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5/18/13 2:38 P

You might look in the SparkTeams for an Indian team, and ask there about plans and/or whether there's a similar site based in India.

Or.... That could be a business opportunity for you! Get a degree in dietetics or medicine, find a chef to consult, and create a healthy meal plan site of your own, based on local foods. You're not the first person to ask this question, so there's a market.

For the most part, though, you can make do by setting up the "no-fast-food" meal plan, with the vegetarian option if that's appropriate, and just substituting. The basic foods will be closely related-- if it calls for hummus with a spinach salad, you can eat chana saag instead-- it's basically the same foods cooked and spiced differently. The meal plans are just a template-- "English muffin" means "about 30 grams of some sort of bread;" "1/2 cup refried beans" means "a small serving of legumes/pulses."

If it makes you feel any less left out, most member in the US don't follow the meal plans exactly, if at all, for some of the same reasons you can't. The U.S. is a huge country, and we don't have the same foods in all regions. Besides that, computer-generated plans don't take into account that most produce is seasonal and that most packaged foods don't come in single servings. It will call for fresh peaches in February when they cost a day's wages, or it will call for one ounce of a cereal that comes in 14-ounce boxes and never mention it again. We have to ignore the meal plan or be stuck with an extra 13 servings of that product. So if the meal plan calls for oatmeal with raisins but you have rice and mango, that's fine. It's still a grain and a fruit; close enough.

The easiest thing to do, though, is to create your own meal plans. Almost all of the major ingredients in Indian cooking are available in the US and are listed in the nutrition database. You might not find a listing for a finished dish, but you can find each ingredient and put it together as a recipe. The main difference is the spices, but those don't add any significant calories so it won't hurt if you can't find them. If you don't find a food in the database, you can always ask here if someone knows a different name for it.

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If the diet plan here doesn't work, then try turning it off and substituting your own. :) You can work with what you have, and track your own food. The unfortunate truth is that this company does have limited resources. With cuisines all over the world, they don't have the resources to provide tailored plans for all cultures. Some of our friends down under, for example, can find it tough to find some of the foods they have in t heir stores in the plan.

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5/18/13 12:55 P

I am based in India and the diet and nutrition advice gives mostly westernised food. Could you suggest a diet plan : breakfast, lunch and dinner or indians

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