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KSTONYA Posts: 375
5/27/13 6:57 P

I need to find one that I can afford as I am on a tight budget for a few more months then I will have some extra money I hope.

ATHENA-NADINE SparkPoints: (20,812)
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Posts: 360
5/27/13 5:19 P

No, Kstonya. Each FitBit will track themperson's numbers it's registered to. A person can only have one registered to their name at a time, and you and your husband would each have to register them separately. You would each have a login for the website and your own dashboard.

EMMACORY Posts: 22,339
5/27/13 3:02 P

I got mine from Cleveland Clinic on-line store. It is an Omron. I like it because I can put it in my pocket. It works for me.

KSTONYA Posts: 375
5/27/13 1:16 P

I have looked up the fitbit I might see if I can find something along that line I work a couple of days a week but that is mostly hand work. Also if I got a pedometer I would have to buy 2 as my husband would need his own. It appears that the fitbit is for only 1 person at a time will 2 different ones mess up the other persons numbers?

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ANGUSSANDY Posts: 10,516
5/26/13 7:31 A

I really like my Fitbit Flex.

TCANNO SparkPoints: (359,898)
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Posts: 71,196
5/26/13 7:01 A

I have a Target and I have had it since Feb. It will store all data on the computer and is easy to set up

TWININGS12 SparkPoints: (17,330)
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Posts: 610
5/26/13 6:39 A

I want to get a pedometer but am not sure which one to get?

NWLIFESRC Posts: 9,316
5/26/13 6:05 A


EMMYERS76 SparkPoints: (10,444)
Fitness Minutes: (31,618)
Posts: 218
5/25/13 10:24 P

I wear a pedometer daily...and I do wear it on my hip. But, I have the kind of pedometer that you can wear anywhere on your body cuz it doesn't track motion it tracks a different way. It is a ton more accurate than pendulum type pedometers that have to be on your hip. I find that those kind pick up on all of my movements not just steps. I would love a fitbit, but not sure if spending so much money is worth it.

MSWANNALOSEIT SparkPoints: (35,246)
Fitness Minutes: (74,730)
Posts: 376
5/25/13 10:07 P

I have been looking at the fitbit and was wondering about it. I have been wearing mine on my shoe because when I wear it on my hip it falls off and I have to be careful when I use the bathroom cause it falls off. I have been doing some reseach on them.

AMARANTHA120S Posts: 474
5/25/13 7:32 P

I have a FitBit and wear it in my pocket or waistband or sometimes bra strap. It is amazingly accurate wherever I put it.

5/25/13 7:25 P

I have a FitBit and wear it on my bra strap so it's invisible. It works perfectly anywhere on my upper body.

KSTONYA Posts: 375
5/25/13 7:09 P

I am not sure but when I read instructions on a pedometer, a while back, it said it needed to be worn on the hip as it used the motion of the hip to count the steps. You might look at the instructions. The movement of the foot might not get an accurate count. Have you counted your steps and then checked if the pedometer agreed with your count?

MSWANNALOSEIT SparkPoints: (35,246)
Fitness Minutes: (74,730)
Posts: 376
5/25/13 6:24 P

I have been wearing one on my shoe. I was wondering which pedometer out there is a good choice? Which do you prefer? Mine is Sportline from Walmart cost about $5.00. Is it ok to wear it on your shoe like I do.

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