 and recently discovered that I am insulin resistant. I have no choice but to get it right this time in order to prevent diabetes and to just be healthy overall. My OBGYN has been amazing leading me into the right direction for healthy habits and I hope to stick with it this time for longer than a few weeks.

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