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Thanks for the feedback, I'll pass it along!

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My wife follows a lot of people's stories on the site It's a site for those with sick family in and out of hospitals for major illness to blog and keep family updated. They have a service that at the end of the patients ordeal that the user can purchase a book that collects their story, from pictures posted, blogs made, and comments from family and friends. It comes as a really nice hardcover book, like the photo books you can get from shutterfly. You can choose what is included and what isn't. There area number of formats and layouts you can use as well.

I think that this would be a great product for Sparkpeople. I know after I loose over 100lbs I would love a book that pulled my blogs, pictures, board posts, weigh-ins on other items from my journey into a neat book I could share and have as a reminder of my journey. It'd be cool if after you create your book that you could add a link to you Sparkpage that would allow others to view your book digitally.

Has Sparkpeople looked into this? I hope they do. Not only would it be a great service to the community, but it would be a good income stream to keep everyone Sparking :)

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