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We are all here for a purpose and as we try to live each day, there are times when we wished that didn't do something that we did or wish we would have done something that we didn't!

This can relate to work, your meal plan, your fitness, your relationships! Did you get anger, did you overreact, jump to wrong conclusion, eat because you were frustrated or depressed?
Did you use a bad excuse to not do something that you should have? Did you lie about something to someone or to yourself?

Anything at all!

As we evaluate each day, we have a chance to do things different when the opportunity arises again!

You can grab your points and go or you can take this opportunity to make a difference for yourself as well as for the ones that matter in your lives!

Make this a challenge for yourself as a daily routine! Recall your day at the end of it so that the next day, you can add the identified "Thing you'd do different" to your mental list so that you might make a change in the way you react if you come to a similar opportunity!

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