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RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
7/25/13 1:16 P

I do agree that you need to burn 500 calories more than you consume to lose a lb, and even if you overeat on a food you think is healthy you will gain weight.

I too am a low carber like Exotec, and I have gained weight on 1600 calories, as well as lost weight while eating 2400 calories. My exercise is the same, and all that varies is the amount of carbs I eat. This is over weeks at each level, not a few days each. Plus I have done this several times over the years to re-"prove" it to myself. I am not saying it is scientific, or recommending low carb. All I am saying is that I can eat 1600 on high carb for 8 weeks, and will slowly gain weight every single week, and eat 2400 on low carb for 8 weeks, and lose quite a bit every single week. Low carb gurus can offer explanations, but the medical establishment just continues to say it is impossible. It is a curiosity at the very least. Many people have done this, and maintained weight loss for years, and still no one has figured out why it works. It just does for some people. Is a diet that is supported by the AMA/AHA and keeps you at 200 lbs. healthier than one they don't support, and allows you to weigh 140?

The only reason this is pertinent to this post is that it shows that what we think is healthy can vary, and also that there is more to a diet than just sitting down and throwing " healthy " foods together. How foods are combined matters. If you are over 20 lbs overweight, and not losing weight most weeks, then something is wrong. If the food is not an issue, or the combination of them, then the only variable left is more exercise, and less food. Both leave most people starving.

The other possibilities are that you can't comprehend what the experts say is healthy food, are lying about exercise, food consumption etc. If we assume that after decades of having the food pyramid shoved down our throats has allowed us to know what is healthy ( even if we don't usually eat it ), and we assume you aren't lying, and are eating in range, then you have a major problem. If SP gave you a range and you are following it, while doing the exercise very close to what you are putting in your exercise tracker, then what can be changed besides the types of foods? If you are already eating 500 less than what you need to maintain, and not losing, then cutting another 500 to ACTUALLY lose that lb a week, would probably drop you below the 1200 minimum required for basic needs.

All of the corrections being suggested are based on assumptions that you made a mistake. You ate more than you tracked. You overestimated calories burned with exercise, or forgot how to tell time, maybe? You weren't smart enough to put the food you eat into the tracker correctly. You don't understand how to make a menu. You don't know what healthy food is.

I will say that many of these can be a problem. We sometimes mess up. However, that isn't the end of YOUR problem, if you check all of these, and they prove to be false.

I am of the opinion that most people can follow simple instructions, and if they ate off plan, would be aware of it. Also, that they would check all these factors. Basically, I assume that people aren't incompetent, or stupid.

What if the problem is not the person, but the diet? Not that any one diet doesn't work, but that different people have different diets that work for them. The medical establishment is operating on the principle that 50/20/30 is the only way that works, and if it doesn't work for you then you are a failure.

Check everything and see if you are doing it correctly, and have stuck to it for a month. If you still can't get the scale to budge, then that plan is not going to work for you.. ever. You can either burn more calories, or eat less. The third option is to ask yourself if you really gave it your all.. Did the diet fail ME? Are their better options?

Losing weight shouldn't be a struggle. Keep an open mind.

EXOTEC Posts: 3,327
7/25/13 12:28 P

...well... because that approach hasn't been shown to be the optimal method to lose weight. If that was the case - well, just look around you. The US is full of people exercising and trying to follow the recommended food choices... and most people are overweight. Don't you suppose, if it worked, we'd be a nation of models and "beautiful people?" I don't see it. What I see in public places is more and more people, not just overweight, but truly obese, and the poor kids are going the same way, before they even get out of their parents' homes! It saddens and sickens me for all of us (I'm not excluding myself from that, either).

There's a lot of science coming out now to support other dietary plans for health and weight loss. Naturally, they're not all going to work for everyone, nor to the same degree even when they do. But they're worth looking at, nevertheless. I invite you to at least read through some of the threads on the various low-carb forums, Atkins or Wheat Belly or Smart Carbing. You might find something of use to you there.

I tried to look to see if you'd shared your Nutrition Tracker, but your page is even set to private, so there's no chance for making specific comments. If you feel comfortable with opening your page, or sharing your Tracker, others might have a chance to offer some specific opinions on why things might not be going according to plan for you.

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ANARIE Posts: 13,200
7/25/13 12:23 P

Just "eating healthy" isn't going to lead to weight loss. It's not supposed to. If your metabolism is perfect and you "listen to your body" and eat healthy foods, a healthy body responds by maintaining the same weight. That's a sign that your body and mind are perfectly in synch and everything's working just right.

In order to lose weight, you have to eat a little less than your body really needs. The job of your hunger/appetite signals is to stop you from doing that and *make* you eat enough to maintain or gain. If you don't measure and track your food, it would be *UNhealthy* to be able to lose weight, because a healthy mind/body will come up with all kinds of tricks to make you eat more. Weight loss is not natural. You have to use tools to be able to do it.

NHELENE Posts: 1,505
7/25/13 12:08 P

Please let us know a little more about you so we can give you some better advice.

It would help a lot to know what your general goals are, what your usual calorie range is, what kinds of exercise you're doing.

Eating too few calories can impede weight loss, but it's hard to determine whether that is what's going on with you without a bit more information.

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
7/25/13 11:58 A

Have you been logging all your food? Staying in your calorie/nutrient ranges? Accounting for your exercise so that you're eating enough to fuel it? How long have you been trying to lose weight?

KDRICH24 Posts: 267
7/25/13 11:50 A

AND EXERCISING... but I'm not losing weight?

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