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7/15/13 11:31 P

SANDYSUE1965 don't give up and do not give in. There is life with diabetes. Have you joined any groups? There is an awesome group called managing diabetes.Very supportive and informative. I have been diabetic for 12 years with out complications. I felt the same way about medications period. But whatever it takes to get control of diabetes back that will I DO. Just saw the dr today and he told I could omit one of my meds if that day(s) I ate low carb. My sugars kept dropping since I have stepped it up on my exercise. stay ahead of it and you will be fine. my a1C is 6.4 it is down from 6.6 3 months ago. Books are good but if you need to take further action then do it for your health sake. emoticon

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7/6/13 7:28 A

Read "The Diabetes Solution" by Richard Bernstein M.D. and listen to his lectures on Youtube as he is an expert on Diabetes. He has had Type 1` since he has been 12 and he is a HEALTHY 78 now with no damage to his feet or anything else. He treats mostly obese Type 2 patients in his practice and he says that ALL obese people are Insulin Resistant. I've learned so much from reading his books and listening to his lectures.

You are right that you can get this under control.

7/2/13 3:00 P

Sorry to hear this--as you said though, it doesn't have to be forever! Don't allow yourself to become discouraged. Use this as fuel to become more determined!!! You can do it :)

(I have been a type 2 diabetic--diagnosed for 17 years but probably much longer. I had to take insulin while pregnant with my two boys and have to say I was able to have total control over my sugar levels. Currently I am taking Januvia and Glucovance and I hope to one day get to the point that I will only have to take Metformin.)

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7/2/13 11:54 A

Kinda bummed. Went to the doctor yesterday and she had me start with daily insulin shots as my A1c is up to 7.9 from 5.5 two years ago. I am also having some issues with my feet being numb, thus the insulin need. I was kind of hoping to not have to do insulin but if it makes my feet better, so be it. But it will not be forever, I will get this back under control and be healthy again. There I vented, thanks for listening(reading).

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