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3/19/12 10:34 A

Taste-wise Ideal is my favorite. I also use stevia and, on occasion, Splenda (which is sucralose, not aspartame as someone previously stated. Equal is aspartame). Ideal bakes really well. It has a very clean aftertaste.

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3/19/12 8:42 A

I have do use stevia in some things, but I don't like the taste. I really don't like the taste in baking LOL. I bought some of the Ideal last night, so I'm going to test it out probably today.

I have to be careful with syrups, honey can spike blood sugar and I'm allergic to maple. (Go figure, I hate my allergies). Good ideas though! I was using brown rice sugar until I heard about the arsenic. Since the brown rice syrup (which I loved too), I've been on the hunt.

I'll post the results, I'll be baking some cookies. My cooking though is a bit different, gluten free, so my cookies do not always look like regular wheat cookies.

Thanks for the replies!

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3/19/12 7:47 A

From the research I've done Stevia is the safest sugar substitute (no known side effects and it's been used for thousands of years, it comes from a plant, it's naturally occurring).

I like to use honey or maple syrup in my cooking instead of sugar.

Splenda contains aspartame which you need to avoid at all costs, it can kill you. For more info google Sweet Misery and Sweet Remedy.

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3/18/12 11:51 A

Main ingredient: xylitol.

I've heard some very good things about it, from friends. Comes from plants, not artificial, so I was willing to try it after reading a lot about it online.

I bought a small amount from Winco (bulk bins), and I didn't care for the aftertaste. I use Truvia, which is brand name for stevia. Also a natural sweetener. Tastes different to me, so I've stuck with it.

Baking? I haven't figured out how to bake with sugar substitutes, I still bake with real organic sugar. I just eat a lot less of my baked goods. I would be interested in knowing recipes using these substitutes. They don't caramelize like real sugar, so some baked goods are not going to be the same.

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3/18/12 11:49 A

Hi! Ideal is made with xylitol (mainly), a sugar alcohol, and a tiny bit of sucralose. Xylitol occurs naturally in plants, and is used in sugar-free candies and gums (and also has tooth protective properties). I've used xylitol once, a long time ago for baking when my grandmother was on Sugar-Busters. I liked it. Nothing ever compares to real cane sugar, but xylitol comes close. It's volume is like sugar, so I can use it cup for cup in recipes, which is nice.

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3/18/12 11:39 A


My grocery store has started to carry Ideal sugar substitute. Splenda makes me very ill, so I can't use that. I was wondering if anyone has used it in baking and what their experience with it is.



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