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11/20/12 5:13 A

I think just one fitness buddy can help. Spark has good support, but maybe take a class to begin to find someone who you can partner with. You have made many changes in your life in a healthy direction. Maybe with some mojor life changes behind you, now is the time to focus on health just for you! emoticon

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11/20/12 4:53 A

Hi Crystal - I really feel for you - it sounds like you have had quite a bit to get through with the Divorce and Diabetes scare, etc.

You have plenty of people on SP to share with - we are all in the same boat - trying to lose weight, or to maintain weight, and a few trying to gain weight.

I'm glad that you don't believe in the pills or finger down the throat, etc. They are NOT the way to go, and have the potential to cause even more major problems than just weight issues.

The best was is to start off with baby steps. You are on SP so that is a step in the right direction. Just change one or two things to start with, and only when your mind/body has gotten used to the changes, add something else to the mix. It might be as simple as reducing soda/juice and replacing it with some water. It might also be walking a bit further in your day, if you are generally sedentary, but if you are accustomed to some exercise, then extend on what you do.

I suggest that you use the Nutrition Tracker. I weigh all of my food for increased accuracy and enter it in there. I That is what has kept me focused, and also gave me the ability to tweak my intake as and when necessary to ensure that I stayed on track. It took 16 months to lose just over 50lb, and then I happily sat there for a year before deciding to move on down again. I am now at my goal after having been overweight for about 30 years.

You have lost a considerable amount of weight so far, so you are obviously doing something right :-) Congratulations on a job well done!

You mention that you beat yourself up for eating wrong or not getting up and moving. Please, DON'T do that. We ALL have times when we do that - it is part of life! The way forward is to let go what we have already done because we can't undo it, and move forward.

I am actually wondering if you are feeling a wee bit depressed. Depression can impact significantly on our eating and also lack of mobility. If this is the case, then eating a balanced diet with lots of fruit/veges (particularly dark leafy greens), good quality lean protein, and going for a walk in the daylight for Vitamin D can help significantly with the weight and the mood.

I am sorry that you don't feel comfortable on your SparkTeams! Do you think that it may be because you haven't posted on them much so they haven't gotten to know you very well? It is a proven fact that those who DO remain active on boards such as SP's get a lot more support and also are far more likely to reach their goals than those who go it alone! My suggestion is that you check out the very active teams and join in there. It doesn't take more than 2-3 posts to start to feel like you are part of a family ........ and we ARE part of a family - the SparkPeople family!

If you would like, you are more than welcome to SparkMessage me privately. I live in NZ so the time frame may mean that you have to wait until I wake up, but I always respond to my messages!

Take care,

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11/19/12 7:37 P

So I been on spark for many years now. I had originally joined to loose weight for several reasons. A wedding, health, just to feel better. Since then I have been through a divorce, beat a diabetes scare and bounced around weight wise. BUT I havent gotten back to the weight I was when I first found spark. But I am still pretty big. I have lost most my friends, my family and I dont see eye to eye on weight loss techniques. They believe in pills and unhealthy plans. I want something that is healthy, easy to maintain. I dont want pills that cause leakage, or my finger down my throat, or to starve. But how do I stick to even sparkpeople without anyone to share with?
Granted I am in a few spark teams but dont feel comfortable there. I just wish I could have someone to talk with, to hold me accountable.
I beat myself up for eating wrong or not getting up and moving. I have about 75 lbs left to get rid of and hope to do so the right way.
So if anyone else feels they are in the same boat, maybe we can talk and see about being support for one another.

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