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FENWAYGIRL18 Posts: 5,868
3/13/11 10:28 P

i'm thinking a 7 1/2

KIGGANSJ Posts: 562
3/13/11 8:55 P

The last time I tried on men's a 7 fit like my ladies size 8

3/12/11 7:42 P

I wear a womans 10 and a men's 8.5. So for a woman's 8.5 you should get a men 7. Good luck!

NIRERIN Posts: 14,297
3/11/11 3:21 P

it seems like you have it solved, but for future reference, even if you buy online, it can be helpful to try in stores.
i just know for me, i wear an 11 in women's and more often than not a 9 in mens, but some men's military sizes that run big i can do a 8.5 wide but i've also had to buy size 10 men's airwalks. then again, since my feet seem to be the exception, so maybe most people don't have to try everything.

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3/11/11 3:04 P


PUNKYB830 Posts: 5,295
3/11/11 1:15 P

Thank you all very much. You really helped me with the size. I was able to get 3 pairs of shoes with this sale and a coupon code that will shoe 3 teens in my family. 2 pairs of nikes and one converse total $107 and change that included tax and shiping. Thanks so much!

REBECANOLA Posts: 3,285
3/11/11 12:34 P

The conversion is generally 1 or 1.5 sizes down from womens to mens (depending on your foot and the shoe). I wear a size 10.5-11 women's shoe and I think in the Converse I wear a size 9.

I actually just checked the Converse website and they have a size converter - their sizes don't always match up exactly - and it says for a Women's 8.5, you should get the Men's 6.5.

BURNINGEMBER SparkPoints: (0)
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3/11/11 12:15 P

I wear a women's 8.5 in most shoe styles, and in men's I wear a 6.5 or a 7.

PUNKYB830 Posts: 5,295
3/11/11 12:13 P

LOL no she is just a teen that is not into name brand anything but she loves shoes converse being her favorite. You could get her a pair every day and she would be in heaven. I found a good deal but the pair I know she would adore simply says unisex sizes, but does not offer as to if that is mens or womans size or what they heck unisex size is. It's driving me boinkers, lol.

JIMCROCE Posts: 1,035
3/11/11 11:31 A

Is this reverse cross-dressing? emoticon

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,700
3/11/11 11:04 A

I wear a 10 womens and 8.5 mens.

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (200,016)
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3/11/11 10:00 A

I wear a woman's size 9-9.5 and I take a man's 7.5 or 8. It depends on the width. Which is something to keep in mind. Men's shoes are wider than women's. So, if your daughter has a narrow foot, this shoe might not fit right.

PUNKYB830 Posts: 5,295
3/11/11 9:55 A

Is there a difference when it just says unisex?

ANDREA409 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 2,555
3/11/11 9:46 A

I wear an 8 in women's and get a 6 or 5.5 in men's.
Love Converse!

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PUNKYB830 Posts: 5,295
3/11/11 9:26 A

Well they only have them online and they are a steal for converse so I hate to pass them up. She can always return if needed.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,297
3/11/11 9:25 A

six and a half.
though you may want to send her to the store to double check she doesn't need boys shoes or narrow or something else.

PUNKYB830 Posts: 5,295
3/11/11 9:16 A

I amtrying to order a unisex pair of shoes for my daughter but it only list mens shoes. She wears 8.5 womans what size should I get?

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