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Find a coffee that you like. I know you're talking about making it at home, but I'll provide an example from my own life. When I go to Starbucks, I always get a flavoured latte. Vanilla, gingerbread, whatever. When I go to my neighbourhood coffee shop, I always get a "plain" latte because I actually LIKE the taste of their coffee (as opposed to the taste of their syrups, like at Starbucks). Experiment with different beans and different roasts until you find the one that you most enjoy drinking... and then you should be fine adding just your skim milk!

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11/18/11 3:43 P

if you are stuck to that sugar sweet flavor then measure how much sugar you are using now and cut it back by a little each day by either substituting an equal amount of splenda/stevia or just cutting back. If you get rid of a little at a time you won't notice the difference.

If using full fat milk then just gradually step that down too.

11/18/11 3:02 P

A healthy adult can easily have up to 400 milligrams of caffeine daily and still be within a safe range...this is about 3-4 cups daily.

Add skim milk, not whole milk.

Use splenda or your favorite artificial sweetener instead of sugar.

This should be fine as a substitute.

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It is not really Starbucks, but it is this coffee I make, 1/2 coffee 1/2 milk and tons of sugar I drink every morning.
I need do I wean myself the sugary part? Anyone wants to pep talk me? How do I stop thinking about it? Just the thought of letting go of this drink makes me feel like my day is going to be ruined.
I need help with recipe ideas but MAINLY how do I trick my brain into calming down and not obsessing about having it...I always reason " oh it is just what I need to function, i won't feel good if I don't make this/drink this?" And once I drink it I feel like I let myself down. Please tell me how you dealt with a similar addiction, tips and encouragement welcome!

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