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Have A Craving For Lasagna?
Instead of using noodles, use eggplant slices. You can par boil them for a minute remove and start to layer. Ricotta cheese is low fat, add green bell pepper, chopped onion,spinach and olives as you layer with some ricotta, parm, and tomato sauce. Yummy!

Buy Dreamfields Pasta it has 5 digestible carbs, let him eat what he wants and take 2 ounces for yourself and add green beans or brocolli to the noodles or you can even add warm garbanzo beans to the noodles to make it look like yout having more.

Progresso makes a clam sauce, red or white that you can have ontop of the noodles.. also for a low fat Fettuccini use the following..

2 oz butter
1 small onion, finely chopped
2 fat cloves of garlic, finely chopped
8 oz low fat creme fraiche
4 oz finely grated parmesan
1/4 teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg, or dried
Salt and ground black pepper to taste

Make chili... only use ground turkey, Jennie O has 99% Fat Free Ground Turkey, tastes the same to me....make meatballs from ground turkey too.

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That sounds really frustrating, but it sounds like a situation where he would have to want to change in order to start eating healthier at all, and it doesn't sound like he wants to.

My husband used to be an extremely picky eater (ate the same thing every day), and now eats almost anything - but it was his choice to try things he was previously sure he didn't like.

It might be better to focus less on finding things you will both eat and moreIf there are certain foods he likes, maybe you can try to work with that. on how to manage a household where you're having different meals. You might be able to find some things that could be a base to use in different ways. A tomato sauce for pasta that he could add his own things to, and you could add fresh vegetables and healthy proteins to. Baked potatoes, you can have it with a salad, he can add whatever. Rice and beans with salsa, he can load up on cheese and sour cream.

My husband started experimenting more because I refused to make pasta with tomato sauce every day. He was free to make his own, but sometimes he would decide to try my stirfry or soup instead. And he knows that if he doesn't want what I'm making, he's perfectly capable of creating his own meal. So, I don't think you should try to limit yourself to what he will or won't eat. Try to work with him, if there are vegetables he likes try to incorporate them as inspiration, try to make bases for meals that you can both use, but don't limit yourself. If he starts seeing that your food looks pretty delicious, he might get inspired.

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I am thoroughly enjoying following the food plan on sparkpeople - but my other half won't eat most of the food. He likes his italian lots of cheese, salt oil and fat foods! Does anyone have any heathly alternatives to foods like lasagne and creamy pastas. Less than 400 cal and still with heaps of flavour and no 'scary' ingredients.

THe only food on the plan he has eating was the Nachos - and his proportions were very different to mine.! So much more cheese and less beans

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