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1/18/14 1:03 A

I had a peek at your Nutrition Tracker and can assure you that you needn't worry. You were UNDER-eating for the exercise you were/are doing. The fact that you have associated the increase in calories with more energy is a BIG indicator that you were under-eating. I also noted that there were a few days where your protein level was very low. Try to ensure that you get a minimum of 60g per day. That will help your developing muscles and help your body to repair itself.

Where it comes to your treats (M & M's, Beer, etc.) make sure that they are only treats - this means occasional, because they don't have nutritional value, and therefore if you just eat your bare minimum of calories, you won't be getting the nutrients that your body requires.


NYXWOLFWALKER SparkPoints: (168,070)
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1/17/14 10:56 P

I was at one point eating upwards of 3,000 a day and actually lousing weight (about a pound or two a week at one point) but a lot has happened since then and I'm back to trying to learn what I can eat vs can't eat and working on getting back to where I was (been at a standstill of weight for a couple years now, thanks to food allergy issues and changes in insulin dosages).

At any rate if you are eating less then your body needs to keep going then its not going to function right because its always hungry so holding on to what its been given so it doesn't starve.

Uping your calories might see a temp weight gain, but long term it will even out as long as you keep to making sure you balance everything out (eating and working out) at least that's my own personal experience in the matter.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
1/17/14 10:10 P

You might gain a few lbs. when you first increase calories, but give it a few weeks, and see what actually happens, before you panic. Who knows, you might still lose a lb or two, and feel a lot better doing so.

I will tell you that I eat about 2000-2,300 calories a day, and I see a lot of people eating 1200 who are struggling, and wonder, what now? They are already at the minimum. It may just be that with an extra 200 calories, they are more active, and burn it off, but the fear people have of an extra 200 calories being the destruction of their diet, is usually unfounded. Not only does it take 500 calories a day for a week to lose a lb., it also takes the same to gain it. So gain or lose, it isn't going to be quick, unless it is some water weight, which is why you should wait 2 weeks, if that would cause discouragement.

So relax, eat the right amount for 2-4 weeks, and see where you are. Hopefully, it is good, and you can feel more energetic, and still lose, but with more food.

KATIEMAE10 Posts: 202
1/17/14 9:40 P

I have started increasing my calories based on sparks recommendations which I linked with my exercise. I have had a lot more energy the past few days ( since starting to eat more calories), but I'm afraid I'm going to also start gaining weight! I haven't stepped on the scale yet, bc I'm nervous, but has anyone had an experience with this? Did it help you lose? Thanks!

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