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12/1/11 3:38 P

I know what this funk feels like, about a year ago I began teaching in a school district that required me to give up my time before and after school for tutoring, daily meetings, helping organize work and classrooms along with having to do my share of my planning, grading and preparing. I would get to work at 7 and leave at 8. I fell into the cycle you are now in. Then this past year we moved and I too know no one here and quickly became overwhelmed by having to fix up our new home. If you are a stay at home mom or a homeschooler, add some exercise into everyone's daily routine. You might try yoga - great stress reliever, calming, and it makes you feel great on the inside - it kind of motivates you. I started doing yoga at my old school for 30 min in the afternoons and found great success with it. Also, I got a dress 3 months ago and let that be my extra motivation for loosing the extra weight I have packed on over the years. As far as diet goes most everyone loves chicken. If your husband is a griller, or maybe even you are, marinate and grill your dinners. This has helped get my significant other into the swing of things and understanding my diet. Any night I am too busy or dont have the time to cook, he is more than happy to grill. I keep frozen and canned veggies along with some canned beans for a quick and easy dinner for him to prepare.

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11/28/11 11:33 A

It seems to me like you are in a "do for everyone else put yourself last" state of thinking. Some ways that you might be able to incorporate exercise and movement into your day is to take walks with the kids in your neighborhood, in other neighborhoods, in a shopping area, in a down town area, in a nature preserve. You can tie the walks into creative writing (find inspiration), social studies (geography, they can make their own maps to scale, community studies, economics), science (weather, where does the water go when it rains--follow the puddles and streams, environmental concerns--project wild and project wet have some great activities and lessons that revolve around observations in nature see if there are any workshops in your area they are very interesting. They can study birds and their behaviors Cornell has a program that you can sign up for to study pigeon behaviors in the are which would be great of the kids.) Math (measuring distance, money math).

You could also start a vegetable garden with the kids. If you don't have much space try Square Foot gardening. Gardening burn calories and also will give you fresh veggies for at least part of the year. There is lots of math and science involved in planning and tending to a garden--not to mention reading for information, and writing to record information to use for future harvests.

I think that you might still want to reach out to the home school group. Let them know that you missed the sign up but that you are still interested in joining. See what they say, it wouldn't hurt to ask.

Make it a point to get out of the house every day. I think that before you can start focusing on meeting a weight loss goal, you need to become your own best friend. For me, taking a walk by myself is like a day at a spa.. I feel connected to God and to the universe and at peace with myself. I am reminded of how I fit in the world, how everything fits together. It took me a while to find that place again, I realized that I needed to take the walks without my ipod. And even sometimes without the dogs or kids. Just real solid me time. It is amazingly fulfilling.

Get happy first. Motivation will follow.

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You definitely need me time. Having your children home schooled doesn't leave you much time for your self at all. Find something that you really enjoy and get to it! And reward yourself for you small accomplishments, walk/jog for 10 minutes and then you earn 5 minutes of your favorite game, puzzle time, whatever you love.

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11/26/11 3:20 P

Thank you. I'm holding back tears reading everyones comments. I appreciate you taking the time to cheer me on. I've tracked my meals so far today, and while the meals were not perfect, I still recorded them - and to my surprise it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Sure, I didn't have to have the cream puff, but I did. And it was good. And now I know how many calories are in one of those little things and next time I might decide I don't want one... but I'm not going to let it ruin me (I hope!) I'm trying. Thank you ALL. I'm trying... that alone is a huge step in the right direction.

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11/26/11 2:28 P


You're being much much too hard on yourself. Don't look at weight loss and good health with an all or nothing mentality. Anything positive you do for yourself during the day IS a step in the right direction. Don't look at this as a well, I ate too many pancakes this morning, so screw the rest of the day. That's not a healthy attitude. A healthy attitude would be, "okay, I ate an extra pancake at breakfast, BUT at lunch and dinner I'm going to extra an extra serving of vegetables."

Take baby steps literally and figuratively. Don't try to do everything at once or you will end up frustrated. Start with simple changes you can make and build from there. If the only healthy thing you were to do for yourself today was drink 8 glasses of water, that's still a step in the right direction. And that's what good health and weight loss is, it's a series of steps.

So, don't beat on yourself because you're not perfect. NO ONE is perfect. You don't have to be perfect to be healthy. And well, if you don't have anyone around you to support you, the Spark Community will !! Join some Spark teams. Joining different Spark Teams is a great way to meet new people. Whenever you're feeling low, post a message in one of the forums or write a blog.

Blogging is a great way to keep the motivation going. Blogging is also good as a release valve for any stress you may be having. In short, blogging is a great way to vent. it's okay to vent. we all need to vent some times. it can be cathartic.

So, take this slowly !! As the old song goes,"accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative". Give yourself credit for the positive things you do and don't beat on yourself if you have some negatives. We all have negatives. the long term goal is for the positives to outweigh the negatives.

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11/26/11 1:58 P

I just wanted to encourage you as well. Life is not always easy but your idea of sitting down and making time for yourself sounds good. I know our families can suck the brains out of us, to the point where we forget to love ourselves. I hope you continue on Sparks so that you can find strength. Good luck.

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11/26/11 1:38 P

You can do it!

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11/26/11 9:31 A

Thank you!! You all are right I need to find something to do for me. Thats just easier said than done. Perhaps I need to be a better manager of my time. That would probably be a big help.

I know of only 1 homeschool group in the area and I missed the sign up time due to some crazy hectic weeks of moving and living in a hotel in between buying/selling.
We don't do a scheduled gym class type thing w/ school. My kids go out and ride bikes or run around the backyard... I'm then helping my 2 year old learn to pedal her trike or keep her from digging wholes in the yard that is desperately trying to grow grass.

I wish I could join a gym, but we just can't afford it. Especially when you factor in the childcare. I do have stuff I could do here at home, I just need to make time to do them.

Anyway, thank you. I appreciate your comments. I'm going to sit down today and write some goals and see if I can squeeze in some me time into our day. Stranger things have happened, right? Surely I can find some time to focus on me... and stick to it?

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11/26/11 3:50 A

You need to love yourself. Look in the mirror and find something you are proud of, if that's too much find an accomplishment you've made and go with it. Find something you enjoy and find a group you can be with that have the same love. For me, it's martial arts. Even at times I can't look in a window for fear of seeing my reflection, they support me. Believe in yourself, look to what you do well and take pride and others will believe in you as well.

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11/26/11 12:26 A

When I read your message this quote came to mind...I hope it helps!

“Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be.” Karen Ravn

You can be a better you by making yourself a can do it; I believe in you,

11/25/11 11:40 P

I see that you home school your children. What a big job! There must be some way to connect with other homeschooling mothers? Have you done an online search for "homeschooling support groups" where you live? Also, is there a local spark team for your location?

Do you includes an exercise session in your homeschooling curriculum? As you lead the class, you are tackling two projects at the same time.

Do you have any down time? A babysitter who comes a couple of times a week to give you a little time without the children? Or maybe, you could join a gym with childcare and participate in a few classes as another way to meet some new people.

You might try to see if there are some organized nature or historical walks that you could do either by yourself or with the older children?

The hardest part is to start.

Okay, I hope others have more and better ideas for you. Hoping you the best.

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11/25/11 9:30 P

I could really use some help, a few cheerleaders perhaps. I am caught in a terrible cycle of motivation and bad attitude? I'm not sure if that's the best word but it's probably not far off. I have a lot of weight to lose. I'm miserable in my own skin. But when it comes down to it, my mind tells me "what does it matter? You don't know anyone here!"... We (my husband, kids, and I) moved FAR away from home a few years ago (sadly, yes, I do mean years). Since then it has been a struggle to find a group of friends. Without friends, without a reason to really even leave the house, I find myself in a funk. I don't want to be here. I don't like the feeling of just being disgusted with myself, yet I don't know how to break that thought process in my own mind. Does that make any sense? How do I take that desire to lose weight and turn it into a true motivation, where progress is actually made?

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