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2/10/14 4:11 P

I'm currently doing T25 and love it but my brother and some friends have done Insanity and having nothing but great things to say about it. Shaun T seriously works ya.
And in lieu of Valentines Day, anyone who has experienced Shaun T would love this!

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2/7/14 12:56 P

I've had great success with beach body! Almost 11lbs in 5 weeks and still going! Good luck with whatever program you choose!

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2/7/14 6:36 A

Try the Spark article "Think You're Too Heavy to Exercise?"

The best thing you can do right now is establish a regular habit of exericse. It doesn't matter so much 'what' you do, just that you do it regularly.

Insanity is a good workout, but you may want to start off with something a little less hardcore and intimidating.

Many people find Zumba something that makes exercise actually positively fun, rather than something to be dreaded.


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2/7/14 6:34 A

The previous posters have given you some great advice. I agree that the best strategy is to start slowly and build up from there. That way you reduce your risk of injury and mental burnout. Find something you enjoy doing, because then you're more likely to stick with it. Also keep in mind that the best way to develop a long-term routine is to make changes you feel you can live with for the rest of your life. Think of this as a permanent lifestyle change, and not just a short-term way to lose weight.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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2/7/14 5:24 A

It's better to build up your fitness level first by starting with short durations and lower intensity of cardio as well as establishing the foundation of a fitness routine that you can commit to and see yourself maintaining. Over time and as you become more fit, you can increase the duration of your sessions and the intensity. If you introduce a fitness routine slowly, you will be more likely to stick to it and for it to become a habit. Trying too much at once before you are ready can also lead to injury.

All cardio that raises your heart rate into the cardio zone (65-85% of your MHR) *works* at improving your cardiovascular health. A beginner will experience the same benefits from a lower intensity cardio routine as an intermediate-advanced exerciser will experience from a mod-high intensity routine. It's relative to your ability.

How much you eat will determine whether or not you lose weight.

Personally, I use exercise to improve fitness and be able to eat more while losing weight or while maintaining. The number of calories I consume determines whether or not I lose (and how much) or maintain my weight.

I would recommend you start with Sparkvideos. They are short 10-20 minute videos at low-moderate intensity. I think they're a great introduction to developing an exercise program for beginners. Think of them as building fitness to prepare yourself for an intermediate-advanced level video like Insanity. As though you are training for a marathon. After 6 months, you can use Insanity as a special challenge to see how your fitness has improved.

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2/7/14 3:45 A


Never tried Zumba however do have some experience with Insanity. Its great program but you need to have good fitness level if you want to follow it. Again, i am not an expert. Before purchasing Insanity i heard it was very hard. It was ok for me. I felt like i did have great workout afterwards. Must admit i do prefer weight training. Prior to Insanity i did Body Revolution and i really liked it. It incorporates cardio with weights. Why don't you try some free workouts on You Tube? This way you will be able to judge how hard can you push yourself. Lionsgate BeFit channel has lots of workout videos. Good Luck!

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2/7/14 1:39 A

Hello, I weight 296 pounds and I want to do some time of cardio. I keep hearing that Insanity works very well but I'm unsure if Insanity would be okay for me to do since I am so big. Can anyone help me with this? I have a little town so going to a gym is not an option because the closest one is an hour drive.. I have also been considering Zumba?

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