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7/1/13 10:59 P

You're right, it is brutal. After 4 days of doing it, I've finally figured out it's all about pacing, not trying to keep up with the others.

LILLEAN Posts: 884
7/1/13 7:47 P

I'm in my second week of insanity, actually day 2. The first week was brutal!!!! Although it is still hard but at least I know what to expect at least from month one. Insanity is challenging but you CAN do it; just take your rest when you feel the need too and always listen to your body. Have a peaceful night.

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7/1/13 5:44 P

Sounds great, have been thinking of getting it myself, but was not sure I can do it. I am just a little bored with all of my other DVD's, so it is time for a new challenge. I think I will order them. Thanks for the great info.

JENSTRESS Posts: 5,403
7/1/13 2:36 P

I LOVE Insanity. I have done and finished that, and just purchased his new program, Focus T25. It is supposed to give you the results of Insanity with the time of only 25 minutes. I believe that it will! IT was tough, but awesome, and I look forward to day 2 tomorrow.

Side note, IF you start Insanity and FINISH it, you will realize that other workouts aren't as fun anymore, because they are just too easy.

OH! If you like athletic moves, this is a good program for you. If you prefer dancing or that kind of workout, you might not enjoy this as much.

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6/30/13 11:11 P

I'm on my 4th day today with Insanity and have reached my maximum heart rate (165) each time, before finishing each workout, usually between 15 to 20 minutes into it. With tracking my diet, I've lost 1 pound already. I'm so thrilled... it's really working! KEEP GOING!!!

KEEP_GOING247 Posts: 2,350
6/30/13 6:32 P

I am currently using Insanity and have 2 weeks left to finish.Woohoo! I was intimidated too but wanted to do something that would be so far out of my comfort zone and believe me, it is. Week 1 was hard!! but as the days went by (i keep to the calendar quite strictly), it got easier. I think the program is right for you if 1) you don't have any previous injuries in your back and legs because there is a lot of jumping, squats, planks etc 2) you are prepared to really give it your all.

I noticed that during the first month, i gained weight which was very annoying considering how much work i was putting in but during recovery week (wk 5), lbs came off. I have to admit that even though the workouts are hard, i look forward to it each day. Go for it! You will feel so much stronger, physically and mentally as you go along.

JESSISTHEBEST86 SparkPoints: (4,123)
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6/30/13 3:28 P

Thanks Jane! I think I am going to try it out and see how much I can get thru. My sister who is in far better shape then me ( who was blessed with a naturally muscular body) wants to try it together. I hope that will encourage me to give it my all.

SCUBAJANE001 SparkPoints: (130)
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6/30/13 11:31 A

Hi Jess, I have finished 2 full weeks of insanity now, and love it. I have been overweight for most of my life, but active. So far with a combination of insanity and nutrisystem I am down 37 pounds and continuing to drop. Don't get me wrong-it is not easy. I cannot do 100% of the moves yet, but each day I am getting a little more fit, which feels great. I say give it a try...just don't. Check in from time to time if you need accountability or just want to chat about it!

KCLARK89 SparkPoints: (44,612)
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6/30/13 10:21 A

I want to try the full program sometime soon. I did about 2 weeks of it last summer before work got crazy, but never finished it. MLAN makes a good point that you can always modify it to fit how you feel. But trust me, you WILL scream at Shaun T. A lot. haha :)

MLAN613 Posts: 19,056
6/29/13 5:36 P

Insanity is tough. I would call place myself at an intermediate level and did a 6 week Insanity class earlier this year at my gym. Probably what made it more challenging for me was that is ran from 5:30 AM until 6:15 AM. As always, you should be able to make any of the moves lower impact if needed. I encourage you to try it. It never hurts and it's a fun work out.

KENDILYNN SparkPoints: (22,924)
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6/29/13 5:07 P

I haven't done Insanity yet, but my husband has done it and has been encouraging me to try it. My fitness center that I've been going to just announced it's shutting down, so after my vacation next week I'm going to need a new plan of action. I've been doing Jazzercise 3-4 times a week for the past 8 months so I'm in decent shape, and I'm at a respectable maintenance weight (for me). I'm not necessarily looking to get ripped, but it would be nice to get a little stronger and a little leaner. I've also been contemplating signing up for a half marathon next year, but can't really start training outside until probably October because of our weather. So I'm thinking it would be a good program in the interim.

JESSISTHEBEST86 SparkPoints: (4,123)
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6/29/13 1:49 P

Hi everyone! I just received the Insanity Program in the mail. I am a little intimidated by the program, but I thought that I should give it a try, and worst comes to worst I can always return it. My question was for anyone who tried it: who do you think this program is right for? The commercial shows people who were very out of shape trying it, but the box says it is not for beginners. While I am not a "beginner" to exercising, I am no athlete. I have no medical issues so it is probably safe for me to try. Please share your experiences with the program, positive or negative. Thanks so much!!!!! I really respect everyone's feedback.


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