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CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
11/6/13 5:29 P

me, too.

I entirely dislike the time change - regardless of spring or fall

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
11/6/13 5:12 P

Changes in routine can mess up our hunger cues, but you'll be in the new routine of the new time within a few days. Why not just eat a bit more for a couple of days without worrying about it, and then go back to your previous routine?

I have found myself feeling a bit hungrier since the weather got colder and darker. Maybe it's partly psychological (my mind remembering "fall/winter comfort foods" that are perhaps higher calorie than the foods i've been eating for the last while), and partly physical (maybe I use more energy trying to stay warm when it's cold out and my body is, in turn, asking for a few more calories). Not sure.

KRISTIN9924 Posts: 952
11/6/13 4:12 P

With the recent "fall back" into non-day light savings time, I have noticed an increase in my appetite. I wake up hungry and my breakfast only keeps me satiated until about 9am. Even with small snacks, I feel like I am constantly hungry.

So this is what a typical day looks like for me:
7am (breakfast) - Steel cut oats with fruit and nuts, coffee with 1% milk (~300 calories)
9:30am (second breakfast) - piece of fruit and handful of nuts (~150 calories)
11:30am (elevenses) - soup or sandwich (~400 calories)
3:00pm (tea) - hot tea, fruit or veg, and cottage cheese (~150 calories)
6:00pm (supper) - varies (~500 calories)

This puts me at ~1,500 calories for the day, which is at the upper end of my calorie range. And this was manageable before the time change, but now I just feel famished all day long except for just after a meal.

Does anyone else experience this? Or have recommendations on how to not go over my calories when I am just hungry all day?

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