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1/24/13 8:55 P

Have the BodyMedia Fit and love it. I wore it constantly (except in the shower and swimming) when in my weight loss phase. It was really motivating in terms of keeping myself moving -- and it also showed me just how little I was sleeping. (If you're into tracking stats, it's kind of awesome for that.)

I mainly stopped using it regularly because the numbers were getting depressing (too little exercise and sleep due to family issues and extreme work stress), even though I've maintained my weight. I've made it a goal to get in better condition (as well as remain a healthy weight), so plan to go back to wearing it regularly.

NYMOOSE Posts: 145
1/24/13 8:38 P

I am waiting for my Fitbit One to arrive, I did research on line, asked other SP members questions and decided to go with the Fitbit One. I did think of the Flex but I did not want to wait for it to come out, I wanted something to help motivate me now. What I liked about the One was it being able to sync with SP, I like that I would be able to look and see my progress on the unit, I am curious about the sleep feature which I am sure is not perfect but it may help me some as I feel I do not get a good nights sleep. I know the One does not track some things I do such as bicycle or exercise bike, kayaking and I am not sure how it would be tracking workout dvds. But if it gets me to increase my walks and do more stairs that would be a plus. I go for walks and I am hoping the One pushes me the extra miles.
I would say everyone has their favorite and everyone looks to track differently. I say do your research, think what you want to use it for what you want to see for tracking results.

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1/24/13 6:01 P

Thank you for your answer!

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1/24/13 5:05 P

@Mikiio - I've never had a problem wearing it with any clothing.. I wear a Running Heat Shirt which is super tight and I've never had an issue.. I also wear sweaters, hoodies, and more and it's never noticeable .. no one has ever asked me about it unless I"m wearing a Tshirt where it's visible.. or if the reminder beep goes off and I'm standing next to them (then they wonder if we are going to blow up) - which Btw the reminder beep is optional and customizable.

the actual module is only like 2 x2 in size and weighs less then 2oz.. i

BTW.. and I did not notice this before, you can go to their website and compare any of the products that you are looking at... Fitbit, Nike Fuel etc to the body media.

oh and to answer your question, yes it must always be in contact with the skin since that's how it gets its' information.. but you can always not wear it for the few hours you are skiing and manually input the calories that your burned ... it has an "edit off body use" feature

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1/24/13 4:37 P

@CRAZYELLYBEANZ: I have one question regarding the size of the BodyMedia:
Can you wear "normal" sweat-shirts, winter clothes, and casual clothes with it? It seems so noticeable, and big, like a device designed for "summertime" or indoor gym where you wear T-shirts (never seen it in "real", that's just my impression from what I saw online.)

When I go cross country skiing, I wear a thermal ski base layer that is very thight, and I wonder whether it must always be in contact with your skin (because I'm afraid it might not be possible with this kind of close-fitting clothes.)

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1/24/13 3:46 P

@SuperMom - the BodyMedia (which is a step up from BodyBugg) is MAC friendly, they have download versions for both Mac and Windows, and well as Iphone and Android apps.

SUPER-MOM_ Posts: 61
1/24/13 3:38 P

I have been following the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas. The review favot the Fit Bit Flex - which is a step up over the original Fit Bit. Family & Friends already tend to have the Nike Fuel - but it has been out the longest. However unless you are into their "fuel points" idea - its just another thing to add in (like weight watches point + Spark points + Fuel points). I feel the the original Fit Bit was just a pedometer. The new FBFlex is an improvement but not out until Spring. The one issue I have with the BodyBugg (the biggest loser device) is though it does calories - it is not mac friendly and I need my electronics to play nice together. I only know 1 person with the UPband and she loves it. Overall - I think whatever I'm gonna get - I will like it. I want the FBFlex, but am motivated to buy something NOW and don't want to wait until "spring 2013" that's my issue!

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1/24/13 3:27 P

I've heard from many of my MFP Pals that the Fitbit is a glorified pedometer, if your doing something other then walking, it really is not accurate. However, it does track sleep.

I own a BodyMedia and have had it for 2.5 years now... I personally LOVE it.. Here is why:

It has sensors on it that base your calorie counts off your Skin Tempeture, your blood flow as well as your movement giving you a 95% accurate reading in most activities. This is even more accurate then your heart rate monitor (I also own a FR60).

The interface is FILLED with good graphs and data, including Calories Burned, Calories Eaten (which can be synced with third party apps), Steps Take, Activity Minutes which gets sorted down to Light, Moderate and Vigorous, and Sleep. As well the interface gives you your personal best for each category, and if you turn on Fit Coach (which is optional).. it will congratulate you, push you and direct yo to meeting your goals! I love when my monitor tells me that I've done a great job, but I also love that at 2pm on any given day when I load my data it might say "Hey your below your target today, jump on the treadmill for 30 minutes at a speed of 2mph to reach your goal" and then give me other options to reach my goal as well!

I had a custom band made for mine, because my arm is bigger than the band that came with it, but they do have S, M, L bands... and I wear mine for most of the day (an hour to load data) and many times have to check to see if it's there because I don't feel it.

As for the Android/IPhone interface, I don't use it, because I don't have the link and I feel it's pretty much useless if you don't buy the LINK version (which is bluetooth).. as the app is no good unless you can stream live data.

Other then the app being no good for non LINK users, I have no gripes about mine.. there is a monthly $7 fee to use the website, but I feel that with the data I get, it's well worth the $7, plus you get a free 3 months when you activate a band (this applies weather you buy it new or used)..

I've learned a lot about my activity levels (like the fact I barely move at work) and its' done me a great deal since I got it! In-fact I just bought one off ebay for my SIL!

1/23/13 8:47 P

emoticon ty and report back!

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1/23/13 6:31 P

I have a FitBit One and it has really helped to increase my level of activity.
I like that it is synced with Spark and my Spark buddies. It is small and can be clipped to my bra (that's one of the reasons I chose it. BodyMedia seems too big.)
Very easy to use and connect, user-friendly, and their website is free.

It seems that you are interested in a sleep tracker, FitBit tracks "time spent in bed". It said that it can tell you the quality of your sleep and in how many you fall asleep, but I think this info is misleading. Not moving doesn't mean that someone is asleep or sleep well.
IMO, unless someone spends the night at the hospital where their sleep activity can be monitored through electrods, I don't think there is a device that can give you relevant info.
I just use this feature on Fitbit for what it is: knowing at what time I go to bed, and at what time at I wake up.

You caught my interest with the Fitbit Flex! I'm going to do some research to find out more.about it

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1/23/13 3:33 P


1/23/13 2:45 P

I just bought the Fitbit One, and it's highly motivating. I can't speak to the value of any of the other similar devices because this is all I have, but I love the Fitbit. Since I got it, I have kind of a new zeal for exercising. Not only does it count steps, but the online charts show what time of day you were most active, how many calories you burned at certain times of the day, what percentage of the day you were sedentary, and so on. You enter your calories in Spark and that data flows over to Fitbit so you can compare how many calories you burned to how many you ate. The Fitbit has little motivational sayings on the screen (like one morning it told me "Vamose, Carrie" -- cracked me up) and it has a little flower that grows as you exercise as kind of a pictorial motivator.

I am not a real tech-savvy person either. It was very easy to set it up. There's only one button on the Fitbit and syncing it to the online application was easy.

I highly recommend Fitbit. But like I said, I don't own anything else to compare it to.

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1/23/13 2:00 P

snow shoes, Lightning Flash-25

1/23/13 1:30 P

! have the same question ,,but the fitbit vs the bodymedia....(biggest loser).....anyone have?

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1/23/13 1:25 P

I have a polar heart rate monitor that I use to work out. I was thinking about getting a FitBit, but I don't care how many steps I walk a day or how I'm sleeping. What is your main goal to getting something.

SUPER-MOM_ Posts: 61
1/23/13 1:23 P

I am looking to buy either a FitBitFlex (I know they aren't out yet) vs a UP Band vs a Nike Fuel.

I also have heard that there are a few others making their debut this spring.

For me it has to have a sleep tracker and be easily wearable. I do NOT have an iPhone, but I do have a android smart phone that does apps.

I am not really very app or computer savvy, but when interested I will learn all about something.

Please recommend - or give me reviews - pros-cons from YOU - real spark people users and owners.

I feel like I've read the reviews - (as done by professionals) - I want my SPARK-MATES opinions.

I am a real person who wants to go from Fat to Fit.

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