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1/10/14 6:56 A

I definitely agree with the suggestions of slowing down your running pace. At this stage, it is more important to get used to the motion of running, rather than worrying about speed.


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1/9/14 9:13 P

Hey Killereye-what you are doing is a classic couch to 5K...they are all over the place to download for free-you commit to 3 days a week of "running" for 30 minutes. So if you start with 45 seconds run, 2 minutes of walk, you just go back and forth until you get to 30 minutes. Repeat until you gan run for a minute, walk for a minute 45 seconds...eventually you run more than you walk.

As you get lighter, it gets easier-I ran my first 10K in 15 years at about 245 pounds. I ran a half marathon at 210-my fastest 10K was at about 185 and then I got derailed...My mantra has always been, just put one foot in front of the other.

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1/8/14 11:33 P

When I started Couch to 5k, the 60-second run intervals were pretty much the hardest thing I'd ever done. I felt like I was going to die. But I stuck with the program, gradually increased my running intervals, and am now (a year and a half later) ready to start training for my first marathon. It gets easier!

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1/8/14 1:33 P

Thanks. That gives me hope that it will get easier. I am sure all this excess weight isnt helping at all. I will keep pushing and tracking my time and see if i can go longer each week or every other week.

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1/8/14 11:38 A

Don't get discouraged if you can't run a long distance at the moment.

Back in late when 2012 before I started a new lifestyle, if I had to run 100 yards to catch a train I'd be panting and out of breath.

When I started changing, at first on my cardio days, I would do intervals where I'd alternate jogging and walking and about 8 of them would leave me drained.

I've slowly worked at having longer periods of running and also want to run 5K races this spring and even 10K races in the summer.

Right now I'm to where I'm up to jogging 3/4 mile, followed by a couple of minutes walking, 1.5 miles jogging, followed by another short walking period, then another 3/4 miles jogging. (Total of 3 miles jogging)

Just keep on doing what you can do and try to run a little further and longer each time.

Will help of course that as you lose weight, the running gets easier.

An added bonus is that on those days I find myself reaching the train station a bit late and have to run that 100 yards or more to catch the train, I'm no longer out of breath when I get on board.

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1/8/14 11:14 A

I do an hour of cardio a day and spin class 3 times a week so i can do long workouts.. When i do the walk/run intervals i keep repeating them for 30 mins or so until i am exausted. I never thought about going too fast. I ussually go about 4.5-5.0 on the treadmill.. Maybe thats too fast for me with my weight. I will slow it down and see if it helps. I appreciate the advice!!

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1/8/14 7:37 A

Even though I have never had a problem running outside I could never do it on a treadmill for more than a few seconds. Found out I was going too fast, slowed it down and was able to run longer.

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1/8/14 6:27 A

Zorbs has given you some great advice. Walk/run intervals are definitely the way to start slowly progressing from walking to running. Also make sure your run intervals aren't too fast. If you feel like you're dying after 30-45 seconds, you probably need to slow down.

Coach Jen

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1/8/14 5:16 A

all learn to run programs begin with that kind of run/walk intervals. So when you say you run a bit and walk a bit and that's all you can do, do you think you could repeat that sequence a few times, or is that 3 minute workout all you can do right now?

make sure you can walk briskly or do equivalent cardio for 30-60 minutes before attempting to run, and make sure your run intervals are barely faster than your walk intervals.

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1/8/14 12:33 A

I want to run and eventually do a 5k.. One problem... I can't run. When I get on the treadmill I can do 30-45 second intervals and that's as much as I can do before I feel like I'm dying. So I run for 30-45 seconds then walk for 2. I don't know if this is due to being overweight or if I'm not meant to run. Anyone else start out like this?

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