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FANCYQTR Posts: 13,716
11/18/11 2:30 P

There are a few more in the church (very small church, too) with diabetes and many who need to lose weight and one with a more serious medical problem than the diabetes that I have. The only one in the church there is any consideration for is a boy who is allergic to peanuts. I was not even planning to go to the tea but my friend had already paid for the ticket. Last year I had a recipe that would have been on puff pastery that would not have been high in calories or carbs that I would have made for the tea, but they would not even consider it. I do not expect them to cater to me, just to consider there are several people in the church that should not or cannot eat completely that way. I have seen them try to push pies on one man there who has diabetes.

HEYBUTT Posts: 769
11/18/11 2:07 P

If I were you (and had a legitimate medical issue) I'd definitely take some of my own foods. It's burdensome to expect a host to remember to meet your particular food needs (and it's not rude to bring your own things if you have specific needs).

Since I don't have a legitimate medical issue, I prefer NOT to make a big production about my food when I'm in these potluck type situations. I'd just make sure I ate before I went to the potluck. If you're already full the stuff on offer is far less tempting.

As for the snacks, I'd plan to have a few particular items that I like the most. A small slice of my favorite pie or two cookies isn't that huge of a deal.

And I always skip drinking my calories. Water only (though I will make an exception if there's alcohol if I'm in the mood to get a slight buzz).

FANCYQTR Posts: 13,716
11/18/11 1:52 P

We will be starting with the holiday meals Sunday and I am worried about getting off-track yet again. We have potluck at church, usually dinner at friends Thanksgiving day, a holiday tea at church that a friend paid for for me, and Christmas dinner and brunch at a friends. Usually everything is high carb (I have diabetes, so that can be a problem) and high calorie. No one ever thinks to do something lower carb/lower calorie for desserts or appetizers at most events. All I have been able to think of is to try to take my own desserts and low cal dip for some veggies like carrots, celery and jicama for beforehand munchies at the friends' dinners (they always have chips and dip and several pies and ice cream). I have a terrible time if there is something like fudge around and can't seem to resist the pie.

For the tea they have at church, they will not even consider having anything that isn't full of carbs and calories. For them, a low cal, low carb deal is a cucumber sandwich which is bread, cream cheese (full fat) and a cucumber slice.

How do others of you handle these situations?

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