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Switch Kicks (2 kicks = 1 rep) -
Power Jacks -
Power Knees -
Power Jumps -
Globe Jumps (4 jumps = 1 rep) -
Suicide Jumps -
Push-Up Jacks -
Low Plank Oblique -

SELF-EVALUATION: This is the last Fit Test! I already miss you, Shaun and crew. Maybe we will see each other again in the future, maybe not, but thank you for giving me a toner body. I gained weight due to gaining muscle and I realized that this is where I'm suppose to be... and that it's not in the 110s how I initially thought. Not only am I more physically fit, but I am also mentally fit. I became more confident and respected myself more. This also means not allowing people to disrespect me... watch out, toxic people. I am cutting you out of my life! If you don't respect me, then you will not take much more of my valuable time. Completed the entire Insanity program, hoorah!

FYI: Yes, these are my actual results. There is no need for me to lie to impress anyone and I am only posting these results for myself in case if I want to do a second round of Insanity. It helps to do power knees on the carpet. For power jumps, I made a note to do 10 straight jumps, take a break, and continue with 10 more. We've been doing 8 straight during the program so I pushed myself to do 10 straight. I achieved a lower number but this was my approach for these jumps. For low-plank oblique, I took off my shoes because they were annoying me. The socks made my feet more slippery and I achieved a higher number due to moving fast sans shoes. Good luck to anyone doing this program! Think positive because only you can make yourself complete the program.

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INSANITY DAY 53: Max Cardio Conditioning & Insane Abs

Today is another day where I did my best and outperformed the minions. You don't see the full 60 days because I didn't count Sundays, my break days, as Insanity Days. Thus, Insanity Days are 54. Tomorrow is the day I will complete INSANITY! Ich kann nicht mehr länger warten... ich komme! Ya no puedo esperar ni un minuto más... pero hay voy! Completed entire workout, hoorah!

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INSANITY DAY 51 & 52: Max Interval Sports Training & Max Interval Plyo

I am ready to be an official Insanity graduate. I deserve to graduate because I can do Power Pushups!! That is an achievement by itself. I am so proud of myself for where I am physically. Am blessed. I am doing the Power Pushups like the rest of the women are doing them. We don't hop up like Chris... he is strong! Do you know who I think of whenever I do Kickstand/Touch the Floor? Super Mario Bros' Mario himself. If you need to master the kickstand technique, look at Mario himself whenever he jumps. Yesterday I did Max Interval Sports Training, which is my favorite of all days. Completed entire workout, hoorah!

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INSANITY DAY 50: Max Interval Circuit

I love these days where I take no breaks and feel very energized afterwards. I did much better than the minions themselves and smiled when I did. I can do another day's workout. I love Insanity!! Completed entire workout, hoorah!

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INSANITY DAY 49: Max Cardio Condintioning & Insane Abs

How I appreciate these slow movements like Belt Kicks. Gives you a nice break while burning calories. Completed entire workout, hoorah!

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INSANITY DAY 48: Max Interval Plyo

My arms are sore from yesterday's workout. It's a good thing that today was a plyo day... mostly jumping. Then again, there's always jumping. I am going to complete Insanity next week! I've added Asylum to my wish list so if I get it for Christmas, I'll continue with that. If not, there's always running.

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INSANITY DAY 47: Max Interval Sports Training

Easiest Exercise: Uppercuts
Hardest Exercise: Tricep Pulses
Favorite Exercise: Jab Across
Least Favorite Exercise: Switch Kicks

Why didn't I see the small words in the calendar to have done this DVD last week? This is my favorite DVD of all Insanity DVD's!! It brings me back to my boot camp days when I used to wake up at 4AM to be bossed around by the drill instructor on what to do next. Flutter Kicks and Switch Kicks were the worst... it made Insanity easier for me. It's my least favorite because it brought back bad memories. We did these kicks longer, and the drill sergeant punished us if one person were to drop their legs. Punishment? More kicks or something similar to a pendulum. Completed entire workout, hoorah!

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INSANITY DAY 46: Max Interval Circuit

Yesterday was Monday, and like Garfield, I hate Mondays. I know that I have a week left to graduate from Insanity but I've decided to make Monday a Max Recovery Day. I was busy running around and ate nothing but trail mix and a tamale yesterday. Ugh. Anyhoo, because yesterday was Day 45 (Max Recovery), I continued with Insanity by making today Max Interval Circuit Day, Day 46. I actually kept up with my evil workout nemesis Anna. To make Insanity interesting, I made Anna a nemesis so I can keep up with her or do much better. No hatred, just good ol' friendly competition. I had to make Insanity more interesting. I admire Ariel, she is always on fire! She has the nicest set of abs out of all the Insanity women. There are two Ariels, one is blonde and the other is a red head. I admire the blonde. She also couldn't have made the Floor Switch Kick look any more graceful. Seven more days until I graduate from Insanity. It's about freakin' time! Completed entire workout, hoorah!

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INSANITY DAY 44: Max Cardio Conditioning & Insane Abs

I needed a break from Insanity so I can get my Spark back. I've been jogging and stretching but got to the point where I wanted to stop the insanity. Now that it's December and 2012 is around the corner, I finally reSparked myself into finishing the program. After all, I only need 8 more sessions to complete it! Come on S, you can do it! I completed Day 44 and it wasn't easy. It was like Day 1 all over again. However, I did so much better on those horrible Ski Abs. I've always loved Insane Abs, though I will return to Billy Blanks' ab DVDs when all this is over. Eight more days and I am done! Completed entire workout, hoorah!

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INSANITY DAY 43: Max Interval Plyo

My BodyPump class was canceled this morning, but there is another class offered at 6PM so no big deal. Max Interval Plyo is getting easier, and this goes for Power Jumps. Completed entire workout, hoorah!

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INSANITY DAY 42: Fit Test (No. 4) and Max Interval Circuit

Switch Kicks (2 kicks = 1 rep) - 80
Power Jacks - 83
Power Knees - 127
Power Jumps - 76
Globe Jumps (4 jumps = 1 rep) - 20
Suicide Jumps - 30
Push-Up Jacks - 35
Low Plank Oblique - 84

SELF-EVALUATION: WOW! I am amazed that I actually improved from Fit Test 3!! I always think that I'm going to either get the same number or do worse, but I improved! YAY!! Insanity works y'all! I looked at the calendar and realized that there is one last Fit Test to go, and that is on the last day of Insanity! I'm going to be ending the program soon. Oh yeah, now I'm missing Insanity!

Seriously, Max Interval Circuit is the most intense DVD of the entire package! Maybe it seems harder because I foolishly jump immediately after the Fit Test, but it feels like it doesn't get any easier.

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11/18/11 6:41 A

INSANITY DAY 41: Core Cardio & Balance

The people who designed the calendar for Insanity were being generous when they decided to make Day 41 a Core Cardio & Balance Day. I am so happy that my Friday started off with this workout, it's nice to stretch and not do the usual heavy cardio. My muscles need all the rest they need before doing another Fit Test! Day 42, bring it on. Two more weeks of Insanity!

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11/17/11 6:07 P

INSANITY DAY 40: Max Cardio Conditioning & Insane Abs

I am so happy that I was able to complete today's workout. You know how you have those moments where you don't want to do anything because you're tired? I don't know why, I just am. After the warm up, I paused the DVD and ate a cranberry walnut muffin. After a few hours of boredom, I went at Insanity again. Insanity is becoming routine, like how you go to work not looking forward to it. It's not that your job is hard, but it feels like it's something that has to be done rather than because you like it. I have to remind myself that I need to continue moving forward and finish the entire two-month program because my friend is waiting on me to finish. He is pushing me because he wants to give Insanity a try. I am making him wait after I'm done so I can push myself to not take any more breaks. I could've handed him the Month 1 DVDs and call it a day but I know I'll feel wonderful after completing the last Fit Test and seeing how much I improved since Day 1. Once this week is over, I have TWO MORE WEEKS! I can do this!!

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INSANITY DAY 39: Max Interval Plyo

Is it just me or does it always feel like this is the one DVD that you do everyday? I still don't like those diamond jumps, I feel like they're useless though I know they're not. Oh yeah, I know I'm improving because now I do these Power Push Ups like Rachel and Tanya do. Awesome! It's not like how Shaun T. does it, it's more girly. We don't scissor our hands up until we fully popped up to a standing position. I'm still slower than everyone, but my technique is improving. Yeah! Because I am sick of Insanity's music, today was the first time I did the workout without music and alternatively played my own mp3 music in the background. I will do this from now on. My friend Dubi is going to borrow the Insanity program once I'm done with these last three weeks, go Doob! His name is Michael, but we call him Doob. Anyhoo... I'm skipping Max Recovery tomorrow and will move forward to Day 41, which is Max Cardio Conditioning and Insane Abs. I took my rest this Monday so I am ready to bring on Day 41! Completed entire workout, hoorah!

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11/15/11 4:14 P

INSANITY DAY 38: Max Interval Circuit

I felt invigorated after running this Sunday, and I don't regret taking a break yesterday from working out. My muscles were somewhat sore yesterday and it's because of the break that I was able to give a good performance in today's workout. Completed entire workout, hoorah!

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INSANITY DAY 37: Max Cardio Conditioning

I am back on track, keeping up with everyone else! The only exercise I didn't do was Forward/Back Suicides. I reverted back to Suicide Jumps. Forward/Back Suicides made me dizzy from quickly moving up and down.

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INSANITY DAY 36: Max Interval Plyo

After taking a looong break from Insanity, I returned with Max Interval Plyo. I started to feel light-headed when doing those Pogo-R's so I took a slower pace, which instantly made me feel better. I focused more on technique and didn't need any breaks during sets. I was no longer competing against everyone else and I was putting myself first. I'm also working on doing a Power Push Up, but it's looking more like In & Out Abs/Push Up combo. Still working on powering up! I will be running a 10K this weekend so I took time off to focus on running, but I think that I am at a point where I can start doing both running and Insanity. I'll slowly implement Insanity in running, I might simply decide to finish the last three weeks of Insanity and then return to running. One of the perks of Insanity is that I easily drink more water when doing the DVD's... I struggle to drink lots of water. I also have to eat more... an egg sandwich is calling me! Gonna cook now. Yum!
EDIT: I also gotta add that having a bob haircut makes working out so much easier-- my head feels lighter and I don't have to brush my hair off my face like I did with a ponytail. Am enjoying having short hair. Completed entire workout, hoorah!

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INSANITY DAY 35: Max Interval Circuit

I am afraid that I am getting burned out from Insanity... I didn't look forward to doing today's workout and it's not because I can't do it, but it's because I'm losing that passion I once had for Insanity. I remember waking up and looking forward to popping in the day's DVD, but today was the first day I counted the days to see how many days I had left. I didn't do Insanity this morning because I had many things to do, which included getting a haircut. Worst haircut ever! Think of a bob over another bob over another bob... I wanted layers. I am in a bad mood because I have to wait until Monday to see someone highly recommended 40 min away to fix this multi-bob style (if possible). Because it is chopped the way Chopp'd chops their salads, I am thinking of going in with a picture of Pink's short style. Yes, that short. I am also someone who has NEVER had short hair before and this is the first time my hair is over shoulder length. That explains my mood to not want to do Insanity! I hope I find the energy to continue tomorrow morning. I will be walking around with my hair covered this entire weekend. I am considering going bald, it's that bad.

EDIT: There are certain things in life that you shouldn't go cheap on (i.e., toilet paper, car oil, trash bags, etc.), but what just made it to my list today is a haircut. It is very hard to find a great hairstylist and I have yet to find my stylist in DC. How I miss my Gracie in Cali! Like the weather, I was spoiled with a great stylist and didn't know how hard it was to get a great cut & color until I moved here.

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INSANITY DAY 34: Max Recovery (10-20-11)

Easiest Exercise: Child Pose
Hardest Exercise: Anything with Pulses
Favorite Exercise: High Plank - Low Plank
Least Favorite Exercise: Slow Pushups

I would rather take a hardcore Insanity workout than stretch. I don't have patience to do yoga which is why I didn't like Max Recovery... it's all stretching. Many of the dancers in the video had to stop and shake off the stretch, like when it came to lifting heels off the floor for those plie pulses, so this DVD should be renamed Max Stretch. Would rather do Max Interval Plyo than Max Recovery any day.

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INSANITY DAY 33: Max Cardio Conditioning

Easiest Exercise: Squat Speed Bag
Hardest Exercise: In-Out Push Up Jacks
Favorite Exercise: Right & Left Kicks
Least Favorite Exercise: Diamond Jumps

I started to appreciate the small water breaks after completing today's workout. It seemed like I only took three water breaks because today's workout dragged! Imagine doing Insanity and not having a water break for 30 minutes, that's insane. It's all about not burning out and taking advantage of those recovery exercises. Today's workout is much easier than the other two Max workouts I've experienced so far this week. I was able to do all exercises with no break and it helped tremendously that my boyfriend cheered me on again while he was couch-warming. I don't like Diamond Jumps because I feel awkward doing them; I've never done them prior to this week. Completed entire workout, hoorah!

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INSANITY DAY 32: Max Interval Plyo (10-18-11)

Easiest Exercise: Switch Jump
Hardest Exercise: Power Push Ups
Favorite Exercise: Squat Push Ups
Least Favorite Exercise: Wide In & Out Abs

My boyfriend sat on the couch and was cheering me on because I really didn't want to do Insanity yesterday. My body was a little sore and I wasn't looking forward to what was about to come. Because I knew he was watching, I went above and beyond. The only exercise I did baby pushups on (my first time doing baby pushups ever!) was when doing Power Push Ups. I couldn't pop myself up to a standing position from a regular push up position so I stuck to baby pushups with no break. I will be happy if I can do one Power Push Up by the time this month is over, but I wouldn't set it as a goal. I know my upper body isn't as strong and I wouldn't beat myself up if I can't do it when graduating from Insanity. I did regular pushups on everything else, including Level 3 Drills. Completed entire workout, hoorah!

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10/17/11 12:38 P

INSANITY DAY 31: Fit Test (No. 3) and Max Interval Circuit

Switch Kicks (2 kicks = 1 rep) - 78
Power Jacks - 78
Power Knees - 123
Power Jumps - 66
Globe Jumps (4 jumps = 1 rep) - 17
Suicide Jumps - 25
Push-Up Jacks - 33
Low Plank Oblique - 78

SELF-EVALUATION: I am surprised on how well I did overall! I thought I was going to do worse because I took it easy last week (Recovery Week) and because I gave it my all for Fit Test 2. The Fit Test was also much easier than on Day 1, and the warm up was a breeze. I also wasn't as exhausted after each exercise as in Day 1, so I know that I am healthier than how I was a month ago. I don't know how I will beat today's results next time.

Easiest Exercise: 1-2-3 Jab Cross
Hardest Exercise: Floor Switch Kicks
Favorite Exercise: Power Strikes
Least Favorite Exercise: Anything with pushups

It was insane to jump immediately to Month 2 after the Fit Test, but it's my fault because I entered Month 2 not knowing what to expect. Max Interval Circuit is no joke! The intervals are longer and more difficult. Also, each interval is composed of many types of exercises (i.e., Ski Abs/Pushup Jacks/In-&-Out Abs/Oblique Pushups). I also have to add that Month 1 is very easy compared to what I endured today. Those Ski Abs are back! However, I can manage these because they are done early and a few are done (4 per sequence). I was a turtle when doing Side Suicide Jumps because I wanted to focus on getting the technique right, so while focusing on technique I was also resting. I missed seeing Tania, she motivated me to do better. Ariel is also my favorite, along with Jeff. These three people have incredible strength. I don't like Anna so I imagine her when doing Power Strikes. She reminds me of someone who has certain mutual feelings for me. So for next time, I hope to keep up with Jeff or Anna herself. But most importantly, I FOCUS on myself to be the best I can be. I'm too busy doing my own thing anyways.

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INSANITY DAY 27: Core Cardio & Balance

Easiest Exercise: Moving Ski Jumps
Hardest Exercise: Hip Flexor Burners
Favorite Exercise: Shoulder Flexors in Plie
Least Favorite Exercise: Hit the Floor

Hip Flexor Burners are the hardest for me because I don't do well with balance! I had to hold on to a bookshelf by the time it came to kicking and it is my lack of balance that makes this my hardest exercise. Hit the Floor is my least favorite because I have slight generalized pain on my lower back and this exercise reminds me to take it really easy this week. I just started to have pain three days ago, it must've been from Day 25's hike? Or maybe from last week's Insanity? I don't know, but my back intends to take full advantage of recovery week by recovering. I did this DVD yesterday but didn't record my evaluation, so Day 26 wasn't skipped. Hoorah!

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10/10/11 8:34 P

Day 25: Core Cardio & Balance

I didn't do Insanity today but instead hiked in Great Falls Park, VA. This week is a week of resting muscles so I am glad to have hiked for Day 25.

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10/8/11 10:09 A

Day 24: Cardio Circuit

I am officially done with Month 1!!! YAY!! I am proud of not taking any breaks during those horrible Ski Abs and In's-&-Out's. I am ready to rest next week followed by max training. Completed entire Month 1 set! HOORAH!


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10/7/11 12:05 P

Day 23: Pure Cardio and Insane Abs

Have you ever had hiccups while working out? It is very awkward. I am breathing deep and -HICCUP-! Level 2 Drills, jump up and -HICCUP-! Typing this and -HICCUP-! I still have them even after drinking water, doing a headstand, holding my breath, and nothing works. Completed entire workout, hoorah! (-HICCUP!-)

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10/6/11 1:36 P

Days 21 & 22: Cardio Circuit and Cardio Recovery

My workout yesterday was not Insanity but to finally find my 10K trail, and I did! My 10K trail will lead me to the Smithsonian's National Zoo and back home. This is why I did two Insanity DVD's today, for Days 21 and 22. Cardio Recovery was a really nice and long stretch after doing Cardio Circuit, and it was much needed from yesterday's 10K. Tomorrow I will move on to Day 23, Pure Cardio & Insane Abs.

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10/4/11 12:16 P

Day 20: Cardio Power & Resistance

I feel so much better today and that showed on today's performance. I kept up with everyone until the very end with no breaks. I still have to work on my push-ups, I still want to go all the way down. I might do Day 21 later today depending on what else is done. Completed entire workout, hoorah!

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10/3/11 2:55 P

Day 19: Pure Cardio and Insane Abs

Wow, I am tired! I started the day off in a sluggish mood and that mood carried over, unfortunately, into Insanity. After Insane Abs I started doing a few minutes of Core Cardio & Balance but it became waaay too much... three Insanity DVDs in a row is beyond insane. I did 15 minutes of it but stopped because I got burned out. It is best to leave that until next week. Completed both DVD workouts, hoorah!

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10/2/11 6:14 P

emoticon emoticon

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10/1/11 11:21 A

Day 18: Cardio Circuit

Does the final round of In's-&-Out's get any easier?!? It's either that In's-&-Out's are really hard or that my legs are the weight of bricks from a lifetime of running, one of the two. I don't think of myself as a wuss so I will choose the latter. Tomorrow is my rest day and I will start Week 4 with Pure Cardio
... fun. emoticon

What pushes me during Insanity is to think that this is preparation for Insanity Asylum, so I am getting ready for something more BANANAS. Completed entire workout, hoorah!

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9/30/11 1:42 P

INSANITY DAY 17: Cardio Power & Resistance

After having done Cardio Recovery yesterday, I was ready to tackle Day 17! I no longer fear what Insanity will bring as it's already routine to start the day with Shaun T. I think that I have to do pushups outside of Insanity for my benefit, as I don't go all the way down! It will come with time. I completed the entire workout, hoorah!

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9/28/11 11:32 A

INSANITY DAY 15: Pure Cardio & Insane Abs

From now on, I am switching Cardio Abs with Insane Abs. Insane Abs is much better. I gave a blah performance because that side stitch came back on the right side! It came back during the warm-up stretch and I didn't dig deep as I normally do. However, I am looking forward to tomorrow... recovery time! Completed entire workout, hoorah!

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9/27/11 10:06 A

INSANITY DAY 14: Cardio Circuit

I am doing much better on the Ins-&-Outs... I only took two breaks! My goal for next time is to not take breaks when doing these. I have decided to continue with Insanity Asylum after completing the Insanity Program. I just heard of it yesterday and heard that it's way more intense, so I can't wait to start that 30-day program. But baby steps, one Insanity program at a time.Completed entire workout, hoorah!

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9/26/11 9:15 A

INSANITY DAY 13: Fit Test (No. 2)

Switch Kicks (2 kicks = 1 rep) - 71
Power Jacks - 67
Power Knees - 108
Power Jumps - 56
Globe Jumps (4 jumps = 1 rep) - 14
Suicide Jumps - 20
Push-Up Jacks - 30
Low Plank Oblique - 76

SELF-EVALUATION: I started off slow BUT I focused on proper form for Switch Kicks and though I did less than in Week 1, I did the exercise with good technique. I am so proud of myself for doing so much better and for kicking my old Week 1 butt! I am my worst enemy and the present me is healthier than the past me. I stopped jogging ever since I started Insanity, and probably gained weight, but I see that muscle mass is increasing. I really have no idea how I am going to beat these results for next time.

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9/24/11 9:04 A

INSANITY DAY 12: Cardio Recovery

I completed Cardio Abs last night and I got very disappointed! I thought it was easy and found Billy Blanks' AB Bootcamp to be much more challenging. Actually, I think I'll replace Cardio Abs with AB Bootcamp from now on. But if you HATE crunches, you should stick to Cardio Abs. I never minded crunches and AB Bootcamp does a combination of floor and standing exercises, and it's 30 minutes. Anyway, completed entire workout, hoorah!

Day 12 Review: I am doing much better with balance and Cardio Recovery was a nice start to a weekend. Completed entire workout, hoorah!

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9/23/11 12:35 P

INSANITY DAY 11: Pure Cardio

I postponed Cardio Abs for tomorrow because my boyfriend wants to do that one, and I can't imagine simply doing Cardio Recovery so am combining Cardio Recovery with Cardio Abs tomorrow. I did well today... I didn't do so well on Switch Kicks and Pushup Jacks so my goal is to do better on those two. Whenever I do Switch Kicks, my legs feel like boulders and I feel like I don't kick as high up. I was already tired by the time I got to Pushup Jacks so getting better will come with time on this one. Completed entire workout, hoorah!

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9/22/11 11:27 A

INSANITY DAY 9: [Plyometric] Cardio Circuit (11/21/11)

I stuck to my regimen and completed Cardio Circuit on Wednesday. I feel the improvement, though I still hate those Ski Abs!! The ONLY time I took a small break was during Ski Abs. Completed entire workout, hoorah!

INSANITY DAY 10: Cardio Power & Resistance

Yes, I know... the calendar asks for Cardio Recovery today but I had so much energy that I decided to postpone Cardio Recovery until Saturday. I am happy that I made that switch. I am starting to like Cardio Power & Resistance, it's becoming one of the easier of all DVDs. I have to work on those V Push Ups. Completed entire workout, hoorah!

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9/20/11 11:55 A

INSANITY DAY 8: Pure Cardio

I did not look forward to today's workout as it's PURE CARDIO! But I am proud of myself for not taking as many breaks as I did the first time this was done. I still don't like Power Jumps but I got it all done for today! I tasted sweat in my water, that's how much I sweat! Felt good! Hoorah!

Thanks for the encouragement Breanna! I think of the fellow Sparkies here when I wake up and don't want to do Insanity. I am one day closer to finishing Insanity!

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9/20/11 1:01 A

Congrats to you on the level of fitness you have reached!

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9/19/11 7:57 P

INSANITY DAY 7: Cardio Power & Resistance

I am glad that I didn't start the week with Pure Cardio, but because I didn't do Insanity for one week, I was OUT OF IT. I had to take a small break during warm-up, and I have never taken a warm-up break. I did so much better with Globe Jumps and Power Jumps but I didn't do so well on Moving Push-Ups. Today was also my first time doing Insanity in the evening. I work out in mornings but had so much to do today, so had no choice but reschedule Insanity. Hey, what matters is that I didn't cancel my appointment with Shaun T. Tomorrow is another day. Completed entire workout. Hoorah!

To JIBBIE49: I placed myself back to Step 1 by taking a one-week break so I have to get over the hump again! I hope to return on the same level as your adult children. Like your son, I see myself alternating between Insanity and something else, most likely running.

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9/10/11 12:13 A

My adult children do the P90x work out with Tony Horton. My one son who is 23 has released 40# & he's done 7 months of P90X. Some days he does the Insanity and some other days he does the "One on One with Tony." He tries to change it around. He said it was hard to get "over the hump" but once he did, it is all easy now.

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9/9/11 11:01 A

INSANITY DAY 6 : Plyometric Cardio Circuit

How I really, really dislike the combination of Ski Abs and In-&-Out Abs!! Today was the first time I didn't break a sweat with the warm-up-- after doing it so many times it becomes second nature. I can't say the same for those ab workouts, they are still tough. What pumps me up is that last song before cool down, sounds like a track from a movie. WEEK 1 IS COMPLETE. Hoorah!

To MZLADY77, thanks for the support! I definitely recommend Insanity if you're prepared to be committed to medium-to-high intensity cardio. I remember waking up and not looking forward to Insanity, making up excuses instead. "I can sleep longer"... "I'm too tired"... "I don't have time". Each DVD is less than an hour long so I can't say that I don't have time. I have to get up to start the day anyway, so not doing Insanity means not being ready to tackle the rest of the day. I'm not advertising Insanity, but I tried a handful of other cardio DVD's and Insanity seems like the only one that truly delivers results. What I also like about Insanity is that I don't have to use a yoga mat, weights, any equipment! I mentally whine each morning but LOVE it when everything is said and done. Yeah, I love Insanity, and I recommend it for sure! I'm a day closer to deserving an Insanity T-shirt! Shaun T is also nice to look at too. Beachbody knew that he would be eye candy to the ladies.

SHIROIHANA Posts: 2,036
9/8/11 6:48 P

INSANITY DAY 5: Pure Cardio

Easiest Exercise: Level 2 Drills
Hardest Exercise: Switch Kicks
Favorite Exercise: Hooks & Jump Rope
Least Favorite Exercise: Push Up Jacks

Okay, today was the MOST insane so far! I had to take a 5 min break after the warm-up because I got a side stitch that made me stop. After massaging the area, I went back hardcore non-stop. It's still unknown what causes side stitches, but one possibility is eating dairy before working out, and I snacked on Activia prior to starting. I have to admit that I did take my small breaks like everyone else in the DVD, because today's entire workout is what everyone thinks of when they think of Insanity. I was also afraid of the side stitch returning because I felt it on the opposite side. Completed entire workout. Hoorah!

I also have to add that I fit Day 5 today with Day 4 because I will be heading to New York. Therefore, I wouldn't be able to suffer, I mean, workout on Saturday. I will be back on Monday to continue Day 7 of Insanity. I will then head up again to New York on Wednesday so I would be lucky if I can fit in a nice workout after Tuesday. What New York has to offer, however, is a 24 Hour Fitness club. DC needs a 24 Hr Fitness.

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9/8/11 6:22 P

INSANITY DAY 4: Cardio Recovery

Easiest Exercise: Downward Dog
Hardest Exercise: Tabletop Balance Pose
Favorite Exercise: Slow Squats
Least Favorite Exercise: Anything with "Pulses"

I woke up this morning loathing what was about to come in Insanity. I didn't know that Cardio Recovery meant literally that, cardio recovery. So far, this is my favorite workout because it's not insane! I find the Tabletop Balance Pose to be the most difficult because I have a really hard time with balance. I like slow squats because I know that these exercises will make my booty look better, so I don't mind doing as many squats as Shaun T wants me to do. I really hated anything with pulses. Completed entire workout. Hoorah!

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9/7/11 9:44 A

Nice ! One day I want to buy dvd.

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9/7/11 7:47 A

INSANITY DAY 3: Cardio Power & Resistance

Easiest Exercise: Belt Kicks
Hardest Exercise: Moving Push-Ups
Favorite Exercise: Hurdle Jumps
Least Favorite Exercise: Power Jumps

Today's workout was easier than yesterday, but still not easy. It was more sports-oriented, which brought me back to basketball practice. I was sweating after warm up and loved the post-warm up stretch. I would have liked to do more one legged tricep dips to tone the back of my arms. I got very winded on the last six minutes and wanted to stop, but instead gave myself small breaks. Completed entire workout. Hoorah!

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9/6/11 1:11 P

INSANITY DAY 2 : Plyometric Cardio Circuit

Easiest Exercise: Mountain Climbers
Hardest Exercise: In-&-Out Abs
Favorite Exercise: Level 1 Drills
Least Favorite Exercise: Ski Abs

My legs started feeling like bricks when it came to In-&-Out abs! I had to take small breaks when I got to the 2nd drill of ski abs. I loved how there was an incorporation of boxing like jabs and uppercuts, gave me an energy rush. Completed entire workout. Hoorah!

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9/6/11 11:33 A


FIT TEST 1 (09/05/2011):
Switch Kicks - 73
Power Jacks - 65
Power Knees - 90
Power Jumps - 38
Globe Jumps - 10
Suicide Jumps - 15
Push-Up Jacks - 23
Low Plank Oblique - 65

SELF-EVALUATION: My lower half is so heavy!! I have big hips and thighs so switch kicks were a pain in the butt.

FOR NEXT TIME: Please, please stop eating the burgers! I ate a Five Guys burger an hour before doing the fit test which affected my performance. Felt the burger wanting to come back up.

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