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MARCELA_OLEGA SparkPoints: (312)
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9/17/14 2:31 P

computerwork I am sitting down but sorting out paperwork I always do standing on a higher kind of table.

9/17/14 1:41 P

walk in place or jumping jacks during tv commercial breaks.

MIAMUSE Posts: 401
9/17/14 10:34 A

If you have a desk job or sit at a computer a lot - get an app called timeout which you can customize to signal you when a certain (custom set) amount of time has passed. When the signal goes off you stand up. It has been shown that the mere act of standing refreshes the body and doesn't have to be accompanied by a lot of other exercise. OF course you ahve to do it every 10 minutes or so.

MSJENNIFERVT48 Posts: 5,627
9/15/14 3:48 A

Take a break from the computer and turn up the volume on the radio. Dance & Sing- Sing & Dance. I love Taylor Swift's new song....Shake it off and Meghan Trainor's Song... It's all about the Bass. Katy Perry Roar! They are all good Rump Shaking Songs!! LOL

FIELDWORKING SparkPoints: (29,946)
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9/12/14 2:13 P

You mentioned a bike in your post. That would be a fantastic addition to your workout. Maybe you could work your way up to riding your bike for 45 to 60 minutes a couple of times/week instead of doing the dance type DVD (think cross training). Walking on the beach is another great addition. If you can, do some intervals (walk some, jog/run some) and work your way up to 20 to 30 minutes.

I'm not familiar with what you are doing for strength training, but I'd recommend doing some bodyweight strength training. Lower body - walking lunges, runner's lunges, lateral lunges, bridges, single leg bridge-ups, squats (maybe invest in a medicine ball), calf raising. Upper body - pushups, one-arm side pushups. Core - airplane pose, t stand, reverse plank, plank/modified plank, side plank, bridge-ups.

If you invest in some heavier dumbbells, you could incorporate the dumbbell chest press, one arm dumbbell row, dumbbell side bend (and others) into your workout. The same goes for a medicine ball. The medicine ball could be used when you're doing squats or even when you are doing some workouts (exercises/movements) focusing on the core (i.e., seated torso twist with medicine ball).

SIMONEKP Posts: 2,764
9/12/14 1:12 P

walking in the sand will definately help. Some sort of stair stepping device would also be good.

VUKELK Posts: 623
9/11/14 7:43 P

Wear step tracking device and try to increase each day. I've been keeping a log of all my statistics with my treadmill and try to increase one field each day...ex: more incline, increase speed, etc....

IMREITE SparkPoints: (413,908)
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9/3/14 12:40 A

Give yourself mini- challenges. i did the squat challenge. When i watched TV, i had a reason to get up and do squats.

i have done 2 from
also if you fo to the library and get 10 minute solution or quickfix videos. they are in 10 minute sections so you can be motivated to work out different body parts.

MARTHA2779 SparkPoints: (18,140)
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9/2/14 11:08 A

For me I try to stay on my feet as much as possible. Whether at work or home. I f I am on my feet I have a better chance of moving more. I am a busy mom of three so it is not hard to keep moving on the weekends but is hard to actually find time to work out. Same with the office I make my self go the long way, park far away, make extra trips back and forth, etc. just to keep moving. emoticon

ISLASK SparkPoints: (15,172)
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9/1/14 5:37 P

Do you have access to several flights of stairs?? I think that some 1-2 pound ankle weights and stairs might mimic the kind of movement you will be doing during the race. It would definitely work your quads and glutes as well as strengthen your ankles.
There is a simple exercise called a "burpee" that would also be useful. Good luck! It sounds like a great hike!

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ONESPOTLEFT SparkPoints: (123,311)
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8/26/14 8:05 P

just walking helps keep me from being sluggish

B-NANA SparkPoints: (25,462)
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Posts: 552
8/23/14 11:58 P

Is there already a trail on this sand dune? Be sure to take it at an angle and not try for straight up it. I'd work on stretching in addition to all else mentioned. Bring water with you and take your time.

GERRYH2 Posts: 628
8/22/14 3:27 P

Sounds like you're working your upper body and using the treadmill for cardio. Since you will be climbing a very high sand dune you might think about strengthening your lower body as well as your core. Perhaps lunges, squats and leg raises (with small weights if you have them) would help. You can probably find some ideas in some of the SparkPeople videos as well. Good luck on your future climb!

GRIZ1GIRL SparkPoints: (196,896)
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Posts: 2,243
8/22/14 12:05 P

If you have a treadmill, or access to a treadmill, you can increase the incline on the walking belt & give your legs a real "uphill" workout! Otherwise, stairs are the way to go to tone & "muscle-up" your legs.

I also like ankle weights when I'm weight lifting--so my leg work really gets some extra oomph.

CONGRATS on losing 22 lbs! I hope your dune hike is fantastic!

GERTMCD Posts: 191
8/21/14 4:13 P

I love all the posters that don't read the original message before chiming in.... :)

I think some moves like jumping squats and jumping lunges (these probably have an official name but hopefully you get the drift) could help in addition to the other ideas from people who actually read your post.

Hope you have a great trip!

LUCKYNUMBER23 SparkPoints: (12,425)
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Posts: 449
8/20/14 1:12 P

Stairs would be great. Walk in mud might help. Your issue might be altitude change. Work on breathing.

AZCAROLE Posts: 1,070
8/20/14 12:14 P

I would think some steps would help you train, walking in sand too would help, because it is so unstable.

CHARITYAK SparkPoints: (21,976)
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Posts: 771
8/17/14 12:54 P

Great advice, I'd add don't forget your stabilizer muscles as you will be hiking on an unstable surface. Perhaps some balance work, yoga, gymnastics, stability ball work and rock climbing.

JENG829 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (14,729)
Posts: 791
8/17/14 10:54 A

When I'm training for a tough hiking trip, I like to add at least one workout a week of sprints - all out highest effort. This helps increase my capacity for tougher exercise. Also adding hills (or the small hill you have multiple times) will help. Lunges, stairs, squats are also great to strengthen your legs and get them ready.

Keep hydrated and make sure to rest too!

JENORA234 Posts: 135
8/14/14 7:57 P

I got a fitbit to help be more active.

WINDYCITYCYNDEE SparkPoints: (94,011)
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Posts: 2,378
8/14/14 2:44 P

Break up walks into 10-20 minutes sessions and make sure some of it is brisk. You can easily stack up an hour of cardio a day like this if longer walks can be stressful or hard to fit into your day.

RUBYREDSTAR19 Posts: 6,851
8/14/14 7:38 A

HIIT training or circuit

BARBANNA SparkPoints: (108,384)
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Posts: 3,415
8/11/14 7:16 P

elliptical, dumb bell, resistance bands, walking, swimming, calisthenics, gym ball exercises and house cleaning.

8/11/14 5:53 P

All great ideas everyone - thanks for the input.

TB - I don't have many stairs - but do have 18 to get into my house everyday so I could use those. Also, I do have access to a small 'hill' at work so I will try and use that too - in fact I just did it today! I've been doing a brisk mile walk each work day (3) so I'm not sitting all day so I added the 'hill' in today!

MOCKSPAR - I'm a terrible planner! I find it harder to stick to anything if I plan it - sounds strange but it works for me. I have amassed a bunch of workout DVD's (I buy 2 new each month so I don't get bored) and I know that I want cardio every morning - between 30-45 mins and strength every other day in addition in the evenings so I just do whichever one appeals to me on the day.

ARCHIE - I am currently doing 3 x a week strength. Usually it's Bob Harper Pure Burn or RIPPED. Both get my heart rate up a bit as well and have been using 5lb hand weights for a good 6 weeks. Was on 3lbs for a few weeks before that too. I can't quite complete everything on Bob with this weight, but can do everything on RIPPED (with the weights anyway can't quite do the advanced moves and some of the plyo) so I'm not sure if I am ready to increase just yet. Occasionally I do 25 mins Core secrets - an oldie but it works! That is with the 5 lb hand weights and a balance ball. I also do 40 mins of Balance Ball cross train (Gaiam) on the day when I chose the Core Secrets.

Terri - I do also have a band and have tried a few of the Spark short videos which feel like they work.

Phew - writing this all down sounds like a lot!! It's more that I need to see what I need to do next to be able to do the high climb.

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
8/11/14 5:29 P

I believe that strength training is important. Sparks has some good videos on it. I would start by getting a set of stretch bands as they give a good workout and you can do them in your home....or take them with you when u travel.

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (198,384)
Fitness Minutes: (296,463)
Posts: 27,180
8/11/14 4:05 P

Hi, marg !

What are you doing for strength training ? If you want to increase cardiovascular endurance, you'll also need to increase muscular strength. Because climbing that steep a dune is going to require a lot of strength.

If you are not doing any type of strength training, I'm going to encourage you to start. One book I recommend to get you started is Bill Phillips Body for Life. It's an excellent beginner strength training book that will teach you the basics. You might also want to check out the fitness section. Coach Nicole has a bunch of short basic routines you can try at home.

Do a full body workout instead of just working your lower body. You'll need your whole body to get you up the dune. Does sound like fun !

8/11/14 3:35 P

I try to find different areas to walk so it won't get boring on the same route.

MOCKSPAR Posts: 45
8/11/14 7:19 A

I've been "tracking" my fitness for the week ahead every Sunday. This gives me a plan to follow, so I don't have to waste time figuring out what I'm going to do everyday. It also allows me to hit upper and lower body, core and balance between cardio and strength. I use the workout generator to get my workouts.

REDGIRL54 Posts: 255
8/10/14 11:38 P

A partner is helpful for me to increase fitness and exercise. I find that if I have someone counting on me, I will not disappoint them or myself!


TB2BEFIT SparkPoints: (22,508)
Fitness Minutes: (29,757)
Posts: 631
8/10/14 6:48 P

Marg, A couple of ideas: are there a set of stairs near you? at a stadium. arena, building? You could climb stairs one at a time, or two at a time, doing lunges up the stairs, facing sideways and side stepping up the stairs. You can do many repeats of sets of stairs to strengthen in preparation for your steep climb. Look into plyometrics which involves bursts of movement both vertically and horizontally....this will strengthen legs and butt as long as you have good knees. You could add a deep water workout to target your legs. You still have 3 go for it and good luck!

STAR1973 SparkPoints: (6,749)
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Posts: 179
8/10/14 1:41 P

emoticon emoticon

STAR1973 SparkPoints: (6,749)
Fitness Minutes: (1,821)
Posts: 179
8/10/14 1:40 P

sometimes we have to inspire ourselves to just do something. remember getting up and making the first step is the hard part. once your moving you will excel emoticon

8/10/14 12:08 P

Hi all

I have a fitness goal of a fairly strenuous hike up a sand dune that is very high (over 1,000 feet) and very steep (75% incline some say) and have 3 months left to prepare.

Can anyone offer me suggestions of how to better prepare for that? I have another 3 months until travel and have been exercising now for 6 months.

Although I have lost 22lbs so far, I still have a long way to go - current weight is 190.

Current workouts - 45-60 mins daily of dance type cardio DVD's x 5 or 6 days - HR usually between 120-135 or so which Polar rates as 'moderate'
60 mins strength with hand weights (5 lbs) and some cardio component x 3 days (Bob Harper Pure Burn or RIPPED)
Occasional short stretching/Pilates type

I do not have access to a gym or any hills - I live on a flat island!

I am thinking I should do some beach walking (although it's not soft sand) to get used to a 1-2 hrs walk in 80' heat and am toying with the idea of getting a bike with the idea that it would work my legs out better.

All suggestions gratefully received!

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