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2/7/13 10:05 A

Insanity is on my list of things to try!

I'm actually a BeachBody coach so I've done a few different programs with them and I LOVE their products! I just started a challenge group and I'm 3 weeks into Turbo Fire which is AWESOME.

Like GLH1980 said, there is a TON of variety in the workouts, and some of them are short, but HIGH in intensity so you get amazing burn and afterburn doing it.

Good luck and message me if you have questions about Beachbody!

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2/6/13 8:59 P

I did Insanity. I'm currently doing TurboFire and like it much more than Insanity. I burn just as many if not more calories doing TurboFire. It's a lot more fun and there's a lot more variety.

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2/6/13 11:28 A

I am in the 2nd month of the 8 week program. The 2nd month steps up the intensity and most work outs are 20 mins. longer. I've done many different workouts and this is by far the hardest program I have ever done. With that being said, I really love it because it pushes me to my limit. I am also following the nutrition plan and am seeing good results. I have dropped 7 lbs. since starting the program and am almost where I want to be.

JOLA11 Posts: 147
2/5/13 6:58 P

I really like p90X, but it combines more strength training with the cardio than insanity. It is a great program, if you are comfortable with that. I have slim in 6 also. I must confess I like all the beach body programs I have tried, but each is a little different.

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2/5/13 5:21 P

i think the main thing is that instead of him being your dance instructor, he's your coach...
At times I do feel like I'm back in JH PE class and the teacher is yelling at me to keep running. He isn't mean (unlike said teacher... gah, I hated her... probably why I hated exercise for so long, now that I think of it -_-; ) about it, but still, you get that 'or else' vibe at times. Like you were training for a sports team. I heard he's far more laid back in hip hop abs.
Just remember, you don't have to keep up... even he says it! And I make no secret of the fact that even after doing insanity, one of the things I *still* can't do is a proper push up... I'm seriously starting to think my pecs are simply non-existent. Thus the need for some weigh work -_-;

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2/5/13 4:41 P

Oh ok, I get it with the phases Nice job on the weight loss! I really want to start it and might order it soon! I figured it was not like Hip Hop Abs. Some things he does in Insanity, like some resistance, ab work and the C-sit are about the same. Plus, you don't get 30 second breaks, its about a few seconds and thats it. So I have been getting myself prepared for Insanity. I am very excited to try it out and see some results. :)

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2/5/13 4:15 P

it's split into 2 months, with two sets of vids (one for the first month, one for the second)
In my opinion, if you like bootcamp type vids, it's well worth the money. From what I heard though, its nothing like his hip hop abs (no dancing, just him telling you to MOVE and going through different stuff. I've gone down a good 10-15kg on it overall; did month 1 2x and am mid month 2 (stupid winter... I keep getting sick; haven't been able to work out since the 31st -_-; )

I'm thinking of moving on to that Chalean extreme since it has weights but seems to mix them and cardio. Still not sure though. Might just go to the gym and do cardio classes there + free weights.

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2/5/13 3:59 P

I am really thinking of trying it out! You said you're on the 2nd phase, do you mean 2nd round? How has it been for you so far? I am doing Shaun T.'s Hip Hop Abs, love it! And next is Insanity for me. Sorry I don't have details about it but would also like to know how has it worked for you?? :)

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2/5/13 12:31 P

Is anybody else doing the Insanity Workout? What do you think of it? Have you done any of the other workouts from the Beach Body Co? I'm into the 2nd phase of Insanity and trying to think ahead to what I'll do next. If anyone has any recommendations for programs, let me know.

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