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WANNATHIN Posts: 1,013
7/10/13 3:02 A

Hi Russell39! Firstly, congrats on your amazing weight loss! I noticed your tracker and was so happy for you!

I am not hungry after breakfast. I don't feel stuffed, but I feel satisfied like I've had enough. I generally start feeling hungry about 3 hours later (come to think of it, I guess that's normal?).

I researched foods high in cholesterol and egg yolks were at the top of the list, so I figured I'd just cut back on them. I'm not avoiding them altogether, but just eating fewer than my husband would at the same meal. I don't eat butter at all, and very very little super low fat spread on my toast. I've never eaten the fat on steak or bacon, avoid chicken skin and I've only drunk 2% milk and eaten low fat / fat free dairy for years.

I think my cholesterol is genetic, but also worsened by me being overweight and stress. I just want it to be at a normal level for when I do IVF in January 2014. I am having it tested again at the end of July, so I'll see if my efforts have shown an improvement or whether I need to experiment a bit.

Thanks for the time you took to write to me.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
7/9/13 11:52 P

Are you hungry after breakfast, or just worried about symmetry on your tracker?

If you are hungry, it is probably the combination of macronutrients in the meal. High carb meals tend to cause cravings. You can try high fiber, high protein, or high fat, and see if this cuts these cravings out.

I eat 4-6 eggs a day, and my cholesterol is 104. Before I started eating this way, it was 191, when I ate cereal, and a banana. I was always hungry back then.Eggs aren't the cause of higher cholesterol. That is family history, and what goes along with those eggs. We tend to just get lucky and try a diet that causes a drop in our cholesterol, and that is how we know what affects it. No one can say with absolute certainty that anything they do will affect cholesterol a certain way across the board, for all people. For many low carbers, eating eggs for breakfast is when their cholesterol starts to plummet. We would say that it was the carbs that caused you cholesterol to rise, but who really knows? I only know what works for me.

I would suggest that you consider experimenting a little, and finding out how eggs affect your cholesterol, rather than hearing someone else's opinion/experience, and applying it to you. You may be surprised. Eggs might help drop your cholesterol 80 points. Who knows though, maybe it is the butter?

WANNATHIN Posts: 1,013
7/9/13 7:55 A

I only eat the one yolk, because I'm trying to bring my cholesterol down. I read that egg yolks have the highest cholesterol content of all foods, so I'm being aware of that.

I have gotten some really good ideas, thanks everyone! I do find that I can have the same breakfast every morning for weeks on end without getting bored, but perhaps switching it up and making my body work at digesting something different first thing in the morning, will also be a good thing.


WANNATHIN Posts: 1,013
7/9/13 7:20 A

Thanks for the ideas. I think some peanut butter on my toast would be delicious! Especially when I put the banana on top.

I think I'll try the microwave mug eggs I've been reading about on another thread and add the veg etc. you suggested.

My husband bought himself some granola yesterday, so I will sneak some of it into my yoghurt whenever possible ;)

7/9/13 7:19 A

If I were you, I would vary between different snacks, don't stick with just oats and bananas, try prunes, though you might get a smelly side effect emoticon , any fruit or vegetable will do too. I used to pack a carrot, pepper and a rice cracker for a snack. ;)

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
7/9/13 7:08 A

I was going to say similar to Nirerin.

You need to balance it out more.
Even if you eliminate the toast (and why you're not eating the second yolk is your choice, but not mine). You can get liquid whites to add, as well, if needed.

I'd go with the omelette, or even make a frittata (in individual muffin-sized cups if you wish) with lots of veggies in it, and possibly even some good protein source (chopped meat, chicken, salmon, etc.). Mix it up daily, and you won't be bored.

For that matter, if you make it muffin sized, you can eat it on the toast, if you wish.

Oatmeal all by itself won't necessarily stave off the hunger till snack time, I've found. I usually cook batches of steel cut oats with lots of chopped apple, rhubarb, cranberries, raisins, or whatever I have on hand - plus cinnamon and/or other spices. Eating it with greek yogurt or almond milk (even cooking it with almond milk) is good, too.

WANNATHIN Posts: 1,013
7/9/13 6:59 A

Hi Hanna! Congrats on beating depression!! emoticon

Thanks for your reply. I try not have more than one banana a day, since I believe they're high in carbs, potassium and calories. Is that accurate?

I'm going to start having a bowl of oats from tomorrow morning and see how I go with feeling less famished by snack time :)

NIRERIN Posts: 14,333
7/9/13 6:59 A

your breakfast looks like it may also be pretty low in fat and there isn't much bulk to it.
option 1: add a tablespoon or two of nut butter to your toast
option 2: instead of having hardboiled egg and white, scramble them. start with a teaspoon of olive oil, add at least a half cup of the vegetable of your choice [peppers, onion, squash, broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, spinach, pretty much any veggie chopped up will work here], and then cook up your eggs.
option 3: add some granola to your yogurt

7/9/13 5:56 A

Yes, you're eating enough for breakfast, and it's a good thing that you are doing your workouts in the morning because that boosts your metabolism, and that's the reason why you feel hungry - faster metabolism. Bananas will kill the hunger. :)

WANNATHIN Posts: 1,013
7/9/13 4:50 A

I do my workouts first thing in the morning, between 5am and 6am, on an empty stomach and I burn about 400 - 500cal per session.

When I get home, my breakfast usually consists of a fruit, one slice of low GI wholegrain toast, two boiled eggs (one yolk only), yoghurt and a cup of tea.

I eat 3 meals and 2 snacks per day, but by the time my mid-morning snack time approaches, I'm watching the clock for the minutes to tick by to get to the MAGIC hour when I can have my snack.

So, I'm wondering whether I should add something to breakfast to keep me satisfied for longer so I'm not famished by 10am. Any suggestions? My IVF doc wants me to eat high protein, low carb.


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