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10/7/11 11:42 P

It might help to have some more calorie dense foods like peanut butter or granola bars. Greek yogurt and fish are also good options if you want high-protein, calorie dense foods. The body likes more protein after a good workout!

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10/7/11 11:03 P


Are you 500 calories short of the lower end of your range?

Remember food is fuel for your body. Not only does food supply our bodies with energy, but it also helps with our recovery--a very important component to our healthy living success.

Coach Nancy

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10/7/11 10:22 P

Check out these calorie-boosting tips for helping you get to range:

It's true that listening to your body may be what got you overweight in the first place - but remember that means your body doesn't send/interpret those signals correctly. So why listen to it now and eat less just because it doesn't think you need it? It was wrong when it said "eat more", and so you got fat. Maybe it's wrong now, too.

Your body needs fuel. Being 500 calories short is a LONG way short. That's likely to be very unhealthy and you should do what you can to try to get into range more often. If it feels weird now, it'll begin feeling more normal as you get used to it.

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10/7/11 10:06 P

So, I have really picked up on my cardio and I changed my fitness goals which means that my calorie intake went up as well, but I am just not hungry to eat the extra calories. Matter-of-fact, I am stuffed, but I am like 500 calories short. I do not think I should eat if I am not hungry, that's how I got to where I am now. Any suggestions? emoticon

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