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7/18/11 11:03 A

First, congrats on making the decision to live a healthier lifestyle. That's a big step and you should be proud of yourself for taking it!

However, everyone struggles at first, so cut yourself some slack! If you set some small goals for yourself, you'll feel - and be - successful, even if it takes you a little longer to get used to your new lifestyle than you want.

Good luck! emoticon

ERINMCQ Posts: 26
7/18/11 7:42 A

Take a deep breath and cut yourself some slack! It's hard getting started and sometimes overwhelming. I've been on for quite some time and it's hard to get into a routine for a healthy lifestyle. Start small. Try just tracking for a few days. Try and do it without all the emotion attached to what you're eating - just objectively take a look at what it is you're eating. Then, try and eat a little less at one meal - maybe focus on breakfast for a week - get that one under control. Then you can move on to lunch. Remember it's not a quick fix - it took a while to gain the weight and it will take some time to make changes. Have faith in the process - you can do it!


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7/18/11 12:56 A

Hey there!
Ok, first of all...WAY TO GO! You did the most important thing. You realized you were in over you head and you screamed for help! That's the hardest thing to do.

second...Breathe!!! I totally get the binge eating. I've been doing it for the last two days. Chocolate is my trigger and this is birthday month in our family...It's been a rough road for me the last few months. I've been here for almost 2 years. This site and the people on it have CHANGED MY LIFE FOR THE BETTER!!! The people here will support and help you, all you have to do is trust them and trust yourself. A tip that I've found REALLY helps when I'm eating everything in sight...ask yourself how much water you've had. I find that I binge eat the worst when I'm hitting 2% dehydrated, which is just before your thirsty feeling comes on. Its my bodies way of getting the hydration it needs because I've ALWAYS been bad about drinking water. I never liked how it that I live in the heart of the Sierra Nevada's I have good water and as long as I go for it before my coffee, I don't binge.'s ok to make mistakes. Don't expect to hit your goal weight in one week. This is not a diet course. It's a life style change. It takes 18 to 21 days to break or change one habit. NO ONE on this site was able to change every thing they were doing wrong in their first 30 days. It takes time. Right now, you're the butterfly in a cocoon making major body changes and it takes time. Forgive yourself. Take a deep breath and start over now. And if you fall off in 10 minutes. Start over again.

fourth...if you ever need help, come here like you did. Well done on asking for help. I'm proud of you. If you need help or advice, search butterflyemerge or momma_little they are both amazing women who have won the motivator awards. Each has helped me through my journey and I know they always have a second for someone in need.

Lastly...I'll keep you and your journey in my prayers. Feel free to stop by my sparkpage any time you need some extra support. My ears work better than my mouth, though in this medium that's hard to do.

Hang in there! You can do it!!!! I have faith in you.


LOSE4MEONLY Posts: 421
7/17/11 10:39 P

First relax and cut yourself a break, we are all human and we all make mistakes!!!
second of all you should give your self a pat on the back because you just admitted that you did something that was not a good choice, and you admitted it to thousands of people, that was brave
third you will not always be great at making healthy choices, today for instance, i ate fried food!!! that is not a good choice at all but we do it cause that is the food that we really want...
but after i ate it i sat there and thought that i could either feel sorry for my self or i could learn from that lesson that no matter how great the food taste at the time that afterwards it leaves a very bad taste when i realize that all that food doesnt really make me feel any better than before i ate me and thousands of others make bad choice everyday but you will learn from them after a few bad times...i have been on spark for a year now and i am learning so much everyday still...people will give you ideas to change the way you eat...they may work they may not , but atleast you are trying, so keep that in the back of your mind and dont be so hard on your self ....

good luck and remember make good and bad choices, keep the good learn from the bad!!

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7/17/11 10:28 P

I am new as of last week. I was doing really good. Slowly but surely setting up my page. And Today was THE DAY were I went wrong with everything. Got up started good ate fruit for breakfast, for lunch I ate a greek salad and from there on i ate this; then that and went on and on and on.... Although I knew I had to be accountable it was not enough to stop. Then my husband came home and I binged for dinner and snacked until now that I am typing. I am so disappointed I want to cry. I still have the urge to munch :( What do I do when that happens again? I gained 27 pounds in seven months. I hate this; I hate me being this way. Not only am I sad but it is so unhealthy. I can't do anything I am always tired.

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