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1/9/13 5:16 P

These are great suggestions! Today I had banana, peanut butter (no English muffin) and a hard boiled egg, and that worked well. I'll have to look up the protein powder.

GEOGGEEK Posts: 25
1/8/13 5:39 P

I like to eat a light pre-work out meal with simple carbs and a moderate amount of protein (my favorite is a banana with a tablespoon of natural peanut butter, which is right around 200 calories) and within an hour or so of finishing a worko ut I will eat a "full" breakfast (around 300 calories) with no less than 15 g of protein and a decent amount of carbs (usually Greek yogurt and a hemp protein powder with a very generous portion of fresh fruit and a little bit of granola).

When I first started taking my exercise program seriously a few months ago I had some really nasty side effects (I was shaky all day and VERY irritable). Once I was more conscious of HOW I was eating before and after my workouts, these side effects disappeared. Best of luck!

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1/8/13 4:46 P

I will often grab some string cheese (or really any kind would work) and a piece of fruit and/or toast. I find that to be pretty light for me before a workout, but filling enough that I don't pass out!!! :-)

Isn't it funny how our bodies are all so different and what works for one person doesn't necessarily work for the other.

1/8/13 4:10 P

Smoothies are great easy idea and you can put nearly anything in them. I get what you mean about the oatmeal. Have you tried using it on workout days, but splitting the portion so it digests better? In other words, eat 1/4 pre-workout and the other 1/4 cup as your post workout refuel? That's a great time to get your banana too. If you have a good blender, you can sneak a little uncooked oatmeal into a smoothie for a slow digesting carb.

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
1/8/13 4:04 P

How about making a smoothie with some greek yogurt and fruits/berries/veggies? Or just some Greek yogurt and fruit.

I don't know how heavy this would be, but maybe some egg whites on toast or an English muffin with cheese (this is a breakfast staple for me).

There's also tons of recipes for homemade protein bars, you could try one of those, or muffins, maybe. I know that Jamie Eason (a fitness model) has a recipe floating around out there for turkey muffins (that are basically mini turkey meatloafs, I think) that might work or make egg "muffins". Otherwise, my suggestion was totally going to be peanut butter and banana!

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1/8/13 4:00 P

I often exercise in the morning: I get up at 8am, get dressed, feed the baby, and then go work out around 9:30 or 10am.

Since I'm not going to exercise immediately after getting up, I definitely need to eat before I work out -- if not, I'm not a happy camper. But if I eat something too heavy or filling, I don't feel good when I work out.

I need some suggestions for what to eat before my workout. It has to be energy-filled but not too filling, and preferably around 200-400 calories. Currently I eat peanut butter and banana on a whole grain English muffin -- it works well, but I'm getting pretty tired of it. I also like hard boiled eggs.

When I don't work out in the morning, I have oatmeal for breakfast, but this is a very dense, heavy breakfast that sits in my stomach and doesn't help my workout.

Thanks in advance for your advice!

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