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DEWACHA Posts: 72
6/22/11 11:15 A

Hey to all. I am looking for exercises that tone and build core, and are lower back friendly. I have somehow been given the challenge of disc degeneration and scoliosis, more especially in my lower back. emoticon

I would also like to hear from people that have gone through this challenge..... and what you did to stay on track with fitness and weight loss. THANKS!!

TORIAMAE Posts: 1,080
3/8/11 4:25 P

I would stick with your doctors' suggestions. I've recovered from sciatica due to disc degeneration and found that, during my rehab, walking was an ideal workout. Once your feet are up to it, walk a lot. It strengthens the core to prevent future injuries.

And a big second on poses like plank and anything else you can do to strengthen those muscles.

Best of luck!

SASSYDOG6 Posts: 475
3/8/11 3:59 P

Thanks, I have talked to my doctor and a podietrist. lots of stretching and ice for the feet. They basically told me low impact and replace my shoes every 6 months. I have a very basic list of exercises that are lower back friendly but I'm trying to expand. I like the recumbant bike idea and Swimming.

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3/8/11 3:40 P

Have you talked to your doctor about your various injuries ? If not, they'll probably tell you that you need to lay off exercise for a while to let them heal.

Now, there are things you can do for the plantar for the time being, one make sure you're wearing properly fitted shoes that support your feet. If you go to the doctor to have them checked, they may recommend special inserts. Two, stretch. There are some very good stretches for PF. Stretching can help decrease the pain. another thing you can do take a can of soda and put it in the freezer. Then you roll your foot along the cold can. that can help reduce inflammation.

As for what exercises to do for your back, talk to your doctor and ask whether or not it's safe for you to do yoga. There are many yoga poses that can help strengthen your lower back. Plank is an example of a good yoga pose that can strengthen your entire core.

What exercises can you do ? Once again, you really should start with your doctor's recommendations... but, swimming or water aerobics would be a good option. being in the water will take stress off your joints. Another possible option is a recumbent cycle. that's the type of bike where you peddle in a reclined position. ditto, good for your joints.

Of course, as you lose weight, that will also take stress off your joints.

Given all the physical issues you're having, you really should talk to your doctor. get a professional opinion over the well meaning, but very anonymous advice of a cyber person.

SASSYDOG6 Posts: 475
3/8/11 3:26 P

I got really gung ho into my workout routine and now I have plantar faciitis, sore knees and my lower back is in pain all the time.. but worse at night. Does anyone have any exercise ideas cardio and resistance training that are lower back friendly and would help safely develop my lower back, abs and glutes?

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