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MRSRLP Posts: 194
2/5/13 10:25 A

Thank you for y our support. Today is off to the Oncologist. My colonoscopy and EGD were great thank God. I am still fighting the pain and N/ V every day and I know that they will find the reason soon. I am trying to maintain a 135 weight and so far I am doing it. I am retaining my food with mediction and now I am almost back up to my goal weight. Three cheers and I will not panic if I go a pound or 2 over my goal. I am working toward feeling healthy. Have a wonderful day. emoticon

TECHMARM Posts: 32
1/11/13 3:21 P

THe very best to you now and in the future. You are definitely on the right track. Keep it up. You are an inspiration to us all. Stay focused and stay well. I am so glad you on the road to great health. Too bad about the colonoscopy diet. . .not fun. emoticon

MRSRLP Posts: 194
1/10/13 11:03 P

emoticon Day 2 1/10 of my journal

WHen you have digenerative bone disease and 69 years on those bones it is hard to exercise and lose the pounds. Well that is not the truth really. It is an excuse for me. It took a real scare to wake me up. Nov. 2012 found me in the hospital twice, 1 week apart. Seizures on one and pneumonia with coma on the second. I lost the weight, over 20 pounds worth. I am just beginning to eat a normal meal again and I see the scale going up:( I want to learn to maitain my weight which will be about the same as losing for me.
I try to look at it as a way of living each day not dieting, that makes me feel deprived. I would like to say for anyone my age with my problem of pain, be so careful of the pain meds that a pain clinic may prescribe, and be sure to be your own medical advocate. We believe the accumulation of the medications,age, low immun system had something to do with the seziure state my husband found me in. I am now taking only 1 pain med with meds that are necessary instead of 3 different pain meds. Our bodies are so fragile and age does play a great deal on body and mind. I am getting all of my medical issues taken care of the first of this new year and I feel so much better getting some control. I found a site I had here sometime back when I was 183 pounds and now I am 135. I do need to learn how to maintain since I am eating again.I am on the colonoscopy diet this week. Well until tomorrow. Susan emoticon I find that I have mrsrlp and mrsrlp2. I am going to start over with a new name Shilo. I am confused with the 2 mrsrlp one from years back and my new one. I will transfer my info to Shilo.

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TECHMARM Posts: 32
1/9/13 5:05 P

You are doing great to keep your spirits up! I am proud of you and the work that you are trying to do! Keep it up. . emoticon emoticon

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1/9/13 3:14 P

emoticon that is the spirit, I hope everything goes well for you and your husband. You will feel great when you start losing weight, I haven't lost much and I already feel like a brand new person.

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1/9/13 1:41 P

I listened today about 5 foods to avoid and why. I got to through the 4th food to find out they were selling a weight loss program. OJ,wheat bread, margarine,soy products. I use soy milk and was surprised to hear that, believe or not. I will check with Spark people. They all have to do with diabetes and belly fat.
I am ending 2012 to go into 2013 with nothing but er visits and doctor appointments. Nov. my Robert found me with a high fever in a coma, after returning home a week later I went to intensive care with seizures and recurring pneumonia. ER with kidney stone last year, ER with severe vomiting, colitis and low potassium admitted as in patient. No wonder I lost over 20 pounds. Now 2013 starts with body not absorbing iron, so I am getting iron infusions. I am hoping that all of this and tests will be over soon. I am eating again so I need to learn how to maintain a lower weight. My husband has been my saviour. Had it not been for him finding me I would not have made it. He has taken care of me since I have been home and that has to be nerve racking, that is where some of the moderate tension has come from. He drives me now due to the seizures, I am unsteady on my feet so he holds me up when we walk, he cooks our meals. I am just now doing wash, dusting. That is the extent of my exercise. I go in for an EGD & colonoscopy on the 16th for rectal bleed, any of this can cause one to eat often. I am anxious to get results of all these test. One thing that may inform anyone having to get the prep for colonoscopy. It is no long necessary to take a gallon of nasty drink to clean you out. It is a Golitely 3 glass drink at night and the day of the procedure. Plus for those who get sick when they drink it, you can take a nausea pill. After this test I hope it is all over for tests other then lab.

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