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12/20/12 10:16 P

What I love about spark people is it is FULL of inspirational stories and people. Part of becoming used to the site is reading blogs and getting to know people... and as you go through this process you start to change. I think for me there was not one story that made me say "if they can do this then I can...." it was a combination of many stories. Many things that I could relate to. Spark people is very much about building up confidence through the streaks which seem simple but success there can lead to so much more. Spark people videos specifically are people's stories but I find inspiration in the daily struggles and successes of ordinary people at many levels of their journey. The coaches themselves have amazing stories and the articles are gentle learning tools. The biggest thing for me was that decision to do it for me and to give up dieting and instead try and be healthy. One foot in front of the other. One decision at a time. One of my heros on here frequently has her blogs featured in the newsletter, -indygirl But my heros may not be yours of your sisters. Take your time and read, learn and I'm sure you will find your inspiration.

JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,117
12/19/12 11:38 A
I did my own research on Metabolic Syndrome/Insulin resistance and so I've learned WHY I got fat and what to do about it since I'm 63 and the doctors tell me "MOM, at your AGE, you can expect to lose weight." Watch this lecture by Richard Johnson M.D. I've read his book "The Sugar Fix" and he explains why a person will binge ALWAYS on SUGAR items.

Watch The Men Who Made Us Fat

I'm sure the therapist wanted you to DO THIS for yourself and no longer depend on him/her. You are the only one who can heal yourself. I hope u r on medicine if you have depression over your father. I took Prozac for 14 yrs. and it helped me feel NORMAL.

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12/16/12 9:55 A

Here is a link to a VERY good blog. Written from the perspective of a 27 year old female who has lost 50 pounds (but is struggling to keep it off). The blog is very frank. Very matter of fact. But I found myself agreeing with nearly everything she wrote.

She has a story that you may be looking for.

You're right, Douglye......This is an excellent and inspiring blog. I also agree with what she wrote.

DOUGLYE Posts: 1,541
12/13/12 4:26 P

Here is a link to a VERY good blog. Written from the perspective of a 27 year old female who has lost 50 pounds (but is struggling to keep it off). The blog is very frank. Very matter of fact. But I found myself agreeing with nearly everything she wrote.

She has a story that you may be looking for.

LINMAT Posts: 279
12/13/12 10:23 A

I wanted to send you a note about your message. I have been struggling lately with the fact that I will soon be a my one year anniversary (Feb.) and at this time I have not lost the weight I thought I would. At times I almost get depressed over this. I have been on and off the Spark site for days looking for something to inspire me. I found that today reading your message.

You have found the courage to seek and ask for help. In other words you aren't giving up even with the sadness and challenges that have come your way.
Your bravery motivates me.

I don't have a story per se but I will offer advice in the form of what has helped me the most over all.
That is substitutions, in other words are you starving then fill up on veggies- are you depressed then exercise-can't jog or run then walk- hate to walk do sitting exercises- bored go on Spark and find articles about good snack foods good recipes- watch video about exercises. Substitute substitue substitue Well that's all and a big Thank You for being my inspiration
Never give up

DOUGLYE Posts: 1,541
12/13/12 3:39 A

Don't have a story up my sleeve, but it is doable to loose the weight. Resolve and determination need to be greater than the emotional urges and habits that all of us have picked up on the way. There is no magic pill that you can take. There is no words of encouragement or instruction that will MAKE you loose weight. Resolve and determination coupled with good eating strategy and an exercise regime that is sustainable over time.

Good Luck. I have lost 50 pounds since May. My son (who is 32) is close at 50 pounds lost as well. He had a brain tumour removed 2 years ago, suffers from mobility problems, has focal seizures, neuropathic pain and is on medication that has a side affect of making a person GAIN weight. If HE can loose that amount of weight, I have no excuse and neither does anyone else.

Good luck getting going on this journey

PATHFINDER52 Posts: 752
12/12/12 5:34 P

Hi MarieCate!
Welcome to SparkPeople.
Looking for inspiring stories? You can certainly find them here.

Click on the link for viewing your SparkPoints (it is RED, on the right column near the top of the page).

When you reach that page, get your log-in points then scroll down to the OTHER ways to earn points. Among the options will be a link that sends you to inspirational stories from others at SparkPeople -- use that page to help your sister!

Sorry to hear that your therapist gave up on you! You are WORTH IT but you have to do the work for yourself, on one can do it for you!

Read some of the articles here, on this website, regarding self-esteem. You will learn ways to boost yours and to recognize the strengths you bring to this life-changing agenda of weight-loss!

Keep posting and learning to use the tools that SparkPeople has to offer!


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12/11/12 4:19 P

HI Everyone, I am new to this site as of today. I have a couple of requests that I am hoping someone out there can help me with. First thing is I need an inspirational weight loss story to share with my sister via facebook. I want it to look like I am simply sharing an amazing story...which I know it will be, but I want her to be able to take something away from it and see that she can do anything that she sets her mind to. I want the decision to loose weight to come from her and I want to her to see that it is achievable. She is 65, under 5' and over 300lbs. I am worried for her and I want her to be happy and healthy. If someone has a story that is willing to send me that I can post to fb I would very much appreciate it. :)

The second request is for myself...I am going to 50 in august 2013 and I need to loose at least 80lbs by then if not more.I want to be Fit at Fifty. I am the last of ten kids, I am an emotional eater, like many and have struggled with weight for many, many years. What recently broke me was when my dad passed away suddenly eight years ago just before my 40th birthday. I was doing really well with my weight loss..down 45 lbs....the night before he passed away he told me how proud he was of me in my journey and to keep at. When he passed my emotional binge eating kicked into high gear...I ended up at an Binge Eating Clinic that I fought to get into. After a year there and a lot of tears and stories shared with my therapist one day she tells me that "She can't do all the work for me, that you are just not worth it!!" She bascially told me I wasnt' WORTHY! Can you say BROKEN!!! That is me, and this is where I am today,,,broken and feeling like I can't get myself out of this ravine that my therapist pushed me off the cliff in to.

Is there anyone out there that can help me AND MY SISTER? Thanks for reading my extremely long message...I felt it was important to give you as much information as I could to get started so you knew what I am seeking, what kind of inspirational and success stories that I am looking for. Thanks again. emoticon

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