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Have you tried chair exercises? Sparks has some videos. U-Tube too. They are great upper body workouts that don't affect knees.

My husband had a knee replacement a couple years ago after many years of pain and Synvex shots. During those years his orthopedic surgeon gave him exercises to strengthen muscles above and below his knee. They helped him recover fast. You might ask your therapist or surgeon for specific exercises.

Doctors want patients to delay surgery as long as possible. If knee pain affects your quality of life you might want to consider it now. My husband wishes he would have had surgery earlier. He never seemed cranky, maybe because was used to pain. After surgery he realized the pain also affected his mood.

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12/2/13 4:31 A

You should definitely be asking your physical therapist about what exercise you CAN safely do at home.

Spark's Limited Mobility Lifestyle Center has a number of seated workouts that you may want to ask your PT about.


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12/2/13 12:27 A

Hi All,
I have advanced arthritis of the knee and not much cartilage left so it hurts to do much. I can use a stationary bicycle or elliptical trainer at my physical therapist's office but that's not always convenient to schedule. Other than going to a community swimming pool, any other ideas for working out - like at home? I have difficulty walking which is my favorite but the doctors tell me surgery to replace the knee can be held off for a while if I can keep it limber. I can do that but not burning off many calories so I need help. Losing weight would be quite beneficial both for my knee and overall health. I just can't seem to lose much dieting alone so would appreciate your ideas.

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