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5/29/13 12:23 P

I'm the opposite, I get injured when I try to run on the treadmill. I can only run outside. I don't know what it is about the movement or whatever of the treadmill but my hips get messed up and my feet cramp up, even setting it way slower than I go outside. Oh well, I love my outside runs (but sometimes the heat can be hell!).

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5/29/13 12:19 P


Reynaud's would seem to be the clincher for the treadmill.


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5/29/13 7:50 A

I love the treadmill! Always use it in the hotel exercise rooms when I'm travelling.
I can't afford a gym membership so I've been running outside for the last few years. I love that too. I used to own a really nice Precor model, but had to sell it. There's so much variety available on treadmills, it's really fun to use!

I never get bored on the treadmill - I usually have my Sony MP3 player on whether I'm on a treadmill or outside running. I don't watch much tv but if there is one nearby when I'm running inside, then cool.

I also don't race - I just run for myself and to be fit. I really like running outside as well.

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5/29/13 12:22 A

Interesting replies everyone - thanks for much food for thought.

It seems that I did leave a couple of things out of my original post:

(1) I'm not a racer, never have been. I purely run for pleasure and to keep fit. So as far as training outside goes, it isn't as much a priority for me as it would be for alot of runners who take part in races. I'm far more interested in running injury-free, in a safe environment. Also, I agree about the point re: early morning running. I too run early morning, and don't feel safe outside on my own.

(2) As far as running form goes, I have always made a conscious effort to maintain good form. I understand about heel striking being a likely cause of injury, both running outside and on a treadmill. I have had my form checked by the guy who owns the running shop where I get my shoes from, and he says it is good - and also, he fits me for my shoes properly so I know shoes are not the problem.

It's interesting to read peoples' opinions about getting bored on the treadmill. I don't actually get bored! Mainly because, as with most gyms, there is a dedicated TV on each treadmill, and as I'm a bit of a News junkie I find I can quite happily watch the BBC News channel for an hour and believe it or not, the time goes by much quicker than it does when I run outside.

And one final point - I can't run in extremes of hot or cold. Too hot and I feel as if I'm going to pass out, too cold and my extremities become numb and white with cold, often very painful (I have Raynauds Syndrome) so the constant temperature of a gym just suits me better in a lot of ways.

I did take several weeks to come to my decision to quit running outside - it's not a decision I took atall lightly - but I'm glad I did because I wouldn't want to completely give up running, and I figure the treadmill at least allows me to carry on doing what I love, plus going back to the gym gives me access to a host of other equipment that allows me to cross train safely on my non-running days.

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5/28/13 10:48 P

Where's the hate? I don't see any. Zorbs makes a good point - if you are going to race, you should train in conditions that are as close to those in the race as possible, and that generally means outside. But the phrasing was definitely snarky (sorry Zorbs, it was). And treadmills provide a way of keeping your race training on schedule in inclement weather.

To Waycat - it definitely sounds like the impact of harder surfaces like sidewalks is causing you problems, and you are smart to seek out softer surfaces. Trail running might be another outdoor option??

You seem to have covered most of the bases with seeking to avoid injury. The one thing that you don't mention is running form. Heel strike is likely to cause problems, and this may be the root cause of your injury issues - harder surfaces may just exacerabte the problem, rather than being the cause. Changing your running style to more of a forefoot or midfoot strike will absorb more of the impact. This applies to the treadmill as much as concrete sidewalks.


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5/28/13 9:14 P

Finally- someone else who loves the treadmill!!! I run on the trwadmill mainly bc I have to exercise at 5:00 am before my two young kids wake up and I don't feel safe going outdoors at that time. I just ran a race this weekend with a friend who is also a treadmill warrior. We came in 3rd and 4th in our category, faster than we both typically run.

5/28/13 7:53 P

Thanks for sharing your story! I too am a fair weather outdoor runner. I love to have the changing scenery and don't have any interest in watching t.v. while I exercise but I live in NE where 1/4 of the time there is snow/ice on the ground. I drive by people running in the snow and I have lots of respect for their tenacity but I'm also fearful for their health. I didn't know treadmill running is better for the knees - but now I will hate my winters on the treadmill less in the hopes that my joints last longer because of it haha.

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5/28/13 7:38 P

Although I like to be outside sometimes, like WAYCAT, I much prefer the treadmill.

I don't have any intentions of ever "racing" and if I decide to participate in an outdoor event, I'd probably just do more stuff outside for a while.

Enjoy your treadmill time, WAYCAT!!

5/28/13 5:50 P

me neither O.o

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5/28/13 4:54 P

Fieldworking, where are you seeing the hate? I honestly don't see it.

As for the OP, do what works for you. That's the way to success.

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5/28/13 4:35 P

Wow, some people like to hate. Anyway, I do enjoy the treadmill myself. I also like to get outside and walk. I would start running but I have some baggage that is lacking enough support (only surgery or duct tape will help). That's great that you are still able to run though.

HEAT04 Posts: 116
5/28/13 2:38 P

Good for you! I only run outside because it's free and I'm too cheap to join a gym. I'd much rather be in a temp controlled room watching TV or something while running....easier on the knees, too!

5/28/13 2:03 P

I used to live with a family that had an amazing at-home gym, with the best equipment, and big screen TV right there to watch. So, I would walk on their treadmill while watching TV for HOURS. I loved that stupid treadmill and have never understood the snobbery some people feel when it comes to them.

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5/28/13 1:50 P

I use a treadmill most of the time, especially when the weather is bad. If I'm outside, it's more of a walk.

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5/28/13 12:49 P

The OP made a very excellent point--treadmills are MUCH easier on the joints, especially the knees. I'm very grateful that I don't have any nagging injuries from running outside because the treadmill bores me to death! But as the hot months are approaching, I'll probably be sneaking in a few runs indoors. I HATE running in the heat!

5/28/13 10:00 A

Wow! I'm so impressed with your running capabilities! That's awesome!!!

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5/28/13 9:50 A

Way to go for you doing the research and transitioning to outdoor running. For sure VERY different on your body than the more cushioned treadmill! I was the same way though, so I understand! Good to see too that you're keeping yourself challenged on the treadmill by using resistance and inclines rather than just staying at a flat or bare incline. And great job on 7 miles in an hour! :)

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5/28/13 7:03 A

it's not snarky at all. Just a fact. IF OP wants to run a race, then outside running is a must. If not, then treadmill running only is fine and dandy. Have a nice day! emoticon

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5/28/13 6:27 A

What a snarky comment. Why does one need to run a race to enjoy running, to enjoy being active, or to enjoy being fit?

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5/28/13 4:49 A

that's fine, as long as you're not planning on doing any races, because I'm pretty sure there are no races that are run on treadmills.

WAYCAT Posts: 1,012
5/28/13 4:06 A

Up until about two years ago, I did all my running at the gym on the treadmill. Then I left the gym, decided to work out at home, and as a result started running outside.

I did a lot of research about moving from treadmill to outside running, started things slowly and carefully, made sure I didn't go all hell-for-leather straight away, giving my body time to adapt.

Over the time from leaving the gym up until last month, despite every effort to make sure I did everything right, I have been constantly battling one injury after another.

I have properly fitted shoes, change them when they need changing, run on grass or softer surfaces whenever I can, make sure I have rest days and also cross-train with walking, swimming and weight training.

However, after two years of having my normal every day life adversely affected by niggling, ever-present injuries, and after much soul searching, I have re-joined my gym and gone back to the treadmill.

I am delighted now because I am running regularly, 7 miles at a time, with no ill effects or injuries whatsoever. I use the hill and speed interval programs on the treadmill to get as close to the outside feel as possible, and now run 7 miles in an hour.

Of course I know that the majority of people on here are more in favour of outdoor running, and believe me I was for a time, but I've come to the conclusion that my body is simply not built to withstand the pounding and punishment from outdoor running.

So rather than give up running all together (not an option!) I've opted for the next best thing, and just would like to express how good I feel at being able to keep up my running and still feel great, fit and healthy.

So there we are – a positive story in defence of the treadmill. Thanks for allowing me to share!

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