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I have been debating insanity. My son wants to do it to. Even though beginners are supposed to be able to do it with limitations like what you doing I want to be a little thinner and in a little better condition before I start so I can keep up and get all the benefit. And also avoid some of the related pain. Good luck, make sure you eat enough to allow youbody to keep up.

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So, i've started the Insanity workout. I was mostly doing random workouts from the Insane home fat loss series online(mostly off YouTube). Which is a lot of basics, push-ups, weight lifting, squat, lunge, and some unorthodox workouts(one including only a towel). Definitely great for beginners and anyone who doesn't have the cash for gym membership or expensive videos.
The workouts were great and kept me motivated. But i felt it was time to push myself harder.
So, i'm on my 3rd day of Insanity and i'm feeling pretty good. While i'm nowhere close to keeping up with the video, this stuff is extremely hard, i am proud that i am able to at least keep moving through it. Meaning, when Shuan T says faster, i stay at a steady speed which allows me, for he most part, to keep up for the duration, rather than having to stop for long periods time.
You will be exhausted, your body will be burning, and you will have to stop and regroup. But i try to rest as little as possible and just keep moving. Feeling good about my progress.

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