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SOLYHICO Posts: 75
10/24/12 3:37 P

i work in a pizza kitchen.
i have lost 50 lbs since may.
it is possible.
i take lunch or dinner from home for EVERY SINGLE SHIFT.

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10/23/12 8:28 A

Hey AROBERTS0, it's tough but it can be done (trust me). Several years ago, I worked as a server and fully understand the temptation. Things that helped me during this time:

1) split food with co-workers. I used to work doubles a lot and would share something with others (saved on money too) in between shifts.
2) I switched from regular soda to diet. I knew at the time I wasn't going to give up drinking soda so I told myself, if I was going to drink it then it had to be diet.
3) keep moving. It was a high volume restaurant so I was constantly moving... burned a ton of calories and I couldn't eat AND work!
4) Go in the back, the prep kitchen if you have one, and see how things are prepped for the day. Once I saw how some items were made, I knew some of the yummy items just weren't worth it. All the cream/butter/etc. added to dishes made me second guess my choices (or share items).
5) If you work in the mornings, eat breakfast. I would get in early to get things set up and leave enough time to eat the cereal I brought in from home (I would get milk from the restaurant and heat it up). It really helped.

Good luck and you can do it!

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
10/23/12 6:52 A

It is a tough place to work, but you've been given some great advice from people who have also been there.

I wish you well in your journey to health

10/22/12 10:20 P

Been There, Done That, Gained and Lost Weight. I worked in a restaurant as a cook for 3 years. I gained for the first 2 years. When I first started out I didn't eat unless I made enough in tips to buy a meal, being a mom the money I made was for my kids (and I didn't make much in tips). I really should have kept up that mentality, because when I became the night cook I started eating at work because I was "missing" dinnertime at home with the family. But they were saving me dinner and I would eat that too when I got home. Also when I worked mornings I worked with another cook that would want to eat all leftovers from portioning, (4 chicken wings, a couple mozza sticks, etc.) Why not eat them? New item for the menu, better try it out, broken muffin or cookie, eat that too. And I got into that bad habit, and got into eating 6 wings and 4 mozza sticks, or a loaded hot dog for Dinner.

Well I realized how much I gained when I bought a pair of 18's and if I wanted to breath I had to stand. I was so upset, I thought of returning them, until my hubby said I should just lose the weight. So I started packing my own meals.

One egg omelet with cheese and salsa and one slice of toast became my standard breakfast. Salads with different toppings became my lunch, or wraps with lots of veggies. I lost 15 lbs in a few months. It really comes down to will power. It is hard to make it a habit to bring and eat your own food, but you can do it. Even if it means bringing a few interesting toppings for their salad.

N16351D Posts: 2,349
10/21/12 12:10 A

There are several reasons why I never wanted to work in food service, and having the temptation of good food around while I worked was one of them! Here a few thoughts and hopefully one of them may do you some good.

1) get another job not around food (may not be practical now, but possibly later on?)
2) Review motivational pages on message boards and look for quotes that remind, inspire, and motivate you to refrain from the abunadance of goodies such as, "I prefer to be thin." or
"I will eat when I am hungry, not when it is convenient," or, "Fail to plan, plan to fail." There are many on other posts for you to hunt.
3) Once you have the quotes that are most meaningful to you, write it on 3 x 5 cards and stick it in several places as reminders, stating with your back pocket. A counselor told this to me 25 years ago when I had to learn to not appease everyone and say, "no" to protect myself and get toward my dreams and goals! Have the card on your bathroom mirror, on your car dashboard, and wherever it can help.
4) Is it practical for you to bring your own healthy snacks to work in your pocket? Such as a granola bar, hard-boiled egg, and anything else you can think of?
5) Use the quote from Alcoholics Anonymous, "Just for ________(name the amount of time) I will not have a drink (excessive food)". Just for five minutes I won't have cake, cookies or pie. Just for one hour at work today I won't have a snack not in my meal plan.
Would that be helpful to you?
6) If you have the food you have to pay for it. (If not you can tell yourself that to help you avoid eating it.) Is it yours to freely take? Is that allowed at work? If you had to pay for it, would it still be a temptation?

Others will have more ideas, so I'll stop for now. I never would have been able to stay within my desired weight range if I had to work in a restaurant. Good luck ! I hope something someone says is helpful!

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10/20/12 11:39 P

When you see, pass these not so great choices simply tell yourself. "That is none of my business". It sounds simplistic but I heard that years ago when I was on the losing part of this healthy lifestyle journey and it still works for me today.

Best of success to you, Aroberso!

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10/20/12 11:33 P

Hey. I work in a restaurant and I need some serious help. I am a grab-n-go host along with a fill in server, and I am constantly around all high in cal/carb foods. While we do have salads, we generally don't have the best things to add as toppings. It's easy to grab a few fries, cookies, or a bowl of soup (none of which are broth based.) I need some pointers/ help!

Thanks in advance

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