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2/20/10 7:31 P

Thank you all so much, it was very helpful. I will aim at 100 pounds :)
I will go slow :)

Goodluck to all :)

TURRRRA Posts: 1,572
2/17/10 9:54 A

I am 5'4 and my ideal body weight is around 115. I'm currently a little more than this, so I have a few pounds to lose! I honestly don't know my TRUE weight right now because on two different scales, there was at least a 5 pound difference, so can't say I know which was more accurate. I mostly go by how I look and how my clothes fit though :)

I also, in general, go by the 100 pounds for 5 feet, plus 5 pounds per additional inch. This is ONLY a guideline, and does not work for all. I also have a small frame, so it works pretty well for me. If someone has a medium to large frame, or more muscle, they will likely weigh more than this rule would suggest. I tend to like to be at the lower end of the BMI suggested for my height since my frame is petite.

I find that 5 pounds makes a good difference on a small frame, so that may be all you need to lose to feel your best! 10 pounds made a big difference on my body. I wear about a size 2 and don't want to go any smaller size-wise, especially since I have a LOT of good clothes and want to continue to wear them :) I know a lot of ladies who claim to weigh a good amount less than me, are taller, yet wear a larger size. This leads me to believe that my frame is just small, because I still have curves. My bra band size is a 32, so I know my body is more petite.

I would suggest setting small goals at a time.. just try losing a few pounds and then see how you feel at that size/weight. I am sure you are not chubby, but I understand how you feel! I tend to feel that I look okay in regular clothes when I have a few pounds to lose, but say if I were in a bathing suit, then I'd really feel chubby! I need to work on my stomach right now, so I feel that my stomach is my "chubby" area, although I know overall I am at a healthy weight.

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2/17/10 9:33 A

I am 4ft11in and according to my wii fit, my ideal body weight it 109

AMYZINNC Posts: 57
2/17/10 9:28 A

Im about the same. I am 5'2" and was comfortable when I was around 100-105 tops.

I am currently at 116 and HATE IT! "most" of the excess weight is around my middle and a little at the back of my upper thigh. Im aiming to get down to about 105, but tone up what is there.

LEANNE0024 Posts: 667
2/17/10 9:10 A

i am 5'1 with a small frame also. my ideal weight is 100. right now i am 104, so our ideal weight is not far apart. i was on SP last year around this same time and went from about 112 lbs to 96 lbs. and my body fat percentage went down to about 12 percent, which was much too low. so i started eating more and working out less and now i am back! but i don't plan on going as low as last time. you can see in some of my pictures that it didn't really look very good lol

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2/17/10 1:04 A


The reality is, is your ideal weight is where your body functions most efficiently without you having to worry about every calorie consumed or expended. There is not a standard number because so many factors come into play when it comes to our weight.

I wish you well!

2/16/10 11:57 P

Thank you all!!!! Very helpful!
Rena, I tried to change it for pounds but I didn't know how to so I took it off lol :)

Thank you VGIMLET, I will aim at losing ONLY 5 pounds, I am the person who needs to lose weight but not SO much. But since 5 pounds made a huge difference, that shall be my aim :)
I will also do strength training but how many times a week should I do strength training and cardio?

Thank you all. I really need this support. I got a Hernia, I think I am anemic, I have very low BP. I am always lazy and needed this motivation. Thank you all.

VGIMLET Posts: 2,580
2/16/10 11:12 P

I would check with your doctor.

I am 5' nothing, and my ideal weight is about 117, plus or minus three pounds.
(I am going for the high end of my weight first, then we'll see.)

It also depends on your frame - I weighed 102 once, and most people thought I was too thin, and looked ill. I worked out a lot, and was even bodybuilding a little at that point.

I think the low end BMI for 5'1" is about 98 lbs.
BUT just 5 lbs made a HUGE difference when I was at that weight.

RENA1965 Posts: 17,878
2/16/10 10:36 P

Hi Hannah,
I think first you should change your weight bar at the bottom of your page to lbs not kgs.
Try joining a gym and ask for a program to get muscle tone working for you.
You can burn body fat off doing some strength training- when so light it is going to be a fight for you to get lower. Increase your exercise slightly this may be the ticket for you to get that "chubby" frame you talk about under control..
Also go for healthy choices of essential fat and hold back on the consumption of sugar products, this will help make a big difference on your tiny frame..

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LIVGR33N Posts: 22
2/16/10 10:04 P

One method for determining the proper weight for women is this: 100 lbs for the first 5 feet, and then 5 pounds for every 1" after that... You can also calculate your BMI to see if that's in a healthy range (just google BMI calculator).

BUT, there's a problem with both of these methods - they don't take into consideration how much body fat and how much lean muscle you have!! The best way to determine whether you're a healthy "weight" is to look at your body composition, because muscle weighs 3 x more than fat!! That means this: let's pretend that you were made of nothing but muscle and weighed 100 lbs(no fat, no bone, no water, etc)... you would be ONE THIRD the size you would be if you were made of nothing but fat!!! Sooooo... look into having your body fat measured every 3 months or so and see what progress you make with exercise and weighlifting! You may be surprised to find that you WEIGH the same amount or more when you lose some fat and put on some lean muscle! : )

2/16/10 9:51 P

I am so confuzed, I have a tiny tiny frame and I don't know what should be the weight to aim for, when I am 5'1. I am 110 lbs but I look pretty pretty chubby! My close ones also said I do need to lose some weight but I never got a specific "number"!

Thank you all.
We can do it! :)

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