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7/28/12 12:41 P

She is NOT your friend at all. She is lucky to even get the title of "frenemy" from you. And yes while your husband was probably just being a man, it is still just one of those things that is upsetting. I would talk to him. I would explain your feelings. And I would highly suggest you and your husband blocking her calls.

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7/20/12 12:05 A

This sounds like a person to be polite to but not friendly. I agree you should talk to your husband and explain that this once-friend makes you uncomfortable now and you are not close enough to make her calling him feel OK, and to please avoid her and not get involved if she calls. You should avoid her and not get involved, too. Whatever your relationship used to be, she has not acted like a friend. Perhaps you should not consider her one.

7/18/12 7:19 A

thanks :)

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7/12/12 12:48 P

You need to talk with your husband and explain your feelings.

7/12/12 9:24 A

hey, thank you for understanding.
I guess you are right, hubby must have presumed its ok.
Now..she is calling me. I have not answered it...but I do want to be wicked.(hmm)
In the sense...that she gets the message its NOT COOL to call my man!

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7/12/12 9:01 A

Not trying to continue your problem with your frenemy, but I do not think she should have EVER been calling your husband for ANY reason. I have friends and I have frenemies, and I NEVER call their husbands. That is just so not cool.

However, your husband was just being a man. He knows that she is your friend (men don't hear the word frenemy) and he was helping her out figuring you wouldn't mind his helping your friend.

I would be mad also if any of my friends/frenemies called my husband asking for a favor without letting me know in advance that she was going to do that.

7/12/12 8:53 A

Something Iam sooo MAD about! fr-enemy!?
Ten years ago, I used to have a very close girlfriend. I owe her to-help me meet a midwife(who helped me in trouble getting preggers)(2004)
Soon, we both were pregnant. I was blessed with twin boys, and she had a daughter, and two more daughters after that.
We only met in functions and had a great space(2005-2008)
1.I heard she had started bad-mouthing me and after that I gave space to the existing space.
Anyways, when any festival used to come she would text my husband.
OK we are all modern , but instead of texting me she would text him.(2008/2009)

2. I must mention in 2008, HER husband rang me and saud to to 'stay away' from his wife.Why?
Because my daily talks with her, influence her and like she wants to roam around the world...go to Europe and so on.
PS We never spoke daily...or even monthly. She just misled her husband..took my name for many things I believe. But, as my mom advised I didn't tell her about this and kept away from her.

Its 2012..I meet her once a year 'hi' that's it at functions.
So she rang up my husband today, said that please get my daughters admission done in your kids school.
(my husband and the school's principal were classmates)
3. My husband got it done and he did not even talk to me???
4. I would have not said not to go ahead with it, but I would have PREFFERED if he would have taken 2 days if not 2 hours to get the 'admission' done.
5. I feel very awkward that this ex-friend who bad mouths me, had the guts to directly call my spouse?
What do you think????

Yes... Iam very upset with my husband, that he got so carried away...and could not wait ten mins for me to get back to him on phone.

Just feeling ugh...
Please share your views

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