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6/18/10 6:55 P

I have had the same frustration, especially when I work out a lot and I look and feel slimmer, but the scale does not agree. I suppose I have to remember that it is only one measure of overall success, but it is HARD when you are working so hard and don't get the results that you would like to see on the scale. Hang in there, I am sure that you will get the results that you seek if you are patient and consistent with yourself.

BANKER-CHUCK Posts: 6,730
6/18/10 6:50 P

Inches are more important. (We are talking waist line right?) emoticon

BONNILS Posts: 372
6/18/10 5:00 P

any way I can get it!!!!

ELSEEBEE Posts: 4,410
6/18/10 4:16 P

There's no one way that the weight comes off. We are all different. Just stay consistent with your eating and exercise. When I started it took a couple of weeks before I started losing, but then I went really fast for awhile. Now my weight loss has slowed waaaaay down. But I feel great and every time I buy new clothes I need a smaller size! Don't get too hung up on either the scale or the tape measure. Both are important, but how you FEEL is the most important thing!

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6/18/10 4:10 P

I am in the same boat here, I really started getting serious about 2 weeks ago (18 days to be exact) and just today i weighed in and lost my second pound. I haven't taken any measurements but I really don't feel/see a change yet. (Last year when I lost 27 pounds I started to feel a difference at about the 5 pound mark.)

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6/18/10 4:06 P

Please take them both... I don't care what the scale says, I want to fit in cute cloths.

CHER321 SparkPoints: (0)
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6/18/10 4:02 P

I want them both! I want it all!

KZIEGNER SparkPoints: (11,699)
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6/18/10 4:01 P



SPMOM2 Posts: 5,754
6/17/10 11:46 P


ECASPERS Posts: 1,116
6/17/10 11:18 P

I do both.

SPARKROZ SparkPoints: (99,143)
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6/17/10 11:01 P

Many many MANY inches

6/17/10 11:01 P

I'll take either one or both! :)

FITWITHIN Posts: 25,991
6/17/10 10:49 P

I'll take them both.

MNH228 Posts: 171
6/17/10 9:46 P

It is so hard to not want to see the scale go down. I agree that i'd rather lose inches as well, but I was down 7 pounds and suddenly went back up 3, yet my clothes do fit better. I think i've lost 1.5 off my hips and 1 inch off my waist, which doesn't seem like much but it is.

ANARIE Posts: 13,200
4/26/10 10:44 A

Two pounds in two weeks IS NOT SLOW!!!! One of the reasons people "fail" at weight loss efforts is that they have unreasonable expectations. A pound a week is actually pretty rapid weight loss, especially if, as your tracker suggests, you only have 25 pounds or so to go. Yes, inches are more important than pounds, yadda, yadda, but what's most important is knowing what's realistic. For someone who's not obese, 1/2 pound to 1 pound per week on average is very, very good.

KRISSIEJ Posts: 316
4/26/10 10:37 A

I take both into account but definitely agree inches are much more important than pounds!

MAGPIE17 Posts: 3,284
4/26/10 10:30 A

I think it's more important to focus on inches than lbs. If you're losing inches, but not losing lbs, it likely means that you're losing fat and gaining muscle.

4/26/10 10:23 A

I personally want to see the results in my physique. So inches are what I go by. I maintained from last week but my clothes are much looser.

4/26/10 10:14 A

You shouldn't be disappointed with losing 2 lbs in 2 weeks! SP is set up to help you lose weight at a HEALTHY rate, i.e., 1/2 to 1 lb a week.

However if your clothes are fitting better, I think this is what really matters! The better you feel about yourself the easier the weight loss will be.

DARK_ANGEL10 SparkPoints: (13,525)
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4/26/10 9:41 A

I'm glad you asked this question b/c I'm in the same boat. I don't have a whole lot of weight to lose but I see that I'm losing inches. I've been a scale junkie for a long time so this new concept is foreign to me. I will just keep doing what I'm doing. I feel great and my clothes look good too. I also like the definition that I'm seeing so I should be happy.

4/26/10 9:36 A

For me personally, I'd like to have more inches on my shoulders, chest and arms but go down in weight by 5 lbs.

DOTTIEJANE1 SparkPoints: (187,199)
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4/26/10 9:28 A

I am loosing inches right now but i feel better.

BASILB Posts: 150
4/26/10 9:15 A

I wish wish wish I had taken measurements when I started!! There are days when the scale doesn't budge, but seeing a lost inch would help make up for that in my head!

LOGICAL_JACKIEO SparkPoints: (7,394)
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4/26/10 9:14 A

OK girls! would you rather weigh 120 and be a size 22? or weigh 150 and a size 8????? this is easy....inches are more important than pounds because muscle weighs more!!!!!! :) I have lost only 16 pounds but 26 inches! that is like 2 feet of fat! I pick inches over pounds.....

PEACHY_GIRL Posts: 19,614
4/26/10 9:11 A

I would like to lose more pounds but right now, it's the inches

LUMETH SparkPoints: (31,063)
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4/26/10 9:09 A

The weight is meant to come off slowly through SparkPeople... the hope is that the site will teach you better habits during the process so that the scale will creep in the direction you want it to (DOWN) without you having to constantly focus on it.

In the long run, I'd love to lose inches more than weight... but all told my FITNESS is what I care about the most. I would LOVE to look good, but I'd love even more to be fit and healthy and be able to participate in those activities I most enjoy.

DOUBLE02 Posts: 299
4/26/10 8:59 A

I also started off slow, barely lost any weight, but I did loose inches. It just takes time and you don't want to loose too much too soon!

DMORRISON2 Posts: 388
4/26/10 8:57 A

I lost 15 lbs but more important inches. who cares if your weight goes down but the results are not visible. I look 30 lbs skinnier Ihave lost 4 on waist 2 on hips etc for 10 inches overall yahoo

4/26/10 8:53 A

I love inches vs pounds. And I do measurements once a month.

TENACIOUSTRISH SparkPoints: (185,746)
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4/26/10 8:51 A

pounds because i don't measure myself...i just know where my trouble spots are, triceps, tummy and backside love handles.

MYUTMOST4HIM Posts: 11,453
4/26/10 8:28 A

I lost 8 pounds my first year BUT I lost 3 dress sizes
the scale is over rated

CHIK45 Posts: 1,440
4/26/10 8:28 A


CEEJAY0630 Posts: 642
4/26/10 8:26 A

In the last three weeks I have lost 5.5lbs, and not two here and two there, one week, I lost .7 the next week .8 and then yesterday 4.6 and it was hard to stay motivated, but I did, I also lost 5.5inches overall, so they are both important, if the scale doesn't give you the number you want, keep going, you are still getting results!!!

REACHBRENDA_2 Posts: 1,031
4/26/10 8:14 A

Remember it took awhile to add the weight, so it should take some time to get it off. MY SCALES SEEMS REAL SLOW FOR AS HARD AS I WORK SOME TIMES. BE PATENT.

PAMMY1313 Posts: 10
4/26/10 7:47 A

So I've been with SP for 2 weeks and LOVE it! However, I have been disappointed with my weigh in....I've lost 2 pounds, that's it. BUT, my clothes are definitely loser and I feel great. I guess I'm just hung up on that stupid scale and want it to match the results I feel. Anyone else experience a slow start? And how can I stop caring so much what the scale says? Finally, any thoughts on when I might tip the scales in a positive direction?

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