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11/27/12 3:31 A

I think it sounds like you are doing great! I sincerely believe as long as you are sticking to limited amounts for induction that you will see great results. At the same time, I understand that we are all different and need to listen to our bodies. Are you getting your raw greens as well. I personally feel much better when I make sure to get my raw spinach in first as it contains a lot of nutrients that my body seems to love; I feel so much better when I get that in personally. Another thing I find helpful is getting pure protein, mostly being fish. I hope all is well with you on your journey. I would be glad to listen if you ever want to discuss nutrition or anything in your heart. God bless.

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11/26/12 11:30 A

Thanks Micheele and Russell for all of your suggestions.

Russell, I have been using Splenda for my decaf tea and it didnt seem to affect me negeatively, although i use it sparingly. As for the the protein powder, it contains one net carb and no sugar but I completely avoid any packaged snacks, including protein bars. I generally use the powder if something comes up in my schedule and im unable to consume a meal of veggies and protein. Basically, a qucik fix for running late.

My snacks used to primarily consist of chesse and 'turkey' pepperoni, but i have cut the pepperoni out and have repleaced snacks with raw veggies, tuna, and cheese. My veggies have been primarily green beans, asparagus, peppers, onions, celery, cauliflower and broccoli, with an occaisional serving of turnip.

Surprisingly, I find little issue with the food restrictions but i think i need to become more informed on the rules I think.

Thanks again!!

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11/26/12 9:01 A

I stall with any artificial foods, or sweeteners, diet pop etc. Drop the Splenda, and Sucralose.

You may want to up the fat a bit with some oil, and vinegar dressing, and add some greens to lunch. Increasing fat intake will help a lot more than upping protein, and you should be able to get enough protein from meat, and eggs, cheese, and eventually beans. Don't go crazy on protein. If you do, you will eventually get sick of meat. Fat is usually tastier, and is actual energy to replace carbs. Protein shouldn't change much. I eat 67% fat, 25% protein, and 8 % carbs.

Protein drinks aren't real food. Try making your snacks some cheese, or nuts. Also you may be surprised at how many carbs are in protein bars, shakes. You might have more than if you just had some strawberries. Wouldn't nuts, berries, and cheese be tastier snacks than a pepperoni stick?

What kind of veggies are we talking about. Hopefully sticking to Induction level ones. Beets, carrots, corn etc are vegetables, but will never allow for ketosis.

You should be eating 3 cups of salad, or vegetables on Induction. Green beans, mushrooms, onions, tomato etc. Stick to real food, and see how you do. After two weeks, add in nuts, and berries. Stay away from prepared foods, and drinking your calories. Drinkable calories, like shakes, or smoothies, just spike your blood sugar. Hopefully, you can eventually add back in beans. I eat them once a week. Mostly, you will want to add more veggies as you get to 40,50, 60 grams a day. With low carb, you will need the vitamins/ nutrients. Cheese can help with calcium after Induction. Right now, you should be eating just meat, veggies, eggs, butter, and oil, for 2 weeks.

As you come out of Induction, add only 1 food at a time, and see how it affects you. Only then should you add another. Never add any drinkable calories, or fake food though. Try to do the diet as the book says, and if it is too strict, I wouldn't recommend low carb.

Making you food tracker public would be very helpful to anyone wishing to offer advice.

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11/26/12 7:54 A

Great job with adding the salmon; I recommend a lot of fish to people following high-protein diets to even out the omega 6 to omega 3 ratios.
Also, I personally tend to feel better when I'm getting enough vegetables, especially raw.

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11/26/12 6:13 A

Thanks Skinny and Michelle! The almond flour kind of three me for a loop. I'm still following and will hopefully see a change in the scale soon! As for meat...I'm eating mostly chicken and pork with red meat occasionally and prepared by frying or baking. Also have been eating salmon as well, usually grilled but have added butter. I didn't think I was getting enough fats at first so I started added butter to things.

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11/25/12 11:00 P

Congrats on the 13lb loss! I hope you keep your chin up; I think you're doing great.
I have seen many times people get stalled by shakes, nuts, and nut flours. Also, I would limit cheese to 2oz/day for a few days. Have you read Dr. Atkins info about the importance of veggies and which are low carb? What meats are you eating and how are you preparing them?

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11/25/12 11:08 A

Try googling Ketosis. That is the principle behind the Atkins diet which is what you are doing right? Ketosis is basically throwing your body into a state of fat burning, where you burn your own stored fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates. When you consume carbs your body instinctively uses those carbs for energy. If there are no or (minimal) carbs to use for energy (such as the case on the Atkins) then your body uses its own fat stores for fuel. This is the theory behind ketonic diets.

So that mini muffin DID cause the fluctuation on the scale. It doesn't mean that you have REALLY gained 4 pounds, it just means you threw your body out of ketosis. Your body stores carbohydrates for 3 days. It takes a good week or so to get your body back into the ketonic state where you were losing. Cheating on a ketonic diet is MUCH different than cheating on a regular calorie-restricted diet. Don't expect to see any loss on the scale for a good week or longer. After about a week or so you should see your previous weight back on the scale. Hope that helped :)

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11/25/12 8:41 A

I appears that you are doing a very, very low carbohydrate eating plan?
Are you happy with this plan?
Is this something you can stick to for the months, years to come?
Are you missing fruits? lowfat milk and yogurt? whole grain? higher carb veggies?

There are many ways to lose weight--you must find what works best for you. We can help.

SP Dietitian Becky

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11/24/12 6:59 P

Thanks MANDIETERRIER1. Hopefully your suggestions will kickstart the weight loss again! Much appreciated :)

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11/24/12 5:42 P

I am assuming you are a female by your name. If that is the case the four pound weight gain could be normal monthly water retention.

It couldn't be the mini muffin. That muffin would have to be 14,000 calories over your normal calorie range. 3,500 calories over is a pound.

If the scale isn't moving are you eating enough? Just guestimating but what you are eating every day doesn't seem like enough. Or maybe change up what you are eating.

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11/24/12 5:04 P

I'm only thinking it was the almond flour in the mini muffin as it was not listed in the Atkins acceptable food list and the only thing i had eaten out of the oridinary since following the 20 carb per day restriction of induction. Any suggestions asto kickstart the weight loss again.. i should note that moderate cardio is performed 3x per week as well.

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11/24/12 3:29 P

the muffin comment worries me because it's disordered thinking.

before i worked on recovery from an eating disorder, i use to believe that eating 1 food item would make me gain weight. I knew it wasn't rational, but i could not stop believing the irrational thoughts.

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11/24/12 3:09 P

How in the world could you gain four pounds from eating a mini muffin????

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11/24/12 2:40 P

induction..... what plan are you on?

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11/24/12 2:28 P

I completed a round induction and have lost 13 lbs....Iknow thats a lot but i have a lot to lose. The weight loss stopped and then i gained 4lbs almost immediately overnight...probaby due to me eating 1 almond flour mini muffin. I have not seen any changes in the scale or measurements in a week. I usually eat the same thing almost every day which consists of:

tea with splenda
2 egg omlet with veggies and cheese OR 2 eggs and 2 slice of bacon

some form of protein and cucumber and tomato

some form of meat and veggies.

two snacks during the day, usually 'old' cheddar, turkey 'pepperoni' stick, and i usually have a protein shake late afternoon with almond milk (1 net carb)...not a fan of dairy milk. I drink 4x18 oz water bottles of water, usually flavored with MiO water enhancer (Sucralose) and green tea throughout the day. I completely cut out sugar free jello after reading about it on the message board.

ANY assistance woud be appreciated!

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