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12/31/12 3:33 P

Thanks for the link, and I will check it out! I was hoping for some straight out ideas..not because I am to lazy to search but don't really have the patience! My computer has been very wacky and slow lately, and it's making surfing VERY aggravating!

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12/31/12 12:45 P


Have you checked out some of the Spark People resources on diabetes ? If not, you might want to click on this link.

The diabetes center also has a listing of diabetes friendly recipes. Check them out to see which ones you might like to try.

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12/31/12 2:25 A

I am a type 1 diabetic. I had 5 or my 6 inches of pancreas removed due to pancreatic cancer. A reading of 200 can kill me, so I am well aware of the dangers of a high reading. Take it from me, stay off of ALL white products. Starches are a bear. I keep baked chicken and other proteins on hand. I hope this helps.

KEBEKAY Posts: 53
12/31/12 12:54 A

I'm not a Diabetic but i was Diagnosed with gestational Diabetes with my first daughter. I also am a Registered Nurse. what i found reall worked for me to keep my blood sugar in check was to exercise. Whenever i ate something i shouldn't have, i will go for a 30 minute brisk walk and it will automatically lower my blood sugar like 20 points. It is very effective to use exercise to reduce your blood sugar. Try it. Please be careful, Hyperglycemia can be a very, very dangerous thing if not checked.
Let me know how it worked.

BIKINIBOUND!! Posts: 1,788
12/30/12 9:03 P

Help! I am Type II Diabetic, and due to my carelessness, my blood sugar has gone waay out of wack! It has been running 300+ for the past couple of days. I got careless the past couple of weeks due to being sick, working o/t and a couple of other 'life/schedule wrenches'! I am on Metformin 2x/day (sometimes I only took it 1x/day) and really do not want to have to face my Dr with this - besides, I doubt I can get an appt for the next week at least. I found some egg recipes (from Atkins and a diabetes cookbook) and have been on them today, but need some other ideas that will work quickly! Thank you in advance!

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