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Congratulations on taking steps to a healthier life for you and your daughter. Here is some information that may help.

For the Android app:
The process for reinstalling the free version of the app is slightly different depending on where you originally downloaded the app:

Option A--Purchased from Google Play Store/Android Market
1. On your device, open the Google Play app.
2. Click the menu button on your phone.
3. From the options that appear, select "my apps."
4. At the top of the page, you will have the option of viewing installed or all apps. Click the button that says "all" to view all apps.
5. Scroll to find the app.
6. To the right of the app title, click the icon that says "free" to install it.

Option B--Purchased from Amazon
1. Open the Amazon Appstore App.
2. Click on the menu button on your phone.
3. Form the options that appear, select "my apps."
4. At the top of the page you have the option of viewing new, installed, or all apps. Click to view all apps.
5. Locate the SparkPeople app from that list and click to install.

As for the teen site - the two sites are not linked for safety reasons. It's not to make it harder on you, it's an effort to make it safer for the children using the teen site.

Be well,

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A great free (for now) app to track calories and exercise: myfitnesspal. There's another but I forget the name...

I get grumpy too...

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3/7/13 1:55 P

I understand about getting grumpy. I hope you're aiming for progress and not perfection! I don't know about hormones being released-rather toxins as you introduce healthier foods. Grumpiness is normal initially. It will eventually get better. I wish I had a suggestion about the app, though.

3/7/13 1:52 P

Sometimes when I try to stick to eating right and exercising I get grumpy. I know I should be feeling better and happier but instead I have to watch my tongue so I don't snap at my kids or spend my time with my friends complaining.

I am seeing a nutrionist who thinks that as I lose weight that hormones are released from the stored fat which could be accounting for some of the mood swings.

Here are my two big spark people complaints.....

1. I know I am not the best at always tracking things but I loved the phone app for my droid phone. Now that I am ready to get going again I notice the app is gone and it's $4 to get it again - when did that happen and why? Not enough advertising here to cover the costs or just want to annoy people by giving them something then taking it way?

2. My daughter has started spark people with me and created an account in the teen section. Now I can't sign out of the teen section and get back here. I had to get a different browser to get to my account. A very annoying glitch.

So why make it so hard? I'm dieting, darn it, and I am not all rainbows and sunshine!

On the bright side after I jumped through the hoops to get here I do think it's a great place.

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