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1/10/13 2:41 P

Ugh, I used to go to a gym years ago where there was a guy who would just hang out there all day (he didn't work there). He would shout and interrupt people in the middle of their workouts to tell them how they could do it better. This can be helpful if you're in danger of injuring yourself, but myself especially would rather someone come up to me privately to make a suggestion instead of shouting it for the entire gym to hear.

This situation is actually why I am so hesitant to join a gym again because it was mortifying for a quiet person like myself to be bombarded with loud input that generally wasn't helpful for my particular situation.

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1/10/13 12:33 P

the office manager at my prior job told me I would never be able to lose any pounds if I did strength training because "the muscle will trap the fat in your body"
really? Thanks. Good to know. emoticon

I will gladly help somebody if they ask. If I see somebody with that "deer in the headlights" look trying to figure out one of the machines, I'll ask if they need some help (if it's a machine I'm very familiar with).

I'm NOT a PT. I have worked with one, and had family members in the gym business - so I've been around this stuff for a long time. But I don't force my help on anyone.

as far as yelling in the gym - not a good idea. All it takes is a slight movement when your muscles are tensed to strain your neck. As it is I have to keep the volume on my MP3 higher than I prefer so I can hear it over the loud talkers.

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1/10/13 12:20 P

I used to work at a gym some years ago and I learned real quick, most folks are going to do their own thing their own way, soooo, in order to maintain a quiet and peaceful relationship with everyone, young and old, I said hello and went on with my training. Now if someone asked for advice or how to work a piece of equipment, I would take time to explain it to them. I now have my own gym in my home and enjoy working out alone, very little wasted time, good music, tv if desired and I do it 'my way". People are so self absorbed in a gym that one should expect a ego ridden dummy to violate your space. take it in stride and move on emoticon

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1/10/13 11:10 A

An old gym I used to go to, this personal trainer was desperate for clients. Once I was doing 15-20 min per cardio machine, and he came up to me and asked why I was only doing 15 min on each machine! Before I really could come up w/something smart he walked away. What an ass! Every time he was w/a client he made sure everyone was watching. He stopped me once and gave me his card. Glad I don't go there anymore!

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1/9/13 6:35 P

Some personal trainers can be pretty annoying too. There is one gentleman, I adore him, he's great, but I noticed that he interrupts people as they are working out. One girl was in the middle of weight training and he yells out just to tell her he noticed she came by. It's encouraging to be acknowledged for continuously showing up to work out, but really he would wait until they're in between reps or something.

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1/9/13 4:23 P

Great way to handle that situation, I hate it when others try to correct me or belittle my attempts!

1/9/13 4:22 P

That is so frustrating. I've worked out with a professional trainer and did step by step from his instructions. Go into a "general" gym and the youngsters say I'm doing it all wrong. My question to him was "if you are all that then why don't you look like my trainer".

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1/9/13 4:03 P

I feel like there are a lot of people on this site that think they know everything. They will argue with you till they think they got their point crossed. I agree with the statement below about if you aren't a professional trainer don't say anything.

1/9/13 4:02 P

Oh man, that is so true! Usually I'm so miserable I don't even notice what others are up to. emoticon

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1/9/13 3:37 P

I love your response!

Sounds closely related to something I just read about the worst gym habits....One of them was something like, "If you're not a professional trainer at that gym, don't say anything to anyone about technique or try to correct anybody." That guy should have read this article.

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1/9/13 2:44 P

That's so funny. He probably thought he was a fitness expert. I go to a recreation center at a University and pretty much all the guys are like that.

1/9/13 2:06 P

I was drinking my post workout drink at the gym, which I always do before I stretch and foam roll, when some completely out of line 20 something guy I've never seen before walks up to me and goes "Those will make you bulk up". LOL!! I actually laughed in his face!! Yup, this 200 calories of whey protein and strawberries is gonna make me a real prizefighter.

Moral of the story.... don't listen to fools at the gym!!! Or do listen, but come back here to report about it purely for the sake of amusement!

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