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ROBBIE49R Posts: 5
1/11/11 7:39 A

I really hope so. I thinking maybe surgery is the only way to lose so much weight.

SLIMKIM80 SparkPoints: (12)
Fitness Minutes: (3,522)
Posts: 309
1/11/11 7:39 A

Many of the members on SparkPeople are proof that it's possible. I even know someone in my own life whose done it, no pills or surgery. Although the most weight I've ever lost is 30 lbs, my goal is to do it by 12/31/2011. And I'm going to succeed!

KLSSINGS Posts: 81
1/11/11 7:30 A

One of the (many) things I love about Sparkpeople is that there are so many examples of people who have lost significant amounts of weight, including 100 lbs (sometimes even more). I find that very reassuring and inspirational that it can be done without crash diets and extremes in exercise.

1WALKINGMAN Posts: 3,409
1/11/11 7:23 A

Of coarse it is; Spark has shown many examples on the site.

LINDAANNB1 Posts: 519
1/11/11 7:15 A

I sure hope so! My sarting weight is 310 and My goal is also 160.

JAMKNITTER SparkPoints: (4,303)
Fitness Minutes: (1,701)
Posts: 435
1/11/11 6:54 A

I know it can be done. I've read about it here over and over. I had 75 lbs to lose. I've lost 13 in the first 5 weeks. WOW! Is that possible? My goal was 5 lbs. It is not easy. I am hungry much of the time, but I know I am not dying of starvation. I drink LOTS of water, stay within my calorie range, exercise and oh did I mention I am making healthier food choices? I am experimenting with eating different, tasty healthy foods. This is an adventure. Try new recipes. I'm baking more with whole wheat flour, applesauce instead of oil. Honey instead of sugar. It is fun. Have fun with it. emoticon

NOR1498 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (34,083)
Posts: 1,929
1/11/11 6:53 A

Yes and I did! I am now 110 pounds lighter thanks to eating healthy and exercise! emoticon

DRCAT1 Posts: 9,070
1/11/11 6:46 A

yes i have done it without doctors, medicine, or special diets that provide food

1/11/11 6:45 A

Absolutely. Many people have succeeded.

BTVMADS Posts: 985
1/11/11 5:42 A

It is ABSOLUTELY possible! Countless SparkPeople have done it! You can, too, without a doubt.

Try swapping your mindset a little... you're not losing 100 lbs right now. You just have to lose 5.... then five more, then five more again. Focus on the behaviors that will make you a healthier person, and the positive changes in your weight will follow.

BRIDGIRL Posts: 267
1/11/11 4:37 A

You can do it for sure but it will take time and commitment but most of all it will take the support and love that you will get from fellow SparkPeople.

Good Luck

Love Chris xx

KARIAMBRIZ SparkPoints: (303)
Fitness Minutes: (11,123)
Posts: 466
1/11/11 4:06 A

I second REVJVH

You can do it!

It has been done AND you have ALL the help in the world (US)!!!! Heck SparkGuy was the first comment on your post you should feel VERY special!

REVJVH SparkPoints: (25,082)
Fitness Minutes: (13,452)
Posts: 508
1/11/11 3:29 A

Candace, I joined SparkPeople on October 29, 2009 - 470 days ago. Since then, I've lost about 160 pounds.

It's definitely possible to lose 100 pounds. You'll find the keys here on SparkPeople:

1. Make a change to healthy, delicious eating for life. Figure out how to do it without absolute rules where you tell yourself you must ALWAYS do x or NEVER do y. ALWAYS and NEVER are set-ups for self-sabotage.

2. Track your food and stay within the ranges SparkPeople generates for you.

3. Move. Burn calories. Find something you like to do. If you're not as physically able to exercise as you'd like to be, do what you can and surprise yourself at how much more you'll be able to do as you go on.

4. Ask for help when you need it, here on SparkPeople or out in "meatspace" (the world where the flesh-and-blood people in your life live!).

5. Believe!

ABSOLUTLYFAB1 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,041)
Posts: 37
1/11/11 3:25 A

With Sparkpeople, I lost three pounds so far. Yeah, only three pounds, but that's more than I've lost in months. You're not going to drop 100 pounds in 3 weeks, or even three months. It's a journey, three pounds at a time. And every time you slip up and eat a double quarter pounder with cheese, large fry and a coke (it's a personal favorite of mine :P) you track it, see your stats, and try to make better choices tomorrow. I'm not even going to lie, I wolfed an entire medium pizza today, but tomorrow morning, i'm going to have 3/4 cup of cheerios, then go to the gym and go my cardio. You can do this!

NICKI984 Posts: 673
1/11/11 2:58 A

You can do anything you set your mind to. Good luck!!! I have to lose 200 plus lbs. It's going to be a struggle but I know I can do it.

1/11/11 2:21 A

You can do it! You will find that you feel so much better when you do too. Just keep coming back here for support every day. Good luck!

PLCARTER718 Posts: 276
1/3/11 8:40 P

I don't quite have 100 pounds to lose but I'm so motivated by those who have lost 100 or more. I need to lose 60-80. I'm trying for a pound a week or 5 pounds a month. Mostly I'm trying to start spark streaks like drinking 8 glasses of water and seeing how many days in row I can stay within my calorie range. By only shooting for 1 pound a week, my range is high enough that I don't feel hungry. Best wishes to you! You can lead a more healthy life.

ERIGUST SparkPoints: (2,047)
Fitness Minutes: (180)
Posts: 517
1/3/11 8:15 P

Wow, I am amazed by all the willpower and success on here. It is so touching to see
People realize their goals. I am in awe of all of you who have lost weight in the high numbers, what dedication! I feel frustrated, I've been carrying the same 30-40 pounds around for 17 years. How could I have done that? All those summers of pretending not to want to swim because of the shame of a swimsuit. Too many "you have such a pretty face" comments, (I know what that means). So much mental energy given to my extra weight and trying to hide it. I feel ashamed that others can lose 100 plus, and I haven't budged my weight in years. Thanks to Sparkpeople I believe now is the time to change, I am not going to look back anymore. I'm not going to even look at the scale for awhile! I'm just going to continue my healthy choices and I will see progress. If others can lose 100 plus, I can lose 32!

ALLEYCAT12380 Posts: 627
1/3/11 2:12 P

It is possible. It seems so daunting at times. I was originally 225. Been at 147-150 for the last 15-16 months. It's a little (ok a lot annoying) right now for me because I still want to lose more, but when I first started, it felt WAY too much, so I made my first goal to be lose 50 pounds. Then 25 after that, now it's just improve the little annoying things, IE adding more healthier foods, try and cut back on chocolates, fast foods, etc.

You mentioned something about Blue Cross and they said you were 40 pounds too much for them to handle, maybe set your first goal to be 40-45 pounds, then go from there. I've been there, seems overwhelming at times, but you can do it.

CMKOBE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (47,669)
Posts: 155
1/3/11 1:58 P

It is VERY possible. I'm down 70 with 30 to go basically. But you know what? LISTEN to what people are saying and DO what they suggest. You don't lose 100 lbs. You lose 2 pounds...and 2 more...and 2 more....make one change, go for a walk, lost 2 pounds, drink some water instead of soda, lose 2 lbs, go for another walk when you want to watch TV, lose 1 lb, set a small goal to play the Wii for half an hour a day, lose 3 lbs...

6 months later, down 60 lbs. WHOA!!! Do the same thing, lose 2 lbs. Keep on going. 2 lbs at a time.

So don't focus on losing 100 lbs. Focus on losing 2! Lather, rinse, repeat. You know what I mean. Set small, achievable goals. One at a time. Knock em off one at a time. (See my Spark Page if you'd like). FIFTY two-pound steps is....drum roll....100 pounds!!!

TWARD1228 Posts: 30
1/3/11 10:48 A

I too really hope it's possible. I have more than 100lbs to lose. Being on this site is so encouraging! In the beginning I would get on here just once in awhile and now I find myself getting on the site several times a day when I'm needing that extra support. Thank you Spark People!

1/3/11 12:47 A

Of course it's possible, but not overnight or by next weekend. The people here have really motivated me and helped me stick with it, and they will you too!

DIVADANNY1986 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (345)
Posts: 3
1/2/11 11:43 A

I weigh 286Ibs. Im where you are right now to. I think you at the right place on Spark People. I do believe in my heart that it is possible and nothing it going to stop me.

It does seem like a lot of weight to lose, but I dont think losing weight should be your main aim. Aim to rather feel better, look healthier and just be healthier. Being an overweight depressed person is as bad as being a depressed thin person. So focus on building someone up who is healthier, happier and has something that motives you - The weight loss will happen on its own if you aim for a healthier more active lifestyle.

Feel welcome to add me as a friend. We can keep each other motivated through our new exciting journey.

DIVADANNY1986 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (345)
Posts: 3
1/2/11 11:40 A

I weigh 286Ibs. Im where you are right now to. I think you at the right place on Spark People. I do believe in my heart that it is possible and nothing it going to stop me.

It does seem like a lot of weight to lose, but I dont think losing weight should be your main aim. Aim to rather feel better, look healthier and just be healthier. Being an overweight depressed person is as bad as being a depressed thin person. So focus on building someone up who is healthier, happier and has something that motives you - The weight loss will happen on its own if you aim for a healthier more active lifestyle.

Feel welcome to add me as a friend. We can keep each other motivated through our new exciting journey.

BETHV10 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (8,146)
Posts: 3,572
1/2/11 10:18 A

I didn't believe it was possible till I found this web site. SparkPeople has LOTS of folks that have lost over 100 pounds. It takes determination and focus to do it. However, bottom line it is all about your choices.... you have to choose to do the right things nutritionally and thru exercise to make this happen.

JBREGE Posts: 68
1/2/11 9:28 A

I've lost about 80 so far. It takes time, and be expecting that you could slide back a bit when you become complacent. Just keep your head up and keep on getting healthy. It's a lifestyle change and it can takes years!

HAMNKING Posts: 1,818
1/1/11 9:10 P

Yes. I've done.

gained about 30 of it back, but am trending back down.

Be realistic, take it a week at a time. Look for your weak spots and plan for them. When I am sleepy, I tend to make poorer nutrition choices so I keep that in mind.

Understand this is not a linear path, there will be many ups and downs.

Find some support. Family is good, but not everyone can rely on their family for support (I'm in that camp).

Consistency is key. Anyone can do a bit here and there. It takes a champion to be consistent.

BRITOMART Posts: 8,305
1/1/11 6:49 P

Candace, it IS possible--I like Jiminsealbeach's suggestion--lose 1 pound, then another.

Get involved with some active and lively teams--they can be so supportive. And, if you haven't, try starting with "Fastbreak"--it's a great way to figure out which habits you have that you want to change, but not all at once. Good success to you.

DENA1030 Posts: 376
1/1/11 1:15 P

My goal when I starteed was 100 lbs. To date I have lost 65 lbs. Set small achievable goals for yourself. I signed up for a cancer walk when I started in January that was scheduled for March to give me a fitness goal. I used the Couch to 5k plan and actually ran it at 245lbs! I signed up for a more challenging course next, then a 10k, and another. Sometimes my goals were as small as the next 5 lbs. Celebrate all your successes, there are so many people here to cheer you on. My newest quest is to complete a triathlon. What's cooler then losing weight is doing things you never thought possible!

LOSERLADY1974 Posts: 1,285
1/1/11 11:02 A

I did it. Like someone said pound by pound. I started in 2006 and by rights surely should lost it in 1.5 years... But it's taken me 4+. But it was done without wls. Why is that the first thing people ask me?

Anyway u can do it. Figure out your triggers for bad eating and plan ways to attack that and get a little more active at first

MMARIE73187 Posts: 269
12/30/10 11:00 P

WOW! i guess i didn't realize there was a weight limit on insurance. that's rough. and complete discrimination. i'm sorry that happened to you :( i need to lose about 150 lbs and i feel the same way, like it'll never happen! but...if that's my attitude, it probably will never happen! just because you've never seen a million dollars doesn't mean it doesn't exist. you can do it! we can do it.


CUPCAKE_LIL Posts: 886
12/30/10 5:27 P

I started at 286, so I know what you're feeling. Don't focus on the big picture, but only on what you'll do today.

I used to try to figure out what I would weigh by a certain date and realize it wasn't enough and just not do it. It then ended up being another 2 years and 40 more pounds before I finally did something.

Remember to keep it simple!

CDARBY6 Posts: 192
12/30/10 5:21 P

Its definately possible. I lost over 100 pounds back in 2003. I then got pregnant and had to lose 60 pounds again. After that is when i joined sp and lost another 28 pounds. I just had my third baby and am working on getting rid of the last of the 57 i gained. I feel like ive been losing weight my whole life but after this i dont plan on gaining it back.

CANDYGIRL4906 SparkPoints: (8,967)
Fitness Minutes: (5,871)
Posts: 317
12/30/10 4:56 P

Thanks everybody for all your support and comments. It means alot. I'm just going to have to look at it from a different way like y'all suggested break it down. But thank you I will do my best this upcoming year to achieve my goals.

BROADBRUSH Posts: 1,806
12/30/10 4:07 P

absolutely possible - one pound at a time is the way to think of it. i have lost 50 pounds at least five times in my life -
just take a number you feel comfortable with - meet that obligation, then take another - you will get to your goal weight.
don't get hung up on the numbers - just make sure all the changes you make to get rid of the weight, are liveable - cause it is for the rest of your life.
all the best - new year - new you - BB

12/30/10 3:44 P

I heard one guy at WW who had lost over 100 lbs. Whenever he was asked how he lost 100 lbs, he said, " You can't lose 100 lbs. It's impossible. What you can do is lose one pound, then one more, then one more . . . 100 times. " I liked that answer.

JODY22002 Posts: 375
12/30/10 1:46 P

It is absolutely possible. I started my weight loss journey on January 1, 2010. I weighed 279 lbs. Today, almost a year later. I weigh 154 lbs. You can do this.

MSGNOME Posts: 555
12/30/10 12:22 P

Definitely possible!

It won't seem so overwhelming if you break your goal down smaller parts - like looking at it 10 pounds at a time.

YELLOWDAHLIA SparkPoints: (94,861)
Fitness Minutes: (120)
Posts: 13,413
12/30/10 10:00 A

YES! You can do it!!

JDMAKEIT2HOT Posts: 8,458
12/30/10 8:57 A

its very possible hundreds or thousands of people on sp have done this it takes a while!

just start by taking some walks and go from their

RENA1965 Posts: 17,878
12/30/10 8:26 A

Yes it is possible, hang in there and take one day at a time. You can do this!

DAVEINSEOUL SparkPoints: (37,213)
Fitness Minutes: (55,975)
Posts: 1,113
12/30/10 7:12 A

YES, YES, YES! It's possible.

I started in March 2010 at a very lethagic 312+. That was nine months ago. I am now under 250 and only have 38 pounds left before I hit 212 - that will be 100 pounds for me.

When I started this journey I thought - NO WAY - but I had nothing left to lose and everything to gain (how's that for a play on words:-). So I started, and stuck with it. It was so agonizingly slow at first, some weeks I didn't lose anything at all, and many weeks it was only about 1 to 1.5 pounds. But it was steady, and I stayed at it and now nine months later, I'm 63 pounds down.

Oh, BTW, did I mention that I'm 56 years old - at an age where my metabolism is supposed to be so slow that I can't lose weight? If I can do it, yes, anyone can!

I hope that will encourage you. When the Sparkers tell you that you can do it, they are not giving you some pithy slogan - THEY MEAN IT! YOU CAN DO IT!

LOVE4KITTIES Posts: 4,690
12/30/10 5:33 A

I think it's definitely possible! emoticon

My highest weight was 272 lbs and, although I haven't lost 100 lbs YET, I know it's possible. If I can lose 68 lbs, I can lose 32 more lbs! AND, if I can do it, so can you!

You just have to take it one day at a time and be patient, persistent and enjoy the journey. It's totally possible.


TYBEWALLACE Posts: 4,998
12/30/10 1:23 A

Candace, losing 100 lbs is absolutely possible. I started using Spark on 6/29/10 and had 170 lbs to get rid of, I just celebrated my 6 mnth anniversary
86 lbs lighter. I would definately make a list of small goals so this doesn't seem so daunting. Once you start reaching your goals you will feel more confident and motivated...
If you need support you are definately in the right place and if there is anything I can personally do to help, encourage or support you PLZ don't hesitate to visit my page and msg me.... Sheryl

CIRANDELLA SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (34,361)
Posts: 6,094
12/29/10 9:38 P

Candace, this must feel so stressful for you, to be denied coverage because of your weight. And, oh, yes, I've seen a great many of people here lose 100 and sometimes even 200 pounds. What keeps on amazing me (I've lost a little over 50 so far) is that wow, does depression ever lift with weight loss! It's one less worry, you know? And it's a major interest of concern for so many of us.

It wouldn't take you very long to lose those 40 pounds; it could be gone before you know it! Mostly, it's just a matter of building in good habits one by one, and then putting a number of them into place - drinking water, eating healthfully, and exercising. It's like putting together a building one brick at a time - the day comes when the whole structure's in place and you can scarcely remember how it got there.

Best of all, you don't have to lose 40 lbs. overnight; you lose them just one day at a time, embracing each 24-hour period fully without looking back or judging yourself harshly. By having compassion for yourself and a positive attitude, you'll be able to lay the groundwork for a brand-new, healthier you.

All the best!

WDEMENT Posts: 59
12/29/10 8:12 P

Totally possible :-D I've done it, as have many spark members. Just take it one day at a time.....

KREAM1973 Posts: 30
12/29/10 7:55 P

Candace - It is possible.. Take one day at a time. I began my journey at the end of July & have lost 32 pounds so far. Start small, drink your 8 glasses of water each day. From there, log your food. The first it will feel like its going to be so hard. But I swear, after the first few days, you will feel like you are in control of something & your confidence will shine through... Step by step. Don't be discouraged by BCBS... Do this for no one else but yourself.. :0)

IVYLASS SparkPoints: (225,430)
Fitness Minutes: (84,359)
Posts: 7,170
12/29/10 7:27 P

Yes, it is very possible. There are many people here who have. Search the SparkTeams...and good luck!

SPARKGUY SparkPoints: (70,015)
Fitness Minutes: (58,527)
Posts: 14,448
12/29/10 5:27 P

Thanks for posting Candace -- and for joining SparkPeople!

I promise you it is possible. I've seen it happen so many times with SP members. In fact, a SP member will be on the cover of a major magazine soon after losing over 100 pounds.

Please take a look at some of the members on this page for motivation if you'd like:

One important thing is to take this one step at a time.


CANDYGIRL4906 SparkPoints: (8,967)
Fitness Minutes: (5,871)
Posts: 317
12/29/10 5:22 P

Is really possible to lose that much. I feel as though it's not possible I feel so down. I weigh 280 my goal weight is 160. I need help I don't know where to start. Today I called blue cross to get health insurance and they told me no because I weighed 40 pounds over there limit. I feel discouraged people are asking me am I sick. Because I've gained some weight. Can anyone help I really need someone who understands. Thanks candace

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