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JULIA1154 Posts: 1,783
8/31/11 11:11 P

Yet another vote for a visit to your physician. Bloating after meals is one symptom of ovarian cancer, among other issues. This is often overlooked, so don't hesitate to ask about that issue. (I really hope that's not the cause but have to raise the concern because so many MDs overlook it until too late.)

I hope you get this resolved soon - and easily! :)

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8/25/11 4:54 P

Going to have to chime in with seeing a Dr ASAP.

The gut flora suggestion is also pretty valid, I know when I have taken antibiotics I got hidious bloating because my natural bugs where all off whack. Probiotic yogurt which has the bugs, and the bugs LOVE banana, so yogurt and banana makes things happy!

1RISHJIVE Posts: 35
8/25/11 4:11 P

i've been suffereing with this awful bloating as well. i did some research and read that even one round of antibiotic can wipe out the intestinal flora .. i take antiB's often because i get baldder infections really easily ..

the article i read suggested probiotics - with a 30 billion count and kefir to get things back to normal..

i got the probiotics last night, took one before bed and have had NO bloat at all today. i am going to be be so happy if this solves my problem!

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7/13/11 2:45 A

I agree about talking to your doctor to rule out an allergy or intolerance issue. I have IBS-C which has gotten better to a point but I will always experience gas and bloating. People who have IBS seem to have different foods that impact them. For ex if I have a fiber one cereal it just makes me feel bloated and pressure but does not help me go. Or spicy foods also have a negative impact. So I would also look at your diet in foods that may cause issues like dairy,soy,gluten etc. Also if you have artificial sweeteners or soda.
Maybe in the mean time if you can switch your work out schedule to the morning.

LOOLAH Posts: 888
7/13/11 1:36 A

I agree with going to the doctor first, as this appears to be a sudden symptom.

However, I also wanted to add that for me chewing gum (even one piece) leaves me horribly bloated and extremely uncomfortable-even more so when I have been chewing gum right before I eat. I have started sucking on gum (yeah, I know it sounds silly) instead of actually chewing it. This has been a lifesaver. Just something to think about as it took me awhile to realize what was going on.

Good luck getting this figured out!

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7/12/11 10:16 P

You should really go have your Dr check this out as there are other things that can cause serious bloating besides dietary/ gastrointestinal things.

7/12/11 7:51 P

I see that you have been with SP for over 2 years.
Has there been any major change recently in the types of foods you are eating, that could bring this on???

Changes in stomach/intestinal function with no changes in diet, lifestyle, exercise, stress, sleep, medication, etc---should really be checked out by your doctor.

SP Registered Dietitian Becky

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7/12/11 2:20 P

Drink more water, and add some additional healthy oil to your diet (olive oil, canola).

It helps me to drink a glass of water while or after I eat anything. Also, try to eat slower and be sure you are chewing your food well.

7/12/11 1:21 P

Over the last week or so I've started having instant bloating after everything I eat. It doesn't seem to matter what it is or how much. I eat and within minutes I feel like I've gained 10 pounds in bloat. It's very uncomfortable and nothing (like gas x or tums) have helped at all. I honestly think that if I weighed before and after my meal that I would go up in my weight after. I do know that putting more healthy foods into our bodies can cause some gas but this is getting to be a bit much. It's also hard to keep my motivation to go to the gym after work when I feel this bloating and want nothing more than to go home and put on pajama pants, haha.
Any suggestions?

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