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It worked! You inspired me! Thanks for taking the time to write it down! Wow, what an amazing story!

Others who inspire me are wounded warriors, our veterans.

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I posted this on my blog this morning for myself as a reminder that I can do this! It keeps me motivated on my bad days and I thought maybe it could help someone else. No matter what keep will get better. You can do this! It is kind of a long post.. I tried to keep it as short as I could and I'm not the best writer so bare with me :)

Sometimes it is so hard to stay motivated. I work hard and eat right every day and do not see results like I think I should. Then I think about my dad. He is my number one inspiration right now. Thinking about all the things he has been through and conquered is amazing! Back in 1995 he had a terrible accident following our school bus to my 8th grade band concert. It was pouring rain and we ( the buses ) had pulled over to let the rain lighten up. We got back on the road and a few minutes later came upon a wreak. There were a few passer bys there and one police officer. I saw the back end of my dad's van down in a ditch up against a tree. He had hydroplaned into the ditch and smashed the left side of the van right at the driver's door. The left side of his body was crushed instantly. All of the ribs on the left side were broken (collapsed his lung ), broken collar bone, broken shoulder, broken forearm, crushed pelvis, tailbone, hip bone, left leg, and his spleen had to be removed. He was in ICU for two weeks with a 20% chance to live. After he came out of ICU the doctors told my mom if he did survive he would probably not walk again and if he could at all he would probably be in a wheelchair most of the time or have to have a walker. I remember how weak and how much pain he was in after he came home from the hospital. We had to have a hospital bed set up at the house. Nurses would come out to check on him and do their routine checkup. I remember very vividly how hard he had to work the next 3-4 months. The doctors said he would be in a wheelchair for at least a year and would not give my dad a walker. They told him it could not be done and he was no where near ready. Over and Over they told him "you can't" ...well my dad basically said "Watch me!" By that 4th month he was taking his first steps with a walker! Still a long way to go but this was amazing for someone that was not suppose to walk again! He also had very little range of motion in his shoulder and no grip in his left hand. Today he has full range of motion in that arm and his grip is just fine. And on one of his bad days he can still outrun me! He was also left with a weakened immune system (removed his spleen and he also missing his appendix, tonsils, adenoids, and thymus. ) Doctors told him if he ever got a bad cold or the flu it might very well kill him. He is completely healthy for 56 years old.

So that is just a reminder to me that I CAN do this! It WILL take a lot of hard work but I will get there. If I just keep at it and never give up. If he can do all that with such a broken body I have no excuse! I was recently told that I have 2 damaged discs in my lower back and 2 in my neck (been having trouble for years ) and I let that destroy me for a while. I was very depressed and felt defeated. I would work out and then start to hurt and give up. Thoughts of my dad keeps me motivated. I'm sure he hurt too and probably 10 times worse! But with each day it got better. I'm seeing a difference in my back pain now because I'm working my core. There will probably always be damaged nerves but getting some of the weight off will really help. I know this is a long post but this is something that's been on my mind and I thought it may help others out there that need a little inspiration and motivation. :)

God Bless! Keep Pushing! :D

I posted pics of dad on my page but I guess there is not image option for posts.

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