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1/10/12 2:17 A

Hi there,

I feel your pain (no pun intended). But if you are in that much pain and can't even walk, I would give them some rest! If you are getting antsy, how about doing something else, like pushups, situps, planks, etc? You can create a circuit of sorts using just your upper body, and getting a cardio effect by keeping a pace going (1 min on, 30 sec off). Like everyone else has expressed, 1 day won't kill you as you strive for your goals. But also imagine: If you did workout and get injured, you might be out for a couple of weeks, and well, that's worse!

Keep up the good job!

WAYCAT Posts: 1,012
1/10/12 2:01 A

Oh I hear where you are coming from, loud and clear!

I've got a niggling knee injury which I'm sure I picked up while doing Zumba the other week. It's been aggravated by a swimming / walking vacation with my husband and two sons last week, and now it's just annoying the heck out of me because it refuses to heal.

I'm my own worst enemy though, because I also find it almost impossible to not workout, despite my annoying knee.

Having read through this topic, it has helped me to be more sensible and accept that rest now will reap rewards in the long run when my knee has healed properly.

SCTK519 Posts: 2,086
1/9/12 8:44 P

Take a day off. I've had the same hip pain before and it will hurt more to keep going. Would you rather keep running now, do more damage, and potentially not be able to run in the future? Or take a break now and get better? Whenever my hip hurts, I get new running shoes and take a break, makes a world of difference.

SADAMS26 Posts: 18
1/9/12 6:48 P

I agree as well. I have spondylothesis, bulging discs, nerve damage in my legs, degenerative disc disease.... if I over do it, I actually limp and have a lot of pain. Taking a day or two off is the only way to relieve it. I have now decided to go to an every other day schedule for really taxing exercise.

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1/9/12 2:14 P

Agreed with a day off! Remember that rest days are very important for you to reach your goal!!!

Do you run daily? Perhaps you should mix it up a bit to give your hip a bit of a break. Perhaps run 3-4 days and strenghth train 2-3 days. Remember there is so much more than a treadmill to help you in your fitness!!!

Have you considered Yoga? It is a great activity for all around fitness and many runners do Yoga to strangthen muscles that will prevent injuries. It's something to look into!

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1/9/12 2:06 P

Just wanted to echo the previous sentiments. I have become quite obsessed with fitness since I started 7 weeks ago. My back was killing my last Friday, but I took it off. My reasoning was as such: I would rather miss 1 day to let a minor pain heal instead of loosing 3 weeks if I really injure myself.

The pain is likely a sign that you injured yourself. It is likely, hopefully, a minor muskuloskeletal type injury that will heal in a day or two. If you work out despite the injury, you could really hurt the muscle. Or, you body in trying to compensate for the injured muscle, could hurt other systems.

Coach Jen gave very important advice, see your physician if it persists.

In the mean time, if you really want to work out and it is taking more then a couple of days, you could consider doing exercises that completely avoid the injury. I believe some gyms have cardio equipement that is upper body based. It would get you heart going using your arms, you burn some calories, but your injured leg is kept stationary and not worked out at all (preventing further injury).

But, first, try a couple of days off.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,902
1/9/12 1:35 P

I'd agree that it's not a good idea to try and just push through the pain. Pain is usually a sign of a problem, so if it persists or gets worse, you'll want to get it checked out by a doctor. Continuing to exercise even though it hurts could end up making the problem worse and prolong your recovery.

Coach Jen

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1/9/12 12:31 P

I am 53. When I was younger I took all kinds of classes....kickboxing, step, weight lifting. My body is now feeling it. I have bad knees, a frozen shoulder and aches and pains all over. I started doing water aerobics on the advice of my physical therapist and it is awesome. You get a great aerobic workout, strength training ( we use water weights) and core conditioning. The one thing you don't get is the pounding on the joints. It is a great fitness plan, really fun and shows results.

1/9/12 12:27 P

I'm echoing the other responders: Take the day off.

Find something that makes you feel better about your fitness or nutrition without exercising specifically. Grab a cookbook and make your weekly menu, grab a fitness magazine and read it (a couple times if necessary). Plan out your workout for when you can get back to the gym.

Sometimes your body just needs a break and its best to give in.

REALBLONDE474 Posts: 220
1/9/12 12:00 P

I am right there with you. My knees are killing me today. I took a yoga class on Sunday after kick boxing and almost fainted during one pose from the pain in my knees. I will tell you the other poster is right: take a day off.

We will not lose that much traction by resting for one day only and you will be in a better place to commence your work outs after a day or two of recovery.

This is hard for some over/hyper people ( I know this cause I am too! ) but our bodies are telling us something.

Take care!

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,697
1/9/12 11:47 A

Pain is a sign that sometime is wrong... I'd listen to my body and let it heal!

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1/9/12 11:44 A

My hip is hurting quite bad hurts to just walk....I'm not really sure what I have done. I must have overdone it this past week. I should probably take a break for a day or two, but I am really struggling with not working out. Maybe I'm a little obsessed??? I wish I knew what was wrong and how long it will take to get better so I will know when I can start back running. I'm really having a hard time not getting on the treadmill...I feel like if I don't do something I'm not going to meet my goal...Iany suggestion from anyone...or has anyone had a similar experience?

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