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DWROBERGE Posts: 372,969
9/11/11 10:39 P

How about areset button for the polls that have been stagnant for over two weeks.

TREKPURRSON SparkPoints: (73,330)
Fitness Minutes: (37,651)
Posts: 2,201
9/9/11 3:20 P

I agree! I take Coromega 300 fish oil supplements daily and it would be a good addition if we could track omega 3 fats!

JRLUND Posts: 2
9/9/11 10:50 A

How about adding the ability to track omega 3 fats?

SUNRISE14 Posts: 5,216
9/9/11 7:21 A


GONEWLIFE Posts: 7,127
8/31/11 9:35 P

More fitness tracking options... ie curves is there, but curves zumba is not (and curves zumba is supposed to burn more calories than curves alone)... zumba dancing is there, but again, it is not curves with zumba
PS I do LOVE sparkpeople site though and would be happy as well if it remains as is.. as long as it REMAINS ! :)

ROSEWCI SparkPoints: (110,858)
Fitness Minutes: (154,476)
Posts: 7,539
8/30/11 6:24 A

How 'bout more low point goodies choices! I LOVE to send 'em! And get 'em! emoticon

MELLABELLAS Posts: 1,769
8/30/11 6:18 A

Thanks for telling me about the "quick links" option. I never noticed it there before. I usually go to my start page, then my spark page. That was the only way I knew how to get to my page before.

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JUNEAU2010 SparkPoints: (245,965)
Fitness Minutes: (38,049)
Posts: 12,242
8/11/11 10:23 P

I have been in disagreement with the poll question's answer for months. Here's why:
their argument is that to change what has been entered would skew the results. They have the ability to "freeze" that data as of a certain date, clear the cache, so to speak, and let us move on.

My answers to some of those polls have changed as I have changed during my journey.
As we learn and grow on SP, as new facts come to light, our answers change.

The official SP stance is fraught with specious logic and the attitude is intransigent.

A week or so ago, the page for sharing ideas in various categories disappeared without any notice, at least that I saw. The nutrition panel was changed, the start page was changed. The refusal to do anything with the polls is inconsistent with everything else wonderful on this site.

SLS-NY2IN Posts: 1,708
8/11/11 7:09 P

I like the idea of inst. message! However, I would never get off SP long enough to do anything but exercise my fingers and mind!!! emoticon

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,757
8/9/11 7:12 P

The poll thing has been answered numerous times.
Resetting the polls would skew the poll results, so Spark does not plan doing that. You just need to keep an eye out for new ones!

DWROBERGE Posts: 372,969
8/9/11 6:22 P

How about a reset button for the polls too!!!

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,538
8/8/11 10:22 P

Thanks for the feedback, I'll pass it along!

In regards to some of the things on your list:

1. We used to have this, but it wasn't used much, so I'm not sure if we will bring that feature back in the future.

2. On most pages, you have the "Today on SparkPeople" on the right side of the page. On there, under Quick Links, there is a link to your SparkPage. I believe the only time you don't have that on the right side of your page is if you are on a SparkPage (yours or another member) or on your start page, but there is a link to it on your start page in the green Community column.

3. You can do this already. Once you have checked the box next to the messages, scroll down towards the bottom of your message area and you will see 2 buttons (select all and unselect all), and then next to that there is a drop-down menu. In that drop-down menu, you can select the option to delete those messages and then click GO right next to that.

4. You are able to enter the number of reps and the size of weight you lift if you are entering your own strength exercises. If you are using a SP generated plan, you cannot do that, but if you change that setting, you are able to fill in that type of info.

Coach Denise

TERESA159 Posts: 1,581
8/8/11 8:36 P

The site is good, but of course, could be better! :-) Since me and everyone else I know spends so much time on here, I've made up a wish list.

1. Instant Messaging is at the top of my wish list. How cool would it be to get instant feedback from our SparkFriends and be able to lend instant support? Please give us instant messaging.

2. Navigation to our SparkPage from more places! It really deserves it's own tab under My Trackers and Home and should be available to click from ANYWHERE. That is our command center, we need instant access to it.

3. Email deletion needs improving. You have to open the email to delete it. Which is extra frustrating because there are check boxes next to each email title so it seems you should be able to check some and then DO something, like delete.

4. On the Fitness Tracker, strength training, it'd be nice if we could rearrange the order of the exercises and customize the repetitions and record what size weights we use.

Thank you! For everything.
What do other people want to see?

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