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10/14/13 11:32 P

I don't know what's going on with me but I'm having trouble eating enough calories. I'm not hungry for the first time in my life. I've been finishing the day with under 1000 calories for the last days even though I've started running. I know this isn't healthy and it is definitely not my aim.

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10/14/13 5:39 P

This has got to be really common, because I was also the same when I hit maintenance. And I did pretty much the same thing about it, just take it really slow (I did lose an additional few pounds along the way, but who cares) and stay focused on keeping everything pretty much the same, just with a few more healthy calories. Baby steps in reverse. I'm not saying it's not stressful, because it is, but it can go very smoothly.

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10/14/13 12:09 A

Thank you so much for the advice. I feel better knowing it's not just me who have felt that way! :-)

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10/13/13 11:35 P

When I had to increase calories for maintenance, I got really hung up on it mentally. I will say, though, that it helped to increase little by little over time. I went up by 100 calories every few days or week. I find it hard to eat that many calories, though, without feeling like I'm overeating or slipping into bad food choices (unhealthy usually equals more calories, which makes it easier to get into calorie range--so hard not to do!). Try eating calorie dense stuff, like peanut butter, that ups the calories without putting a lot of volume into the belly.

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10/13/13 11:14 P

Hey fellow sparklers! I'm having some trouble adjusting my caloric intake now that I'm training for a 5K. I've been eating 1200 cals for what seems like forever and now my food guide adjusts based off how much exercise I do. So now I'm struggling with it. I feel like i'm over eating because of the increased cals to my diet. I know that my metabolism increases when i do the workouts for running. I guess it's just a mental thing I'm really dealing with. I just need some advice or encouragement. Thanks!!

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