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FTSOLK Posts: 1,395
7/13/13 4:31 P

I generally don't have time to snack. I eat breakfast at 7:30, lunch between 12 and 1 and I get off work after 5 (this week it was more like 7 or 8). I get home anywhere between 6 and 9pm on average and make dinner. Some nights, I will have a late night dessert or snack.

I ended up mixing black beans, some cheese, and the rotel into some refried breans and layering the mixture between two tortillas, topping with the remaining cheese. I ate the slaw and berries first then heated my stack in the microwave.

JAZZMINE Posts: 1,022
7/12/13 8:50 P

In the summer, my go-to lunch is cottage cheese and tomatoes. It is quick, easy and filling!


LGREGG07 SparkPoints: (44,513)
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7/12/13 3:18 P

Sometimes for lunch i like to use the Starkist low-sodium tuna pouches (or the generic brand-which ever is cheapest) mixed with pretty much whatever i feel like (sometimes i put in black beans, salsa, and corn, other times i put in mustard or light mayo). I'll either eat the tuna mix plain (straight from my container) with a side of cut of veggies or fruit and a small serving of pretzels or ill put the mix over a salad. Occasionally I'll put it on bread or a wrap but most often not.

Another thing I do for lunch sometimes is I'll eat a series of "snacks". When I was still in college I never found the time to sit down and take a break for lunch, so I would make myself a bunch of snacks that I could munch on while either at work, doing homework, etc. In my "snack lunches" I would have either a fruit or vegetable (if I eat fruit and vegetables at the same time I get a stomach ache because my body has a hard time processing them together for some reason), a light cheese stick, a small serving of pretzels or popcorn, and raw or unsalted roasted nuts or lunch meat rolled up with a touch of mustard or roasted edemame. That way I could eat and do what ever else I needed to get done (not the best situation, but it worked for the time).

Other times I'll heat up dinner leftovers or make "breakfast for lunch" with hard boiled eggs, fruit, and either a granola bar (if I'm at work) or a slice of WW toast with nut butter (if I'm at home).

Or you could be boring like I have for the past few weeks and pack turkey sandwiches and vegetables haha

MICHELLEXXXX SparkPoints: (12,229)
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7/12/13 1:10 P

I would save the berries and apple slaw for snack. I would break the meatballs up over a salad of spinach and fresh veggies w olive oil and garlic.

50YEARSAWIFE Posts: 7,685
7/12/13 11:27 A

canned breast of chicken 2 oz with low fat spinblend, on 90 calorie wholegrain toast with celery sticks.

ZABOKA Posts: 35
7/12/13 10:20 A

you've got some good things going on there.

a question: will you have access to way to heat up the corn tortillas? if not, it may be better to leave those to a time when you'll be able to heat them; they are not quite like (flour) wraps, which are fine at room temp - corn tortillas really benefit from being heated.

with that sait, if you won't be able to heat them at work, you could: 1) work around, and just have the meatballs, maybe some sauce and cheese, and just leave out the tortilla, or: deal with the cooking part before packing your lunch: either cut them into strips and pan-"fry" or bake with a small bit oil, they will soften up at first, and if cooked a bit longer will be closer to chip-like texture; alternatively, but maybe more ambitious, consider making up some tortilla soup, or similar: using the tortilla, meatballs, some veggies, and making a tomato based broth for it all. warm lunch, filling ..... could make enough for leftovers.

so yeah, my suggestions, based on what i would do! enjoy.

7/12/13 10:13 A

Bean and cheese quesadilla.

KCLARK89 SparkPoints: (44,612)
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7/12/13 8:51 A

Mmm that sounds good! Or if you have a salad base, you could always do that and break up the tortilla as a taco salad of sorts.

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
7/11/13 2:34 P

How funny, bean and cheese burrito is what I'm having today! You have more or less the same stuff, you could do soft tacos (since corn tortillas don't really fold the same way) and just pile on everything you listed (crumbling up the meatballs).

FTSOLK Posts: 1,395
7/11/13 2:24 P

I pack my lunch to bring to work, and I'm looking for some ideas for tomorrow.

I have carrot apple lunch box slaw and blueberries already packed, so I'm looking for a main course. I do have white corn tortillas, fat free refried beans, cheese, and rotel (chiles and tomatoes) that I would like to use as well as turkey meatballs. I don't want to make anything complicated.

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