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10/2/12 7:13 A

Thanks for the ideas! While I do have access to a indoor pool it's only once a week (my grandmothers). I enjoy Cycling but I live in New England and come end november we normally get hit by snow and Ice and it's not something I can rely on.
I'm going to keep searching for places gym/hotel/what not that offer pool memberships that are not $75 a month! I want to get healthy but not break the bank while doing it.

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9/25/12 1:30 A

I'm in Christchurch. :)

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9/24/12 6:56 P

Thanks Deb. I'll dig it back out and try again. Where in New Zealand are you? I lived in Christchurch for 3 years

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9/24/12 3:31 P

SKISUE it is probably in where you are putting your pedometer. Try moving it a little forward or back on your hip and seeing how you go.

Yes, left-right is two steps, not one.

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9/24/12 3:30 P

HUGINNSMUSING yes it's fine to track steps in the step tracker and workouts in the cardio tracker. That is normal. Just don't try to count steps in the cardio tracker. As stated, that's not accurate.

With that kind of job you might have a higher steps goal than 10,000! :)

Winter low impact exercises - what about indoor pools? Do you have access to one in your area? As well as the obvious walking, what about cycling?

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9/24/12 12:13 A


Because SparkPeople factors in an active daily living multiplier which includes some walking, tracking your steps in your calorie fitness tracker may hyper-inflate your calories burn goal which may slow your progress over time. It's OK to use the step tracker feature on your My Fitness Tracker, but it should not be tracked in your cardio tracker as it does not meet the guidelines for cardio (elevating your heart rate between 60-85% of your max heart rate and sustained for at least 20 minutes).

Below is an Ask the Experts response for those members who are on their feet a lot during the day.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

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9/23/12 11:13 P

So I have a pedometer question too. Should they count every step you take, ie left-right-left-right equals 4 steps?? or is that 2 steps. I have had a couple of different units and get all sorts of funny numbers. Like go out and count 30 steps (left-right being 2 steps) and it reads 20 or 25 or 10 etc never the 30 I count, so I have not tried to really use one to count daily steps because i don't understand or they don't work for me??? Any ideas/ help would be appreciated. Where to wear it or ?? I walk a lot with work so would like to see how many steps I am really doing for a day.

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9/23/12 10:09 P

S'okay, I've a few questions but let's start simple.
I use my trusty Ipod nano for my Pedometer, and I've noticed that when I switch to a actual work out it stops counting my steps and just clocks the time and distance for me. IS it wrong to enter these individually on my fitness tracker? Like steps walked (not in a work out) counted for the day then my actual work out as a work out? I'm in nursing so I run around like crazy all day and I want to at least count those steps even if they are not getting my heart rate up. What would you do?

Other low impact workout ideas! Seeing as summer is ending quickly and my family is about ready to close up the pools I need other low impact ideas. I've Charcot-Marie Muscular distrophy, so I have deterioration of muscle, joint cartilage, nerve endings. I've twisted my ankle before and not felt it until I went to stand the next morning. Aside from walking any other ideas of things I can do in fall and winter?

Plus side I walked over two miles carrying a bushel of apples today (Huge thing for me), now to stock up enough sugar free homemade apple sauce to last the winter!

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